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  • Christian Mother Goose Big Book

    Marjorie Ainsborough Decker, Theanna Sparr, et al Colleen Murphy Scott

    Hardcover (World Pub, June 1, 1992)
    Mrs. Decker's books have endeared the trust of parents and the twinkle of children around the world, with appeal to Bible lovers of all ages.
  • Rain in the Woods and Other Small Matters

    Glen Rounds

    Hardcover (World Pub. Co, March 15, 1964)
    Anyone can have his own private wildlife preserve, says Glen Rounds in the introduction to this charming, informal record of his own observations of the endless variety of creatures about him. A long-abandoned millpond, a short stretch of woods road, a stagnant pool in a roadside ditch, even a neglected, weed-grown city lot will do. The animals in these places come in small sizes usually, but they are as wild as any lion or elephant, and a swarm of tiny ants trying to pull down a hairy caterpillar is as savage and bloodthirsty as wolves could ever be. What is really needed to enter this intriguing world is merely a pair of sharp eyes, for every animal, no matter how small or cautious, leaves some trace of its comings and goings. In words and pictures, the author will here show you the engaging, busy, and multifarious animal life that exists about us.
  • Instant Replay; the Green Bay Diary of Jerry Kramer

    jerry kramer

    Paperback (World Pub. Co., March 15, 1968)
  • Princess Penelope's 365 Dresses

    Mariette Vanhalewijn, Jaklien Moerman

    Hardcover (World Pub. Co, March 15, 1970)
    Princess Penelope gets a new dress every morning until the king decides this ridiculous routine must stop.
  • That Lincoln boy

    Earl Schenck Miers

    Hardcover (World Pub. Co, March 15, 1968)
  • The Rainbow Book of American History

    Earl Schenck Miers, James Daugherty

    Hardcover (World Pub. Co, March 15, 1955)
    A good introduction to American History for children. The writing style is interesting and the beautiful illustrations are engaging. Please remember this book was written in 1955 and though the tone of the book is respectful, the terminology is dated.
  • The mysterious island

    Jules Verne

    Hardcover (World Pub. Co, Jan. 1, 1957)
  • The Battle of Lepanto, 1571

    Robert F Marx

    Hardcover (World Pub. Co, March 15, 1966)
  • The Secret Hiding Place

    Rainey Bennett

    Hardcover (World Pub. Co, March 15, 1960)
    Little Hippo just wants the adults to leave him alone and stop hounding him. They play hide and seek and finally he gets a chance to hide, but gets lost and scared. When he finds his way back he is much more grateful for the adults' watchful eyes.
  • The Oswald affair;: An examination of the contradictions and omissions of the Warren report

    Léo Sauvage

    Hardcover (World Pub. Co, March 15, 1966)
    Translation of a work by a French author critical of the Warren Commission Report.
  • Pat's Harmony

    Page Cooper, Oliver Grimley, Cloud L. Cray

    Hardcover (World Pub. Co, March 15, 1952)
    Juvenile fiction about a girl and her horse.
  • Men without women

    Ernest Hemingway

    Hardcover (World Pub. Co, March 15, 1946)
    Please see Wikipedia, Men_Without_Women_(short_story_collection)