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  • A Storm at Sea: Sorting, Mapping, and Grids in Action

    Felicia Law, Steve Way, Mike Spoor, David Mostyn

    Library Binding (Windmill Books, Dec. 15, 2009)
    Tossed about at sea, a crate is knocked loose from a ship. The crate washes ashore upon a deserted island. The crate’s contents—eight curious and mischievous monkeys—set out to explore their new home.
  • Babydoll Sheep

    Alix Wood

    Paperback (Windmill Books, Jan. 1, 2017)
    Babydoll sheepalso known as Babydoll Southdown sheepmake great pets, help cut grass on farms, and are even brought to hospitals to visit patients. Readers discover many fun facts about these small sheep through accessible text and eye-catching fact boxes. As they learn about these adorable animals and how to care for them, they also learn about basic science curriculum topics, such as selective breeding and life cycles. They can then test their new knowledge with a quiz based on what they read. Cute and colorful photographs of Babydoll sheep are sure to appeal to young animal lovers.
  • Dachy's Deaf

    Jack Hughes

    Paperback (Windmill Books, Aug. 1, 2014)
    Dachy isnÂ’t embarrassed by his hearing aid, but sometimes his friends are so loud he has to turn it off. One day, he does just that to get some peace and quiet, but thatÂ’s the last thing he ends up getting. The adventure that follows drives home the importance of listening to and caring for your friends as well as appreciating differences in others and overcoming personal obstacles.
  • Easter Sweets and Treats

    Ruth Owen

    Library Binding (Windmill Books, Aug. 15, 2012)
    Readers can help the Easter Bunny provide yummy treats with the help of the easy-to-follow recipes provided in this festive volume. Readers will learn to make themed snacks and treats with the assistance of accessible instruction and vibrant color photographs. Friends and family are sure to enjoy an Easter basket full of sweet treats after readers begin trying new recipes.
  • Let's Draw Jungle Animals

    Kasia Dudziuk

    Library Binding (Windmill Books, July 15, 2019)
    The jungle is full of remarkable wildlife! With simple step-by-step instructions, young artists of all skill levels can learn to draw some of these exciting and unique animals. Activities begin with basic shapes, helping to instill an understanding of elementary geometry. Readers learn that drawing doesn't have to be difficult. Requiring only basic art supplies and featuring concise and simple text, these projects can be accessible to all, and can also inspire creativity and imagination.
  • Chasing Venus: The Race to Measure the Heavens

    Andrea Wulf

    Paperback (Windmill Books, Feb. 7, 2013)
    On two days in 1761 and 1769 hundreds of astronomers pointed their telescopes towards the skies to observe a rare astronomical event: the transit of Venus across the face of the sun.United by this momentous occasion, scientists from around the globe came together to answer the essential question: how can the universe be measured? In Chasing Venus Andrea Wulf paints a vivid portrait of the rivalries, triumphs and misfortunes that befell these men, along with their passion and determination to succeed. This extraordinary book tells their story and how one single event prompted the first international scientific collaboration.
  • Pattern Puzzles

    Paul Virr, Lisa Regan, Amanda Enright

    Paperback (Windmill Books, July 15, 2019)
    Being able to spot and figure out patterns is a skill that can be useful in many different ways. The puzzles in this stimulating volume make it fun to find patterns. Eye-catching illustrations accompany concise sections of text and encourage readers to use their observation and reasoning skills to complete each exciting activity. These educational puzzles support a love of learning and offer a fun way for young readers to gain knowledge about patterns and problem solving.
  • Cheetah

    Meredith Costain, Mick Posen

    Paperback (Windmill Books, Jan. 1, 2017)
    A newborn cheetah cub greets readers at the beginning of this immersive book and leads them on a fascinating journey through the life cycle of the worlds fastest cats. This playful, first-person narrative introduces readers to important science curriculum topics including the cheetahs camouflage coat, its hot habitat, and its place in the cat family. Gorgeous illustrations will further captivate readers and an extensive Did You Know? section will invite readers to engage in critical thinking. The fun quiz allows readers to test their reading comprehension skills for an independent learning experience.
  • Armored Dinosaurs

    David West

    Library Binding (Windmill Books, Jan. 15, 2016)
    Describes the physical characteristics and behavior of armored dinosaurs, including Ankylosaurus, Kaprosuchus, and Talarurus.
  • Caught in the Revolution: Petrograd, 1917

    Helen Rappaport

    Paperback (Windmill Books, Feb. 9, 2017)
    SELECTED AS A BOOK OF THE YEAR IN THE TELEGRAPH AND EVENING STANDARD'[The] centenary will prompt a raft of books on the Russian Revolution. They will be hard pushed to better this highly original, exhaustively researched and superbly constructed account.' Saul David, Daily Telegraph 'A gripping, vivid, deeply researched chronicle of the Russian Revolution told through the eyes of a surprising, flamboyant cast of foreigners in Petrograd, superbly narrated by Helen Rappaport.' Simon Sebag Montefiore, author of The RomanovsBetween the first revolution in February 1917 and Lenin’s Bolshevik coup in October, Petrograd (the former St Petersburg) was in turmoil. Foreign visitors who filled hotels, bars and embassies were acutely aware of the chaos breaking out on their doorsteps. Among them were journalists, diplomats, businessmen, governesses and volunteer nurses. Many kept diaries and wrote letters home: from an English nurse who had already survived the sinking of the Titanic; to the black valet of the US Ambassador, far from his native Deep South; to suffragette leader Emmeline Pankhurst, who had come to Petrograd to inspect the indomitable Women’s Death Battalion led by Maria Bochkareava. Drawing upon a rich trove of material and through eye-witness accounts left by foreign nationals who saw the drama unfold, Helen Rappaport takes us right up to the action – to see, feel and hear the Revolution as it happened.
  • Amazing Animals

    Kasia Dudziuk

    Library Binding (Windmill Books, Dec. 15, 2019)
    The world is full of a wide variety of animals living in all sorts of different habitats. Readers of this dynamic volume will take a look at a number of exciting settings and use their observational skills and close attention to detail search for answers to questions such as "How many antelope are running?" and "Which lion is roaring?" Charming illustrations and engaging subject matter make for captivating activities that will hold the attention of emerging and leisure readers alike.
  • Fairy Tales

    Kasia Dudziuk

    Library Binding (Windmill Books, Dec. 15, 2019)
    The fantasy scenes of fairy tales are full of fun things to spot. With the help of this delightful volume, readers will hone their observational and counting skills by looking for a number of specific objects on each page. Each activity asks a variety of questions that require close attention to detail and encourage readers to stay engaged with what they are doing. Eye-catching illustrations and a dynamic layout hold interest, making for a book that will become a popular addition to your library or classroom.