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  • Lonely Boy: Tales from a Sex Pistol

    Steve Jones

    Paperback (Windmill Books, Oct. 5, 2017)
    _____________________Foreword by Chrissie HyndeWithout the Sex Pistols there would be no Punk. And without Steve Jones there would be no Sex Pistols. It was Steve who formed Kutie Jones and his Sex Pistols, the band that eventually went on to become the Sex Pistols, with his schoolmate Paul Cook and who was its original leader. As the world celebrates the 40th anniversary of Punk – the influence and cultural significance of which is felt in music, fashion and the visual arts to this day – Steve tells his story for the very first time. Steve’s modern Dickensian tale begins in the streets of Hammersmith and Shepherd’s Bush, West London, where as a lonely, neglected boy living off his wits and petty thievery he is given purpose by the glam art rock of David Bowie and Roxy Music and becomes one of the first generation of ragamuffin punks taken under the wings of Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood. For the very first time Steve describes the sadness of never having known his dad, the neglect and abuse he suffered at the hands of his step father, and how his interest in music and fashion saved him from a potential life of crime spent in remand centres and prison. From the Kings Road of the early seventies, through the years of the Sex Pistols, Punk Rock and the recording of Never Mind the Bollocks (ranked number 41 in Rolling Stone magazine’s Best Albums of All Time), to his self-imposed exile in New York and Los Angeles where he battled with alcohol, heroin and sex addiction – caught in a cycle of rehab and relapse – Lonely Boy, written with music journalist and author Ben Thompson, is the story of an unlikely guitar hero who, with the Sex Pistols, changed history.
  • Letters

    Susan Purcell

    Paperback (Windmill Books, Aug. 15, 2018)
    Letters are the building blocks we use to make words. This engaging book introduces beginning readers to the alphabet, the most important tool for constructing words. Captivating illustrations are perfect for visual learners and make learning feel like playing. Readers will love spotting objects and pouring over pictures. Fun questions encourage readers to interact with the text and gain confidence in their own abilities. The perfect introduction to an important first concept, this fun book is a must-have for any library or classroom.
  • Birds

    Victoria Munson

    Paperback (Windmill Books, Aug. 15, 2018)
    Birds are graceful, magnificent creatures that have fascinated humans since the dawn of time. There is so much to learn about these incredible winged creatures, and this book is the perfect place to start. This informative volume introduces readers to the wonderful world of birds. They'll encounter key science concepts, including life cycles, habitats, and food. Stunning full-color photographs and a vibrant design will captivate readers and encourage an interest in science. Simple descriptions help readers easily identify different types of birds. Readers will be flocking to this awesome book about birds.
  • Hey Diddle Diddle and Other Best-Loved Rhymes

    Rebecca Gerlings

    Library Binding (Windmill Books, Jan. 1, 2009)
    Collects famous nursery rhymes, including "Old King Cole," "Jack Sprat," and "Hush, little baby," and explains their origins.
  • Whistler in the Dark

    Kathleen Ernst

    Library Binding (Windmill Books, Aug. 1, 2009)
    It's 1867. Twelve-year-old Emma Henderson is mortified when Mother takes to wearing a Reform Dress--hideous bloomers! Worse, Mother has accepted a newspaper job in wild, far-off Colorado Territory. But even Emma can't imagine just how badly things will go in Twin Pines. From the moment she and Mother step off the stagecoach, it's clear that someone doesn't want them there. This book includes a detailed "Peak Into The Past" essay.
  • Christmas Sweets and Treats

    Ruth Owen

    Library Binding (Windmill Books, Aug. 10, 2012)
    Christmas lights and candy canes, mint chocolates and truffles. Readers will learn how to spread their holiday cheer to friends and family with delicious holiday foods. Easy-to-follow recipes allow readers to bake delicious cookies and many other seasonally festive goodies.
  • Under Copp's Hill

    Katherine Ayres

    Library Binding (Windmill Books, Jan. 1, 2009)
    In 1908, eleven-year-old Innie joins the library club at a settlement house that serves immigrant families of Boston's North End, but when items and money disappear from the settlement house, Innie's past as a troublemaker puts her under suspicion.
  • Musk Oxen

    Ruth Owen

    Library Binding (Windmill Books, Jan. 15, 2013)
    Musk oxen have been surviving in the Arctic tundra for thousands of years. Readers learn everything from this animalÂ’s physical traits to the upbringing of newborn calves. TheyÂ’ll see how this animal survives in one of the toughest environments on Earth.
  • Dollar Bill Origami

    Jane Yates

    Paperback (Windmill Books, Jan. 1, 2017)
    Whats better than earning a dollar bill? Creating a craft with it! This book introduces readers to fun origami figures that can be made out of dollar bills. Readers will learn how to make an airplane, envelope, bird, and more. Crafters might choose to keep the origami figure or give it to a friend as a unique gift. Clear photographs and step-by-step instructions ensure that readers will grasp the crafting process. Even beginner crafters will master this creative, one-dollar activity!
  • Hansel and Gretel and the Pied Piper of Hamelin: Two Tales and Their Histories

    Carron Brown

    Library Binding (Windmill Books, Dec. 15, 2009)
    Children are the central focus of Hansel ad Gretel and the Pied Piper of Hamelin. These chilling stories—retold here with beautiful illustrations—are about child abandonment and abduction, and the prices that are paid to restore order. Readers will learn how both fables originated, along with the historical and cultural details behind each.
  • The Lion and the Mouse

    Windmill Books, Gavin Scott

    Library Binding (Windmill Books, Aug. 15, 2017)
    Even the King of the Jungle needs help sometimes but who is brave enough to help such a powerful beast? Courage comes in all sizes in Aesops classic fable, The Lion and the Mouse. Readers who are familiar with this timeless tale and those who are new to the story will love the simple, beautiful language of this retelling. Endearing illustrations enrich the narrative and draw in even reluctant readers. The unlikely friendship between a grouchy lion and a fearless mouse introduces readers to important concepts such as respecting differences and using ones weaknesses as strengths. With relatable characters and a poignant moral, this book is sure to become a favorite in any library.
  • The Night-Lite Storybook

    robert (illustrated by n. m. bodecker] kraus

    Paperback (Windmill Books, March 15, 1981)
    Book by Robert Kraus