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  • The Strange Thing That Happened to Allen Brewster

    John Reynolds Gardiner, Marc Simont

    Hardcover (Weekly Reader, March 15, 1984)
    A nine year old boy's story and imagination runs wild..
  • Baby Fozzie Is Afraid of the Dark

    Marilyn Kaye

    Paperback (Weekly Reader, March 15, 1986)
    Muppet Babies Illustrated by Marilyn Kaye and Tom Brannon Jim Hensen Weekly Reader - Paperback 1986
  • The Little Fellow

    Marguerite Henry, Rich Rudish

    Paperback (Weekly Reader -, March 15, 1975)
    Vintage children's book
  • The Crooked Colt

    C.W. Anderson

    Paperback (Weekly Reader, Jan. 1, 1954)
    The little colt was very small, and his little legs were wobbly and weak that every time he tried to stand up, he would fall. He saw other colts on the farm running and playing and was very sad. No one paid any attention to him except his mama and a little girl...
  • the mouse twins and the scary night

    shirley granahan

    Paperback (Weekly Reader, Jan. 1, 1982)
    Rare, collectible juvenile fiction. Chilldrens book divided into 4 chapters for the convenience of the young reader. Features Andy and Mandy - the mouse twins.

    Diane Redfield Massie

    Hardcover (Weekly Reader, Jan. 1, 1963)
    Childrens Book
  • Andrew Henry's Meadow

    Doris Burn

    Hardcover (Weekly Reader, March 15, 1965)
    Written and illustrated by Doris Burn. Burn's oldest son, Mark Nathaniel Burn, was the inspiration for her first book, "Andrew Henry's Meadow' (1965), the story of a boy who, ignored by his family, builds a retreat for himself in a nearby meadow. He is soon joined by other children for whom he also builds houses, tailored to their interests and hobbies. "Andrew Henry's Meadow" won the Washington Governor's Art Award and was a Weekly Reader book club selection
  • Corduroy's Day/Corduroy's Party

    Don Freeman, Lisa McCue

    Hardcover (Weekly Reader, )
  • Little Dog Lost

    Rene Guillot

    Paperback (Weekly Reader, March 15, 1970)
  • Night-Night, Spot

    Eric Hill

    Hardcover (Weekly Reader, March 15, 2005)
    Spot never looks forward to bedtime. He'd much rather stay up late and play with his toys instead! Will Spot ever be sleepy enough to go to bed? Find out in this squishy, padded board book.
  • Map Skills for Today - Grade 4 Traveling Near and Far


    Unknown Binding (Weekly Reader, Feb. 1, 2007)
    Map Skills for Today - Grade 4 Traveling Near and Far
  • Bubbie and Zadie Come to My House

    Daniel Halevi Bloom, Claudia Julian

    Paperback (Weekly Reader, Aug. 16, 1985)