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  • No Hitting, Henry

    Lisa Regan

    Paperback (Wayland (Publishers) Ltd, April 24, 2014)
    Doing the right thing isn't always easy! Like all children, Henry sometimes gets angry when things don't go his way, and sometimes he hits, too! For example, if he's feeling left out of a game, or if he's bored at the shops with his Dad. But how can he stay calm? This book explores different scenarios that would make a child want to hit or pinch and then give three possible ways of dealing with this, one of which is right and the other two are wrong. Can you decide which is the right thing to do?
  • Dachy's Deaf

    Jack Hughes (Tr

    Paperback (Wayland (Publishers) Ltd, July 11, 2013)
    Dachy wears a hearing aid. But sometimes, when his friends get too noisy, he likes to turn it off to get some peace and quiet. One day, when his hearing aid is off, Dachy falls asleep and ends up floating down the river towards a waterfall and a hungry crocodile. Can his friends rescue him in time? Read and approved by The National Deaf Children's Society, this gentle story shows children that everyone is different and might have difficult situations to deal with, but with love and support they can get through anything.
  • I'll Do It! - Taking Responsibility

    Brian Moses

    Paperback (Wayland (Publishers) Ltd, March 1, 1998)
    Encourages children to take responsibility for themselves and their actions. Situations include doing a few small jobs around the house and looking after a younger brother or sister. The book looks at the good effects that result from being sensible and responsible both at home and at school.
  • I Feel Angry

    Brian Moses

    Paperback (Wayland (Publishers) Ltd, Nov. 16, 1994)
    Part of the series which helps children deal with their emotions, this book explores the day to day situations that young children experience which make them angry. It looks at the ways in which they might make other people angry as well as ways of controlling their temper and dealing with anger.
  • Periods, Zits and Other Bits

    Charlotte Owen

    Paperback (Wayland (Publishers) Ltd, Jan. 24, 2013)
  • Rex's Specs

    Jack Hughes (Tr

    Paperback (Wayland (Publishers) Ltd, June 13, 2013)
    Rex has to wear glasses, but sometimes he wishes he didn't have to. So one day, he decides to go out without them. But oh no! What's that ahead? Watch out, Rex! This engaging story helps all children to understand what it is like to wear glasses, why some people like wearing them and yet others don't, and how friends can help you when you feel upset. It's the ideal book for a child who wears glasses, and also a useful classroom resource to help explain why some people wear glasses and others don't.
  • I Don't Care

    Brian Moses

    Paperback (Wayland (Publishers) Ltd, March 1, 1998)
    Deals with respect - meaning admiration, concern and consideration. The book explains that we should respect others' opinions, feelings and privacy, also rules, the places we visit and animals. It also looks at disrespect - at people who don't take care of property, or are rude to others.
  • Don't Get Angry, Annie

    Lisa Regan

    Paperback (Wayland (Publishers) Ltd, May 29, 2014)
    Doing the right thing isn't always easy! Like all children, Annie sometimes gets really, really angry! For example, if a picture she's drawing isn't just right, or if her mum won't let her have a cookie when it's just before dinner time, or if her brother won't play the way she wants to...How can she stay calm? This book explores different scenarios that would make a child angry and then give three possible ways of dealing with this, one of which is right and the other two are wrong. Can you decide which is the right thing to do?
  • Emmy's Eczema

    Jack Hughes (Tr

    Paperback (Wayland (Publishers) Ltd, July 11, 2013)
    Emmy has eczema. She knows she shouldn't scratch. But sometimes she's so itchy, she just can't help it. One day, she scratches so much she makes her skin really sore. Find out how her friends make her feel better. This gentle story helps children to understand what it is like to have eczema, and how you can be a better friend to someone who has it by being kind and helpful.
  • France

    Clive Gifford

    Paperback (Wayland (Publishers) Ltd, Nov. 27, 2014)
    This beautifully designed title offers kids an engaging insight into a fascinating country that is France: its major cities, culture, way of life, food, language, and history - all presented in an engaging writing style. Alongside this core information, readers will find out about fashion, music, popular culture and sport, as well as quirky facts and bite-sized information on French customs and everyday life.
  • A Young Boy's Story

    Stewart Ross

    Paperback (Wayland (Publishers) Ltd, Oct. 8, 2015)
    Bandi Guttmann is a 14-year-old Hungarian Jew, living in Budapest in 1944. German forces have occupied the city and life for Bandi and his family is about to become unbearable. Set apart from the rest of the Hungarian community, and denied basic human rights, the family's only weapon is their determination to survive. But in the face of mindless hatred, will the Guttmann's strength, love and courage be enough to hold them together? Based on the memoirs of Andor Guttmann, a survivor of the Holocaust. Part of a unique collection of fictional stories about young people caught up in real-life conflicts and disasters. Through their eyes we experience the day-to-day hardships and dangers of living through troubled times from throughout history.
  • Helping Polly Parrot: Pirates Can Be Kind

    Tom Easton (Ch

    Paperback (Wayland (Publishers) Ltd, June 25, 2015)
    Polly Parrot loves being a pirate parrot, but sometimes life on board ship can be quite hard. She has no perch, and every time she lands on a mast it seems a sail is unfurled and she's knocked off. The captain has his bed, the sailors have their hammocks, but poor Polly has nowhere to sleep. One day, Polly is so tired that she goes to sleep when she's supposed to be on lookout. The ship nearly crashes on some rocks, but luckily Nell notices and stops the ship in time. Polly feels awful. But the crew realise that they haven't been very kind to Polly and buy her a new perch so that she can have somewhere to sleep The books in the 'Pirates to the Rescue' series are designed to help children to recognise the virtues of generosity, honesty, politeness and kindness. Reading these books with children will help them to understand that their actions and behaviour have a real effect on people around them. The books will help young readers to recognise what is right and wrong and what to do when faced with difficult choices.Notes for parents, guardians and teachers are included at the end of the story to help give starting points for discussion and follow-up activities to help encourage positive behaviour.