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  • Giraffes Can't Dance

    Giles Andreae, Guy Parker-Rees

    Paperback (Watts Pub Group, May 1, 2014)
    Gerald would love to join in with the other animals at the Jungle Dance, but everyone knows that giraffes can't dance ...or can they? A funny, touching and triumphant story from an award-winning creative team. 2009 sees the 10th anniversary of this bestselling picture book loved by children everywhere.
  • Rumble in the Jungle

    Giles Andreae, David Wojtowycz

    Paperback (Watts Pub Group, April 1, 1998)
    “There’s a rumble in the jungle, there’s a whisper in the trees; the animals are waking up and rustling the leaves!” Join this rhyming safari and meet everyone from the elphing elephant to the gangly giraffe, and maybe even the terrible tiger!
  • Masks Around the World

    Meryl Doney

    Paperback (Watts Pub Group, Aug. 1, 2002)
    This series explores other countries and cultures through their traditional crafts. Information and maps accompany beautiful photographs of original artifacts. Simple step-by-step illustrations show how you can make similar objects. ages 8+
  • Kids' Travel Guide to the Ten Commandments: Thirteen Lessons on Right and Wrong

    Group Publishing

    Paperback (Group Pub., Jan. 3, 2001)
    The Kids’ Travel Guide series takes children from kindergarten through 5th grade on life-impacting explorations that engage them with activities, stories, prayer, and much more. Each of the seven themed Kids’ Travel Guides includes 13 imaginative, interactive Bible lessons. Lead your Sunday school or midweek program on a travel adventure packed with fun activities, creative options, and take-home pages that kids tuck into their very own travel journals.Kids’ Travel Guide to the Ten Commandments contains 13 lessons on right and wrong for children. Take your explorers on an exciting journey filled with stories, fun, prayer and adventure. Along the way, they’ll learn that God gives us laws because he loves us. The last lesson shows children how all the Ten Commandments lead them to the cross, and helps explain salvation to young minds. Additional Features include: Tour Guide Tips: Ideas teachers can use to adapt the lesson for different ages.Items to Pack: Supplies and props for the journey.Scenic Routes: to give you more creative options for kids.Fun Facts: Jokes and interesting tidbits related to the lesson.Reproducible Handouts: Games, and journal "souvenirs". Kids’ Travel Guide Series includes: Kids’ Travel Guide to the Beatitudes (9781470704230)Kids’ Travel Guide to the Lord’s Prayer (9780764425240)Kids' Travel Guide to the 10 Commandments (9780764422249)Kids’ Travel Guide to the Parables (9780764470134)Kids’ Travel Guide to the 23rd Psalm (9780764440052)Kids’ Travel Guide to the Fruit of the Spirit (9780764423901)Kids’ Travel Guide to the Armor of God (9780764426957)
  • Schools

    Caryn Jenner

    Hardcover (Watts Pub Group, April 30, 2004)
    Introduces young children to the variety of ways that people live around the world, fostering a knowledge and acceptance of other cultures. Age 5+.
  • The Orchard Book of the Unicorn and Other Magical Animals

    Margaret Mayo, Jane Ray

    Hardcover (Watts Pub Group, Aug. 31, 2001)
  • Hello Lulu

    Caroline Uff

    Paperback (Watts Pub Group, Feb. 28, 2001)
  • Virtues Of Leadership

    William J. Bennett

    Hardcover (W Pub Group, Sept. 3, 2001)
    William Bennett's classic collections have become directional guides for the morality of today's family. This anthology of character building stories from history, the Bible, mythology, poetry, and modern fiction inspires families to contemplate and discuss the qualities of leadership.
  • Flora's Blanket

    Debi Gliori

    Paperback (Watts Pub Group, July 15, 2002)
    Flora Rabbit-Bunn can't sleep. "No blanket," she says. And so Mum and Dad and all the other little Rabbit-Bunns begin the search for Flora's lost blanket. Where can it possibly be? This wonderfully warm and funny story about Flora's family life will ring true to any parent who has searched in the most unlikely places for a lost favourite blanket or toy. The award-winning Debi Gliori has created another instant classic.
  • The Call: Finding and Fulfilling the Central Purpose of Your Life

    Os Guinness

    Hardcover (W Pub Group, May 8, 1998)
    Os Guinness has penned a classic reflective work on life's purpose. Far bigger than our jobs and accomplishments and higher than our wildest ideas of self-fulfillment, our calling does more than give purpose and meaning to our lives-it completes God's plan for us.
  • Kangaroo's Cancan Cafe

    Julia Jarman, Lynne Chapman

    Hardcover (Watts Pub Group, Jan. 31, 2004)
  • How Would You Survive As a Viking?

    Jacqueline Morley, David Salariya

    Paperback (Watts Pub Group, May 31, 2005)
    By reading this book, the reader is transported down a "time tunnel" to the period of the book, asked to choose an identity and given information on all aspects of life in that time in an original, interactive way. A rating is given to establish whether the reader would really have survived. A colour poster is also included inside the jacket.