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  • Infernal Devices box set

    Clare C

    Paperback (Walker Childrens, March 15, 2016)
    BRAND NEW, Exactly same ISBN as listed, Please double check ISBN carefully before ordering.
  • It's a Secret!

    John Burningham

    Paperback (Walker Childrens Paperbacks, Aug. 16, 2010)
    Join Marie Elaine on a thrilling rooftop journey that takes her to a most unusual party! One night Marie Elaine finds her cat Malcolm dressed to go to a party. On condition she keep his secret, Malcolm agrees to let her come with him, and they set off through the streets - a dangerous journey, for Marie Elaine is now as small as her cat! At the party there are cats and more cats, and they are all very excited...the Queen of the Cats is on her way! It is a night that Marie Elaine will never forget - and she won't forget to keep the secret either.
  • King Arthur & Knights Of The Round Table

    Marcia Williams

    Paperback (Walker Childrens Paperbacks, Jan. 1, 2010)
    This title presents a comic-strip re-telling of some of Britain's best-loved stories and legends. Aided by the magician Merlin, Arthur draws the sword from the stone to become King of Britain, and Lord of the Knights of the Round Table. Read of their valiant deeds as King Arthur, Sir Lancelot, Sir Galahad and other heroic knights rescue maidens, defend Excalibur and search for the Grail. Also publishing this month are "God and His Creations" and "Sindbad the Sailor".
  • The Foggy, Foggy Forest

    Nick Sharratt

    Paperback (Walker Childrens Paperbacks, March 15, 2010)
    Who's lurking in the foggy forest? Look through the trees and guess the shapes to find out! What can that be in the foggy, foggy forest? Whether it's a fairy queen on a trampoline, three brown bears on picnic chairs, or an ogre doing yoga, children will love trying to guess what each foggy silhouette will be. Take a trip through the mysterious misty landscape - hilarious fairytale fun lies around every corner.
  • Have Fun, Anna Hibiscus!


    Paperback (Walker Childrens Paperbacks, March 15, 2010)
    Rare Book
  • There Are Cats in This Book

    Viviane Schwarz

    Paperback (Walker Childrens Paperbacks, March 15, 2009)
    If you're feeling feline-friendly, this may be just the novelty book for you. When did you last play with cats...inside a BOOK?! The cats in this book want to have fun, and by turning the pages and flipping the flaps YOU can play their favourite games with them! Tiny, Moonpie and Andre love wool to tangle with, cardboard boxes to hide in, pillow fights...and fish! But where there are fish, there is also water - lots of it. So who's going to rescue the cats from the giant floodwave? You are, of course!
  • Where's Wally? The Phenomenal Postcard Book

    Martin Handford

    Stationery (Walker Childrens Paperbacks, Jan. 1, 2011)
    This is a new novelty format for the "Where's Wally?" series. The search for Wally and his friends continues with this new phenomenal postcard book in the "Where's Wally?" series. Each scene has been carefully selected from all seven classic titles to provide a sending opportunity for all occasions. Send to other Wally Watchers or keep the postcards for yourself! Either way, join the search and create your very own "Where's Wally?" paper chase. This title features 30 postcards (165X120mm). Wally has reached celebrity status! He has appeared in the American TV shows "Frasier", "The Simpsons and Friends"; on the 1000th anniversary cover of "Rolling Stone" magazine as a cultural icon of the last 40 years; and on Google Earth.
  • Its My Birthday

    Helen Oxenbury

    Paperback (Walker Childrens Paperbacks, Jan. 1, 2010)
    This is a simple, scrumptious birthday story one from beloved author-illustrator, Helen Oxenbury. 'It's my birthday and I'm going to make a cake', a little boy tells his friends. Will they all help? Yes. The chicken gets some eggs; the bear gets some flour; the cat gets butter and milk; and, the pig gets a pinch of salt...And they'll all help to eat the cake too.
  • Good Luck, Anna Hibiscus!


    Paperback (Walker Childrens Paperbacks, Jan. 1, 2009)
    This title is the third in the series of delightful stories about Anna Hibiscus, a little girl who lives in Africa. Anna Hibiscus is looking forward to visiting her grandmother in Canada, where she will see snow for the first time! But before she goes, she must find suitable clothes to keep her warm in the cold winter weather, and say goodbye to the family she loves. "Anna Hibiscus", the first book in the series, was shortlisted for the Branford Boase Award 2008.
  • Breathless

    Jessica Warman

    Hardcover (Walker Childrens, Sept. 1, 2009)
    When Katie Kitrell is shipped off to boarding school, it doesn't take her long to become part of the It Crowd. She's smart, she's cute, and she's a swimming prodigy who has a first-class ticket to any Ivy League school of her choice. But what her new friends, roommate, and boyfriend don't know is that Katie is swimming away from the secrets of her past, and from the schizophrenic older brother, Will, who won't let her go. As Katie's star rises, Will descends deeper into insanity. And when he does the unthinkable, it's all Katie can do to keep her head above water. Largely based on the author's own experiences, Breathless is a stunning debut that explores illness and health, love and lust, friends and enemies, and the moneyed world of prep school with a deft, expert hand.
  • My Place

    Nadia Wheatley

    Paperback (Walker Childrens Paperbacks, Aug. 16, 2008)
    A unique, intimate history of Australia, featuring colorful illustrations and maps, starts in 1988 and works its way back two hundred years to 1788, telling the history of one particular place through the generations of children who have lived there.
  • The Twilight Zone: The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street

    Mark Kneece, Rod Serling, Rich Ellis

    Paperback (Walker Childrens, Dec. 23, 2008)
    Maple Street―late on a Saturday afternoon a mysterious flash of light results in a power outage. But this is no ordinary power failure, and the neighbors on Maple Street will soon find themselves in the dark with an enemy of their own creation . . . in the Twilight Zone.