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    Tiphaine Samoyault

    Hardcover (Viking Juvenile, May 1, 1998)
    A child's history of the alphabet reveals such facts as who wrote the alphabet, how many different alphabets there are, and more, in an informative resource that includes full-color charts and a pictorial history of letter development.
  • Ducks Don't Wear Socks

    John Nedwidek, Lee White

    Hardcover (Viking Juvenile, April 17, 2008)
    Emily is a serious girl. She enjoys serious things like bird-watching, math, and playing the cello. But one day while she?s taking a walk, Emily runs into Duck, who is anything but serious . . . ?Duck,? asked Emily. ?What are you wearing?? ?Socks!? yelled Duck. ?Ducks don?t wear socks,? replied Emily seriously. ?Cold feet!? yelled Duck, and off he went. Through a series of humorous run-ins, Duck teaches Emily the importance of laughing?especially at oneself. A witty and comical debut picture book, this hilariously illustrated story will have readers laughing along with Emily.
  • My Friend the Moon

    Andre Dahan

    Hardcover (Viking Juvenile, Oct. 30, 1987)
    When a little man, out on the lake in his rowboat one night, sees the moon fall into the water, he dries him off and takes him home
  • The Red Pony

    John Steinbeck

    Hardcover (Viking Juvenile, Aug. 24, 1959)
    hardback book
  • Daniel O'Rourke: An Irish Tale

    Gerald McDermott

    Hardcover (Viking Juvenile, March 17, 1986)
    Returning from a fancy party, Daniel O'Rourke falls asleep under the tower of the pooka and dreams he is carried away to strange lands
  • The Happy Hocky Family

    Lane Smith

    Hardcover (Viking Juvenile, Sept. 1, 1993)
    The author of Glasses (Who Needs 'Em?) introduces young readers to the whimsical world of the happy Hocky family--Baby Hocky; his brother Henry, who chases his sister with a dead spider; and Holly, who awakens her brother with a tuba blast.
  • The Brothers Lionheart

    Astrid Lindgren, J. K. Lambert, Joan Tate

    Hardcover (Viking Juvenile, Oct. 6, 1975)
    Two brothers share many adventures after their death when they are reunited in Nangiyala, the land where sagas come from.
  • Mad about Madeline

    Ludwig Bemelmans, Anna Quindlen

    Hardcover (Viking Juvenile, Oct. 1, 1993)
    Contains all six of Madeline's beloved adventures, in one volume for the first time, including her daring escapade with the Gypsies and her tumble into the Seine. 50,000 first printing. BOMC Main.
  • Secret Letters From 0 to 10

    Susie Morgenstein, Gill Rosner

    Hardcover (Viking Juvenile, Sept. 1, 1998)
    Ernest's boring life suddenly veers down an unexpected path when Victoria, the new girl at school, falls head-over-heels in love with him, declares that the two will wed in less than fourteen years, and begins handing out wedding invitations to all their friends.
  • Eleanor

    Barbara Cooney

    Hardcover (Viking Juvenile, Sept. 1, 1996)
    A retelling of Eleanor Roosevelt's childhood profiles her as an orphan stifled by her extended family, whose natural charm and intelligence emerged at the hands of a kind headmistress at an English boarding school.
  • They Had a Dream: The Civil Rights Struggle from Frederick Douglass...Malcolm X

    Jules Archer

    Hardcover (Viking Juvenile, Nov. 1, 1993)
    Examines the impact of the civil rights movement, especially the contributions of four exceptional leaders--Frederick Douglass, Marcus Garvey, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Malcolm X.
  • My Brother's Ghost

    Allan Ahlberg

    Hardcover (Viking Juvenile, March 19, 2001)
    Orphaned by the death of their parents and bereft by the sudden death of their older brother Tom, nine-year-old Frances and three-year-old Harry are comforted by Tom's ghost, who helps them in difficult situations at home with their aunt and uncle and at school.