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  • Step-by-step drawing book

    Fiona Watt, Candice Whatmore

    Paperback (USBORNE CAT ANG, July 10, 2014)
    Children can create satisfying results every time with this clear, easy-to-follow, step-by-step drawing book.Young children will feel a real sense of achievement mastering the simple drawing skills required to render a range of animals, people and objects. With plenty of space in the book for doing your own drawings.
  • Fairy Picnic - Usborne Sticker Dollies

    Zanna Davidson, Kat Uno

    Paperback (USBORNE CAT ANG, July 16, 2020)
  • Lift-the-flap Questions and Answers about Art

    Rosie Hore, Benedetta Giaufret

    Board book (USBORNE CAT ANG, April 19, 2018)
    What's the point of art? Why do artists draw themselves? Who were the Impressionists? Discover the answers to these questions and many more in this entertaining information book, containing over 60 flaps to lift. A great introduction to art for inquisitive young children, with links to specially selected websites for more information.
  • Look and Find Dinosaurs

    Kirsteen Robson, Gareth Lucas

    Paperback (USBORNE CAT ANG, March 16, 2017)
    Les pages de ce livre sont remplis d'une multitude de dinosaures à repérer, compter et comparer. Les illustrations très colorées et les jeux d'observation proposés séduiront les enfants. Ils auront plaisir à résoudre les énigmes visuelles en famille ou entre amis.Les enfants aimeront relever chaque défi : réussiront-ils à trouver deux dinosaures qui ont exactement la même queue ou un dinosaure faisant du skateboard dans des illustrations qui fourmillent de détails ? Ils ne se lasseront pas de scruter les images pour repérer les choses recherchées. Ils apprécieront les touches d'humour et trouveront beaucoup de choses à commenter dans ce livre irrésistible.
  • First Sticker Book Paris

    James Maclaine

    Paperback (USBORNE CAT ANG, March 10, 2016)
    A delightful and humorously illustrated sticker book, packed full of Parisian scenes and landmarks.
  • Slot Together Castle


    Game (USBORNE CAT ANG, Dec. 11, 2014)
    Usborne book with model set to simulate castle life, games, and battles
  • First Sticker Book Garden

    Caroline Young

    Paperback (USBORNE CAT ANG, March 19, 2015)
    Little children will love exploring the wonders that can be found outside the back door in this lively sticker book, with over 100 stickers to complete the scenes. Bright, colourful artwork illustrates the plethora of flora, fauna, and insect life to be found in a garden. Great for developing manual dexterity and fine motor skills.Not suitable for children under 36 months because of small parts.
  • Kick

    Mitch Johnson

    Paperback (USBORNE CAT ANG, Nov. 16, 2017)
    BRAND NEW, Exactly same ISBN as listed, Please double check ISBN carefully before ordering.
  • The Iron Age

    Emily Bone

    Hardcover (USBORNE CAT ANG, Oct. 15, 2015)
    The Usborne Beginners series is a great introduction to non-fiction for young readers. Each book is packed with brilliant photographs and illustrations, and simple, bite-sized chunks of text. This book will show what life was like in the Iron Age - where people lived and how they grew food, what clothes they wore, what they believed in and how they defended themselves. It also covers how they made iron and shaped it into tools, weapons and many other things. Internet links via Usborne Quicklinks allow readers to discover more online, through quizzes, games, interactive maps and videos.
  • Historical Sticker Dolly Dressing 1950s Fashion

    Megan Cullis, Elena Selivanova

    Paperback (USBORNE CAT ANG, Nov. 20, 2014)
    Historical Sticker Dolly Dressing 1950s Fashion
  • My First Word Book about Food

    Keith Newell, Marta Cabrol

    Hardcover (USBORNE CAT ANG, March 31, 2016)
    Little children need to learn a huge amount of vocabulary before they start to read, and one of the best ways in which to do that is to share books with them. This book is a perfect vocabulary builder, with over a hundred food-themed words, each with a picture. Simply point to a picture and say the word and your child will soon be picking up new words.
  • The Train to Impossible Places

    Peter G. Bell

    Hardcover (USBORNE CAT ANG, Nov. 29, 2018)
    Shortlisted for the Waterstones Children's Book Prize 2019. "Great fun - fast moving and inventive" - Philip Reeve, author of Mortal Engines "An exciting, imaginative, wild ride of a story that never lets up for a minute" - Robin Stevens Join the journey to Impossible Places, where there's magic at every stop… Suzy is surprised to find a grumpy troll building a railway through her house - especially when a gigantic steam train crashes into her hallway! This is the Impossible Postal Express, the trusty delivery service of the Union of Impossible Places, and Suzy becomes its newest recruit. And with her cursed first package, an Impossible adventure begins. Welcome to the Impossible Places… Where there's fuzzics not physics, where adventure meets magic and where the journey will never, ever take you where you expect it to.