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  • The Christmas Santa Almost Missed

    Marian Frances

    Paperback (Troll Associates, March 15, 1970)
    Santa can't make his Christmas rounds without his Christmas cap! Will he find it too late?
  • Bath For A Beagle

    Thomas Crawford

    Paperback (Troll Associates, Oct. 1, 1996)
    Book by Thomas Crawford
  • Pioneers

    Francene Sabin, Hal Frenck

    Audio Cassette (Troll Associates, )
  • Mickey's Christmas Carol

    Walt Disney Productions

    Paperback (Troll Associates, March 15, 1985)
    Mickey and his friends take on the roles of from The Christmas Carol, bringing this classic tale to life for young readers.
  • The Courage of Black Beauty

    I. M. Richardson, Karen Milone

    Paperback (Troll Associates, May 1, 1983)
    Black Beauty describes the three years during which he pulled Jerry Barker's London cab.
  • Dinosaurs: When Food Goes Bad

    Kirk Thatcher, Tim Doyle, Graham Marks

    Staple Bound (Troll Associates, )
  • Stop and Look! Illusions

    Robyn Supraner, Renzo Barto

    Paperback (Troll Associates, Oct. 1, 1980)
    Presents optical illusions, some of which the reader constructs himself, showing relative sizes, color changes, and patterns that play tricks on one's eyes. Includes explanations of the illusions.
  • Theres an Alligator Under My Bed

    Mercer Mayer

    Paperback (TROLL ASSOCIATES, Jan. 1, 1987)
    Paperback: 32 pages Publisher: TROLL ASSOCIATES (1987) Language: English ASIN: B000UYLLI6 Product Dimensions: 10.4 x 8.5 inches Shipping Weight: 3.2 ounces
  • Juan Bobo and the Horse of Seven Colors

    Jan Mike, Charles Reasoner

    Paperback (Troll Associates, Oct. 29, 1998)
    After winning seven wishes from a magical horse, the foolish Juan Bobo wastes six of them on his way to try to make the king's daughter laugh
  • The Big Bug Ball

    Dee Lillegard, Rex Barron

    Paperback (TROLL ASSOCIATES, Aug. 16, 1999)
    all of the bugs have a needs to learn how to dance
  • Dinosaur in Trouble

    Sharon Gordon, Paul Harvey

    Paperback (Troll Associates, Jan. 1, 1980)
    When Dinny the dinosaur wakes up the whole town with his loud snoring, the people plan a way to stop the terrible noise.
  • Play Ball, Kate!

    Sharon Gordon, Don Page

    Hardcover (Troll Associates, March 13, 1981)