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  • Tim and Finn the Dragon Twins: Sharing Is Fair

    Leela Hope, Elaine Cashmore, The Heirs Publishing company

    Audiobook (The Heirs Publishing company, March 2, 2018)
    Teach your children about sharing. Tim and Finn the Dragon Twins love playing together with their ball, but when things start to go wrong, they get upset with each other. Can they work out their problem and learn to share? This children’s storybook teaches your children: Sharing is being fair It’s more fun to share than it is to play by yourself The importance of friendship Tim and Finn the Dragon Twins - Sharing Is Fair is a wonderful bedtime story for all ages that’s told through rhyming verses. This audio storybook is a fun and exciting adventure.
  • Jarod Giraffe Collection: funny childrens books by age 3-5

    Leela Hope

    Paperback (The Heirs Publishing Company, )
  • Amal Unbound

    Aisha Saeed (author)

    Paperback (The Text Publishing Company, Sept. 27, 2018)
  • Gypsies of the Air

    Bess Moyer

    language (The Goldsmith Publishing Company, Feb. 15, 2015)
    Example in this ebook.CHAPTER IThe Skybird Hops OffWith a loud sputtering roar, something like Terry Mapes’ own feelings at that moment, Skybird, her little blue-and-gold airplane sprang forward and taxied over the flying field, taking the air gracefully as a leaping horse, under the guidance of its youthful pilot.Terry Mapes was working off steam. Half angry, half frightened, the girl knew that a flight in her plane was the quickest way to get hold of her nerves and make her head clear for thinking what was to be done.“Those boys!” she muttered between close-pressed lips. “What’s happened to them now? Starting out for a flight to Paris and not even getting to Newfoundland!”Over and over again that terrifying report, “Missing,” kept ringing in her ears. Allan and Syd missing! She could picture a crack-up easily for the two boys. While they knew how to handle their planes skilfully, they were inclined to be reckless and were always taking chances.Pulling back on the stick, Terry sent the plane zooming, one thousand feet, two thousand! Far beneath her she could see her father’s flying field at Elmwood, and from that distance it looked as if the hangars had been flattened against the ground. Beyond was the Sound, a broad strip of water with what appeared to be toy boats on its glassy smooth surface.Far to the right were estates, wooded tracts of land, small towns and villages connected by tiny thread-like highways to the large city in the distance.Terry loved to fly. She was never so happy as when she was zooming to a lofty height. Her brown eyes were glowing, her ivory skin was flushed to rose as she handled the controls of her little plane. Terry claimed that the higher she flew above the earth, the better she could think and plan. But today Terry’s brain was in a whirl. She could think of a dozen different kinds of accidents, any one of which might have happened to the boys.Allan Graham and Syd Ames had started out on the first lap of their transatlantic flight. They had been reported all along the route until well over the Canadian border. Then they had disappeared, been swallowed up.And at Dick Mapes Flying Field, their friends anxiously awaited word.Twelve hours overdue at Harbor Grace!Then it was that Terry took her plane into the clouds to think out a way to help. What could she do?Her white face told how much she cared for those two young friends, her father’s first student flyers. At the thought that there might be two more names added to the long list of missing aviators, Terry’s heart sank with fear. She could see Allan’s tall figure, his clear blue eyes and his thatch of unruly blond hair. Terry never knew how dear Allan was to her until that report had come, “Missing!” And Syd Ames had been like a brother to her. She liked this boy with the laughing brown eyes. His fun-loving disposition had saved them from utter despair at times, when everything was going wrong. A groan escaped Terry’s lips as she thought of these boys who might at that very moment be lying crushed and needing help.But Terry had not come aloft to moan over the imaginary fate of her friends. She knew they must have had an accident or they would have reached the airport long before this. They might be injured.What could she do?What would her father, Dick Mapes, have done if he had not been crippled and left helpless by a fall in his plane, two years ago?“Why Dad would go out and find them!” she exclaimed to herself. “And that’s what I’ll do. I’ll go to Newfoundland and look for them.”To be continue in this ebook.
  • Winter Muddle Puddles

    Leela Hope, Elaine Cashmore, The Heirs Publishing Company

    Audiobook (The Heirs Publishing Company, July 27, 2018)
    This is a children's book for kids who are learning to read and love books! Have fun with Faith. Splash in the mud with Faith and her friends as they travel around the farm. Who will join them next? Will Peter the pony remain afraid of splashing in the mud? Winter Muddle Puddles is also a book for children learning to read. It has the following features: Repetitive patterns that help the child recognize words by sight Opportunities to develop the child’s predictive skills Listen to this book with your child. Pretty soon, your child will be repeating it back to you.
  • The Treasure Hunt of the S-18

    Graham M. Dean

    Example in this ebookCHAPTER ONE The Man of MysteryThe high pitched drone of a wasp engine sounded over the municipal field at Atkinson and Tim Murphy, famous flying reporter of the Atkinson News, poked a grease-smudged face out from behind the cowling of a trim biplane and squinted skyward. Against the brilliant sky of the late summer afternoon was the outline of one of the new high speed transports of the Red Arrow Transcontinental Air Express Company.The Day Express, Chicago to the west coast, was swinging around, preparatory to landing on the smooth, crushed-rock runway. Tim watched with appreciative eyes. The new transports, capable of winging their way from coast to coast at better than three miles a minute, always fascinated him. He envied the trim, clear-eyed young chaps who sat at the controls while they in turn would have been willing to exchange their daily routine for the adventurous news assignments which often came Tim’s way.The twin motors, mounted in nacelles projecting from the sturdy wing, idled as the ship drifted downward to touch lightly on the runway and roll smoothly toward the main hangar.“Star gazing again?” asked a quiet voice at Tim’s elbow.The flying reporter turned quickly. Carl Hunter, manager of the airport, was beside him.“I always get a thrill watching those high speeds come in. There’s something in it that gets into my blood and makes it tingle.”“They’re the finest transport planes in the world,” nodded Hunter.“I’d like to fly one of them,” mused Tim.Hunter looked at Tim shrewdly. The flying reporter was slender but his muscles were like tensed steel. His blue eyes were clear and unwavering. There was a pleasant twist to his lips but from experience the field manager knew that they could snap into an uncompromising line of determination.“I’ll get you a job on the Transcontinental any day you want one,” he said. “Come over to my office and fill out the application blank.”“That would mean leaving the News,” said Tim. Then, as Hunter grinned broadly, he added, “I guess the smell of printer’s ink is stronger than the call of the skyways. I’m a reporter first and a flyer second.”“I wouldn’t rank either of your abilities ahead of the other. You’re first class at both.”“Thanks, Carl. That reminds me. Have one of the boys finish up this job. Give all of the plugs a good cleaning. I’d almost forgotten I’ve got another column to write for my department in tomorrow’s paper.”“I’ll make out a work ticket right away.”Tim slipped out of his jumper and followed the field manager toward the main hangar. The usual crowd of curious people was lined up inside the ropes to watch the passengers as they disembarked. Tim, always on the lookout, scanned them as they came down the steps from the plane.Two attractive girls were first. They looked as though they might be movie actresses. He’d check the passenger list with the stewardess to make sure. An actress was always worth a paragraph or two.The last man to leave the ship drew Tim’s attention. There was something vaguely familiar in the carriage of the head and the set of the jaw.The stewardess came by and Tim hailed her. “Who’s the tall, well-built fellow in the gray suit?” he asked.The girl scanned the passenger list.“Sorry, I can’t tell you. He isn’t listed.”“What do you mean by that? Is he traveling on a pass?”“Hardly. I collected his fare in Chicago and he’s getting off here.”“Then you must know his name.”“He didn’t give me his name and instructions from the general manager were to do as he directed so I’ve listed him on my seat chart as ‘Mr. Seven.’ That’s the chair he occupied on the trip out.”To be continue in this ebook..................................................................................
  • Jarod Giraffe Needs to Get Fit

    Leela Hope, Elaine Cashmore, The Heirs Publishing Company

    Audiobook (The Heirs Publishing Company, July 24, 2018)
    Books for children: Jarod Giraffe Needs to Get Fit Show your children the importance of exercise. Jarod Giraffe is very lazy - he doesn’t want to do any exercise. One day, he keeps falling over whenever he tries to stand. Will Jarod take the doctor’s advice and start exercising? Perfect for early listeners, this children’s storybook teaches your children: It’s good to exercise Trying new things is fun Winning isn’t important as long as you have fun It’s good to take the doctor’s advice Jarod Giraffe Needs to Get Fit is a wonderful bedtime story for all ages that’s told through rhyming verses. This storybook helps you develop your child’s listening skills with a fun and exciting adventure.
  • Baby Bear Cleans His Room

    Nora Luke

    Paperback (The Heirs Publishing Company, )
  • Pam the Puppy Learns How to be Special

    Leela Hope

    Paperback (The Heirs Publishing company, )
  • The Musket Boys on the Delaware

    George A.Warren

    Hardcover (The Goldsmith Publishing Company, March 15, 1910)
  • Famous Louisa M. Alcott Stories: Jack and Jill; Eight Cousins; Under the Lilacs

    Louisa May Alcott

    Hardcover (The Goldsmith Publishing Company, March 15, 1936)
    Single book: Under the Lilacs. Complete New Edition in One Volume. No dates. Goldsmith Publishing Co. Red hardcover with dust jacket. Red Star Classics.
  • Dan Hyland: Police Reporter

    Norton Hughes Jonathan

    Hardcover (The Goldsmith Publishing Company, March 15, 1936)
    Book aimed at boys