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  • A Modern Day Tale of Red Riding Hood

    J Nelson, R Nelson

    eBook (J Nelson, Aug. 11, 2012)
    Little Red Hood is a modern day twist of Little Red Riding Hood, Red's mother likes to keep her safe at home. But one day Mum gives Red the opportunity to go to her go to Grandma’s on her own - as long as she doesn’t talk to any strangers along the way. Red naively tells Mr Patel, the local friendly shopkeeper (whilst buying her Gran cakes for a treat) that her Grandma has left the door on the latch because of her arthritis, unaware that their conversation is being listened to. On her journey to Grandma’s with Buster (her dog) she meets different characters. But what happens when she gets to Grandma’s? And just who is sleeping in Grandmas bed? And most importantly who is going to come to the rescue? This book is aimed at young children aged 9+REVIEW: Usborne Publishing "Original and gripping," Kate Davies, Assistant Editor, 2006
  • Down, down the mountain

    Ellis Credle

    Hardcover (T. Nelson, March 15, 1967)
    Hetty and Hank live in a small cabin in the mountains and although cozy, they are poor and have never owned a pair of shoes. They each wanted a beautiful shining pair that sang, 'Creaky-squeaky-creaky-squeaky' every time they walked. However, Mammy and Pappy give them reasons they cannot have them, such as, "You can't find shoes like that in these hills" and "We've everything we need right here in these hills." So they go to Granny who gives them an idea to plant turnip seeds and when they grow into "fine big turnips" they can take them down down the mountain to town to sell for a pair of shoes. So that is just what Hetty and Hank do.
  • There's a Brand-new Baby at Our House and . . . I'm the Big Sister!

    Susan Russell Ligon, Meghan List, Susan Skinner

    Paperback (Tommy Nelson, Jan. 2, 2007)
    This bookis now available in softcover format and includes a die-cut cover for a picture of the big sister and the new baby as well as a downloadable "I'm the Big Sister" iron-on T-shirt transfer. I'm the Big Sister is an interactive book that will help an older sibling feel that they have an important role in welcoming a new baby into the family. With guided sections, the older sibling will share their favorite Bible stories and songs, favorite foods, special toys, photos, drawings, and other fun information.
  • Encyclopedia Brown tracks them down;: Ten all-new mysteries,

    Donald J Sobol

    Hardcover (T. Nelson, Jan. 1, 1971)
    Encyclopedia Brown, boy detective, solves ten more mysteries. The solutions are given at the end of the book.
  • The three toymakers

    Ursula Moray Williams

    Hardcover (T. Nelson, March 15, 1971)
    Toymakers of the Black Forest strive to create the perfect toy and win the king's prize of a thousand gold pieces.
  • Good Morning, Holy Spirit

    Benny Hinn

    Hardcover (Nelson, Jan. 1, 1991)
    The author recounts his spiritual encounter with the Holy Spirit and offers his understanding of God, the power of prayer, and the presence of the Holy Spirit
  • Queen of Scots: The story of Mary Stuart

    Elisabeth Kyle

    Hardcover (T. Nelson, March 15, 1957)
  • Wild violets

    Phyllis Green

    Hardcover (T. Nelson, March 15, 1977)
    A poor and friendless nine-year-old witnesses the changes in her life and herself during the early days of World War II.
  • Mr. Nonsense: A life of Edward Lear

    Emery Kelen

    Hardcover (T. Nelson, March 15, 1973)
    Biography of a nineteenth-century Englishman known for his nonsense verse and limericks.
  • Andy and the circus,

    Ellis Credle

    Hardcover (T. Nelson, July 6, 1971)
    Andy starts out on his bicycle to try for a job at the circus but runs into complications on the way.
  • Illustrated Bible: Complete New Testament

    Keith Neely, David Miles, Roberta Neely, Bridget Harlow, Thomas R. Zuber

    Hardcover (Tommy Nelson, Feb. 6, 2006)
    Scriptures and art interact in unique storyboard frame-by-frame illustrations to help children see who is speaking and what the context of the scene is, providing an inviting, illustrative style for children that encourages reading and learning.
  • Joseph and the coat of many colors

    Bill Yenne

    Hardcover (T. Nelson, March 15, 1994)
    Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors is a wonderful way to expose your children to the Bible. They can read about the Bible's story of Joseph and follow along with its beautifully illustrated pages. A wonderful way to introduce your child to the Word of God.