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  • Jongen's Gift

    I.M. Tillerman

    language (SynergEbooks, Oct. 25, 2012)
    In 1952, when an eight-year-old, South Dakota farm boy is visited by a strange phenomenon in the sky, he wonders if he should tell anyone. But when the bizarre phenomena continues to occur, he eventually learns that though he feels the same, he has been given an extraordinary gift… the ability to fly!
  • The Caterpillar That Wouldn't Change

    Nancy Mure

    language (SynergEbooks, Sept. 26, 2012)
    Imagine a caterpillar not wanting to become a butterfly. When another caterpillar, Franny, informs Nelle they must turn into butterflies, Nelle resists the change. When Franny reappears as a beautiful monarch butterfly, she motivates her feeble friend with a single phrase - you only have to want to change. Once a butterfly, Nellie realizes that change is often better than expected.The story’s simple format and lovely illustrations hold a life changing message: Our dreams are only a choice away.
  • Oscar and Olive Osprey: A Family Takes Flight

    Janie Suss

    Hardcover (Synergy Books, Nov. 1, 2009)
    Oscar and Olive Osprey tells the heartwarming story of two ospreys that come to live at the end of Janie Suss's pier on a platform built just for them. Janie watches as the two ospreys build their nest, raise three babies, and defend themselves against predators.In addition to the exciting story, readers learn about ospreys' habitats, migration patterns, and other fun and interesting facts. As the young birds learn to hide, fly, and catch fish-all at a different pace and with different levels of success-children can relate to their own learning experiences. Filled with amazing color photographs, Oscar and Olive Osprey will delight children and parents alike, and inspire an emotional connection between their own lives and the lives of these beautiful creatures.For ages 9-12
  • Across the Plains in the Donner Party

    Virginia Reed Murphy, Karen Zeinart

    eBook (SynergEbooks, July 10, 2003)
    This tragic story of Virginia Reed?s journey west is told through her memoirs of the twelve-year-old girl, with supplementary accounts based on her father's letters and the diary of another traveler. Given the sensitive nature of aspects of the journey, young readers will find the background notes and explanatory comments helpful. Maps and numerous reproductions included.
  • Where Lilies Bloom: A Horror Story

    Eric Leeds, Jeanne Evans

    eBook (SynergEbooks, Nov. 19, 2012)
    Where Lilies Bloom is listed as fiction, but the story is based in truth. Soon after a young couple moves into a house in South Royalton, Vermont, unpleasant events begin disturbing their peace. Knowing they need help they call upon a young Edmundite brother from a monastery nearby. The brother finds that the property has been possessed by the demon of envy. But the devil is more than one man can handle…
  • Moshe

    Andrew Montante

    eBook (SynergEbooks, )
  • Adora the Albino Alligator

    Rhonda Edwards, Stephanie Cooke

    Paperback (SynergEbooks, May 21, 2019)
    One of 40 hatchlings, Adora needs the extra protective eye of Mother Alligator. Since she is an albino alligator, she cannot survive in the direct sunlight and is an easy target for predators. Rescued by a trio out fishing near her nest, Adora is taken to a local zoo where she will be placed in a habitat similar to where she was born.Recommended for all ages!
  • Shoe Marks

    Karen Vance Hammond

    language (SynergEbooks, July 21, 2011)
    When Maggie Horton was murdered by her husband, she left her shoe marks, along with a broken heart. But there's one more thing she left behind... unfinished business.
  • Old Faithful: A Loggerhead Turtle's Story

    Rhonda S. Edwards, Wendy S. Tyree

    Paperback (SynergEbooks, July 3, 2019)
    Old Faithful, a disabled loggerhead sea turtle, has tried many years to return home and lay her eggs. After 29 years, she is finally successful and with the help of Department of Natural Resource naturalists, her babies hatch and make their own journey to the ocean. This book will capture the DNR’s Sea Turtle Conservation Program from Old Faithful’s point of view.Recommended for all Ages
  • The Poisoned Princess

    Armen Pogharian

    language (SynergEbooks, Nov. 19, 2013)
    Forced to leave the elven forest because of his barbarian heritage, half-elven Toran finds work in a rundown tavern in Eridan’s thieves’ quarter. Combining his keen elven senses and barbarian battle skills, he thwarts an assassination attempt on a visiting princess and earns an invitation to join the secret protectors of Eridan, known as the Warders.
  • The Secret of Atalaya

    Rhonda S. Edwards

    Paperback (SynergEbooks, May 20, 2014)
    While enjoying their summer swimming, three cousins from North and South Carolina find a secret hidden deep in the walls of Atalaya. This summer home of Anna and Archer Huntington provides clues that help these Carolina cousins prove that many years ago Gullah slaves escaped and merged with Seminole Indians in northern Florida to form what is known as Black Seminoles.
  • One Acorn's Journey: The Legend of the Angel Oak

    Rhonda S. Edwards, Wendy S. Tyree

    Paperback (SynergEbooks, Oct. 13, 2013)
    Found on the beach by a Native American woman, a little acorn begins its journey to becoming a 1500 year-old live oak tree. Sharing its bounty with nature and sheltering the generations of humans as time passes, the life cycle of this particular acorn is revealed.