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  • Niccolaio Andretti: An Enemies-to-Lovers Mafia Romance Novel

    Parker S. Huntington

    eBook (PSH Publishing House, July 18, 2017)
    From USA Today bestselling author Parker S. Huntington comes a steamy, slow-burn love story full of enemies-to-lovers banter and secret roommates.He has a million-dollar bounty on his head. She's fighting for her sister.Dating men for money isn't what most girls dream of doing when they grow up.But after graduating from college, I can't catch a break.No job offers.No place to live.Not even a couch to dig for change under.If I don't find a job and a place to live fast, I can't adopt my little sister from foster care.I'm desperate.A little unhinged.And dating a trust-fund baby twice my age for his money.Who cares if we have no chemistry?Who cares if I hate his hot, mysterious neighbor who pushes my buttons every chance he gets?Who cares if his neighbor stares at me like he's picturing me in his bed?Then, Mr. Money Bags dumps me.I get shot at by strangers.And the arrogant neighbor I loathe?He. Saves. Me.I should cut my losses and be grateful I'm still alive.Instead, I do something crazy.I blackmail him into letting me be his roommate.Niccolaio Andretti is an 80,000-word standalone novel in The Five Syndicates mafia romance series.
  • Shifted Rule

    Elena Lawson

    eBook (Thorn House Publishing, Aug. 13, 2020)
    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice…I don’t think so.I hated Ryland from the start. Now that he’s my alpha, hate is nowhere near a strong enough word. I’m barely holding on as it is, I don’t need him barking orders at me every chance he gets.Layla and Viv aren’t speaking to me, and I mean, I can’t really blame them. Each day brings them closer to a full moon that could change them both forever. And there’s nothing I can do to stop it.At least I have Jared and Clay. I think we may have found the answer to our little mate bond problem and I finally feel…happy.But then I begin to unravel a secret decades in the making. One that shakes me to my core and makes my wolf feral with rage. The time for recklessness and fear is at an end. I’ll do whatever it takes to protect my mates and my friends, even if it means making the ultimate sacrifice.My enemy is about to learn that no one messes with my family.______________________________________________________________________SHIFTED RULE is the stunning conclusion to Elena Lawson’s #1 bestselling wolf shifter series, The Wolves of Forest Grove.Scroll up and One-Click today to get your copy of this thrilling YA shifter romance!
  • Fireborne

    McKenzie Hunter

    eBook (Sky Publishing, Nov. 1, 2019)
    My magic isn’t just a curse – it’s an addiction. I crave it the way some people crave chocolate. But, chocolate doesn’t kill – my magic does.I’m Raven Cursed. When I borrow magic from someone, they die. That’s always been the case—until I met my client, the devilishly handsome and enigmatic Mephisto. He has his own brand of unique magic and a mysterious past he’s determined to keep to himself.He knows that I’m the one to call anytime a curse goes wrong, a magical object is lost, or a rogue supernatural needs apprehending. So he offers a trade. He’ll give me his magic, and in return, I accept a job from him. It seems like a simple deal until all hell breaks loose. We have to team up to stop a god from unleashing destruction upon the city. It leaves me to wonder: can I battle a god with the devil at my back? This series is perfect for readers who enjoy flirty romances, witty, kick-butt heroines, and non-stop action with unexpected twists.
  • Shifted Soul

    Elena Lawson

    eBook (Thorn House Publishing, April 17, 2020)
    I’m not just Allie Grace anymore. A beast slumbers beneath the surface of my skin.I have new urges and impulses. Not to mention a hot temper that flares up at the slightest provocation. But that’s not all—apparently, I’m also mated.It’s like a part of my soul has been sucked out, cleaved in two, and deposited into Jared and Clay. The strange otherworldly force tying us together is all but impossible to ignore.I try my best, though. At least until other packs catch wind of the new wolf in Forest Grove. The one who has not yet chosen her pack. The one with two tails and a will strong enough to challenge one of the strongest alphas in the state. To some, I’m a prize to be claimed. A trophy wolf that should be studied and admired. But to others, I’m dangerous. An unknown variable that could pose a threat to an entire race.With no other option, I’ll have to trust in my newfound animal instinct, and in the two shifters who’ve each claimed a piece of my soul.______________________________________________________________________SHIFTED SOUL is the second book in Elena Lawson’s #1 bestselling wolf shifter series, The Wolves of Forest Grove. It’s a full-length paranormal romance you won’t want to miss about two swoon-worthy shifters and the feisty heroine caught between them.Scroll up and One-Click today to get your copy of this thrilling new young adult shifter romance!
  • Shifted Fate

    Elena Lawson

    eBook (Thorn House Publishing, Dec. 26, 2019)
    Jared Stone is a freaking wolf. And I don’t mean that metaphorically, either…I thought I had it bad—living in my dead Dad’s old hunting blind in the woods, barely staying alive on apples and ramen…that was before the storm hit and destroyed the only form of shelter I had left.Enter, Jared. The hottest—and most unavailable—guy at school. Except he wasn’t Jared when he pulled me out of the mud. He wasn’t even human.As if that wasn’t unsettling enough, when he brought me back to his cabin, I found he wasn’t alone. Another guy, one I’d only ever heard about in whispers beneath the bleachers, was there too. Clayton Armstrong: bad boy extraordinaire. And it turned out, he wasn’t human either.Mindf*ck, right?At first, all I want to do is run away. But I have nowhere to go, and for whatever messed up reason, Jared is insistent that I stay. Despite Clay’s loud protests.So, now I’m stuck in a cabin in the woods with two hot as hell wolf shifters. One who wants to protect me. And another who wants to eat me for lunch…What could go wrong?_______________________________________________________________________________SHIFTED FATE is the first book in Elena Lawson’s new fated-mates shifter series. It’s a full-length paranormal romance you won’t want to miss about two swoon-worthy alphas and the feisty heroine caught between them.Scroll up and One-Click today to get your copy of this thrilling new young adult shifter romance!
  • Mail Order Bride - Bryony's Destiny: Sweet Clean Historical Western Mail Order Bride Inspirational Romance

    Karla Gracey

    eBook (KG Publishing House, Dec. 30, 2016)
    It had never crossed Bryony Shaw’s mind that she would ever leave Baltimore and her safe, if somewhat mundane, life in service. But when she is forced to become the nanny of her employer’s son, Edwin, it sparks something inside her that had lain dormant for many years.Memories of her own childhood and the pain of being orphaned and abandoned herself, lead her to find the courage to confront them about their lack of care for their son, regardless of the consequences.Cody Jenkins is a man who has always taken his chances, never shying away from the hard decisions in life. But his determination to succeed has meant that other parts of his life have suffered.Secretly, he longs for a family and especially for a wife to love and be loved by. He had so nearly had it all, but when it all went wrong, years ago, he ran away and nursed his wounds alone. Will Cody ever allow anyone to get close to him again? And could two lives, hundreds of miles apart, be on a collision course they could never have foreseen?
  • King Solomon's Mines

    Henry Rider Haggard

    eBook (Sanage Publishing House, June 28, 2020)
    King Solomon's Minesis a popular novel by the English writer and fabulist Sir H. Rider Haggard. Following a mysterious map of dubious reliability, a small group of men trek into southern Africa in search of a lost friend-and a lost treasure, the fabled mines of King Solomon. Led by the English adventurer and fortune hunter Allan Quartermain, they discover a frozen corpse, survive untold dangers in remote mountains and deserts, and encounter the merciless King Twala en route to the legendary hoard of diamonds. The novel has been adapted to film at least six times.
  • Kid Youtuber: From the Creator of Diary of a 6th Grade Ninja

    Marcus Emerson, Noah Child

    eBook (Emerson Publishing House, April 20, 2020)
    Age Level: 9 and up | Grade Level: 4 and upDavy Spencer might be the new kid in school, but that doesn't mean he can't start as the most POPULAR kid.With the help of his two best friends, Chuck and Annie, Davy throws himself into making viral YouTube videos with hilariously disastrous results. If he can pull this off, then everybody at his new school will know his name before even meeting him.Davy's YouTube channel has everything - awesome pranks? Check! School lunch reviews? Check! Undercover detention missions? Check! Getting duct taped to the wall? Check - wait, what?Becoming a rockstar Youtuber isn't easy, but Davy won't give up... no matter how crazy things have to get.Kid Youtuber is a funny children's book for ages 9-12, middle school students, and adults who never grew up. Marcus Emerson is the author of Diary of a 6th Grade Ninja, The Super Life of Ben Braver, and Recess Warriors.
  • The Don't Laugh Challenge - 10 Year Old Edition: The LOL Interactive Joke Book Contest Game for Boys and Girls Age 10

    Billy Boy

    Paperback (Bacchus Publishing House, Sept. 16, 2019)
    The Don't Laugh Challenge™ - 10 Year Old Edition is HERE! Why did the t-shirt only text his girlfriend? He didn’t like to COLLAR! Welcome to The Don’t Laugh Challenge™ (A.K.A. The BEST kids joke book and game)! If you are open-minded about your kids learning new jokes, becoming more self-confident, AND developing a stronger sense of humor then this book is for you, well really... THEM! I’m sure by now you have heard of The Don’t Laugh Challenge™ Joke Books Series, but in the rare case, you haven’t, please allow me to explain what all of the fuss is about!The Don’t Laugh Challenge™ Joke Books are unlike any other joke books on the market! It is not meant to be read in isolation, but instead, it is a game or a challenge that is to be played between friends, siblings, cousins, or any two people who like to tell jokes. In this case, our 6 Year Old Edition is the ultimate showdown between two players or ‘2 Jesters’ that include kid's jokes AND silly scenarios! This book is hours of fun, and great gift ideas for 10 year old boys and girls! If you haven’t heard of the rules, here they are:Each round is set up so that the 2 jokesters will take turns reading jokes to the other player.Next comes the Silly Scenarios, where each player will read the scenario to themselves, and act it out to get the other player to guess what in the world they are doing (think Charades)!Don't forget to use your silliest faces to get your opponent to crack a smile! When the person listening laughs or even cracks a smile, the joke teller gets a point. Follow the instructions at the bottom of each page until you tally up the final score and crown the Don’t Laugh MASTER! Who should I get this new take on toy for, you ask? Do you know a boy or a girl that likes to laugh? The Don't Laugh Challenge™ game is good for all girls and boys age 10 and up! Give it as a stocking stuffer, Christmas gift or present! This imaginative book will spark your child's creative side all while being screen-free! Some old-fashioned, friendly competition never hurt anybody! Whether you are looking for the newest gifts, games, presents, best sellers, or toys on the market, this renovated classic is a guaranteed hit for all ages! Your children will love it and so will you.Try it today! :)
  • Secret Agent 6th Grader

    Marcus Emerson, Noah Child

    eBook (Emerson Publishing House, Feb. 7, 2013)
    Age Level: 8-12My name is Brody Valentine (please don't make fun of my last name), and this is the story of how I accidentally became a 6th grade secret agent at my school. My life is plain and boring, but I do my best to keep it that way. That's why when a dangerous secret fell into my lap, I wasn't exactly jumping for joy. Everything I knew to be true was completely flipped around and suddenly I've found myself buried in special codes and conspiracies. Now I'm being hunted after because my brain knows a secret so huge your head would explode if you heard it.Kids who love action-packed middle school books will love this 4-book series about 11-year old Brody Valentine and his funny adventures in middle school.Secret Agent 6th Grader is for kids age 9-12, middle school students, and adults who never grew up.
  • Cyrus LongBones and the Curse of the Sea Zombie:

    Jeremy Mathiesen

    eBook (Viking House Publishing, Aug. 22, 2017)
    He longs to escape his home……and see the world.What lies beyond the forbidden wall?Cyrus is teased and hated. The villagers are cruel. If he is going to find peace and happiness, he’ll need to do the unthinkable. Is the land past the wall truly haunted?They’re called Sea Zombies……with powers nobody understands.More threats await.He will need a friend to survive, but that may not be enough. When he finally learns what is truly going on, it may be too late. Will Cyrus risk all to save his village or abandon all hope to save himself?You’ll love Book 1 in this amazing adventure, because of the bits of humor, the delightful characters, and the thrilling plot twists.Get it now.
  • Diary of a 6th Grade Ninja 6: Buchanan Bandits!

    Marcus Emerson, Noah Child

    eBook (Emerson Publishing House, Jan. 19, 2014)
    Age Level: 9 and up | Grade Level: 4 and upChase Cooper here, and this is my sixth diary as a 6th grade ninja. As always, there's trouble brewing in the halls of Buchanan School. A bandit is on the loose who's stealing from innocent students, and as each day passes, the bandit's reach grows even further. As if the situation wasn't bonkers enough, help has come in the unlikeliest of places - Wyatt. But I have sick feeling in my stomach about the whole mystery, like something far worse is going on than anybody realizes. If I had known this was going to blow the lid off the craziest scheme this school has ever seen, then I might've stayed home in bed... Nah, who am I kidding? Staying out of trouble isn't exactly something I'm good at doing. Buckle up, kiddos, because this is going to be one heck of a bumpy ride.Diary of a 6th Grade Ninja 6: Buchanan Bandits! is a hilarious adventure that's entertaining for children, middle school students, and adults (who secretly never grew up)!