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  • The Swing

    Robert Louis Stevenson, Julie Morstad

    Board book (Simply Read Books, Nov. 5, 2012)
    "How do you like to go up in a swing?" Delightful images by Julie Morstad bring to life Robert Louis Stevenson's classic poem The Swing. Share this gorgeous board book with your baby or toddler and revel in the magical images and words.
  • Kendra Kandlestar: Legends & Lore from the Land of Een

    Lee Edward Födi

    language (Simply Read Books, Oct. 31, 2015)
    In celebration of the 10th anniversary of the publication of the first book in Lee Edward Födi’s Kendra Kandlestar series of magical chapter books, enjoy this free ebook of extra stories from the Land of Een! Through all his years of working on the Kendra Kandlestar books, Lee Edward Födi ended up withnumerous myths, legends, and stories about Kendra’s home, the Land of Een. Now, he's made these "side" stories available to add texture to the existing chronicle of Kendra Kandlestar's adventures.
  • Wendell the Narwhal

    Emily Dove

    Hardcover (Simply Read Books, Feb. 19, 2016)
    Everyone in the ocean can make music, except for Wendell the Narwhal. His big, pointy horn can't go "pop" or "clappy clap clap" or even "whoosh". Will Wendell find a way to join in with symphony of sea creatures?
  • How To

    Julie Morstad

    Hardcover (Simply Read Books, May 30, 2013)
    This imaginative ‘how to’ book explores whimsical ways of doing a host of different tasks, including ‘how to wonder’, ‘how to see the breeze’, and ‘how to be brave’. With text and images by award-winning illustrator Julie Morstad, this book will be beloved by all ages. How to read this book? That is up to you!
  • Today

    Julie Morstad

    Hardcover (Simply Read Books, Nov. 18, 2016)
    2016 Alcuin Awards for Excellence in Book Design winner (Children's, tie) 2017 BC Book Prizes' Christie Harris Illustrated Literature Prize finalist Every day is full of endless possibilities - especially TODAY! The simplest moment has the potential to become extraordinary in this beautiful book by Julie Morstad. From getting dressed, to having breakfast, to choosing ways to go, Today has a little something to delight everyone.
  • Spark

    Kallie George, Genevieve Cote

    Hardcover (Simply Read Books, Jan. 31, 2014)
    Spark is a little dragon with a big problem. He can’t control his fiery breath. Even practicing doesn’t help. Will Spark ever be able to tame his flame? The first book in an early reader series about baby magic animals, Spark is a gentle reminder that there is a perfect time for everything.
  • The Good Morning Book

    Lori Joy Smith

    Hardcover (Simply Read Books, Sept. 26, 2017)
    This funny, imaginative picture book takes the reader to far off places to see how creatures of many shapes and kinds say “good morning” to the ones they love. Told with the whimsical paintings of Lori Joy Smith, this is the perfect companion book to her previous offering, The Goodnight Book.
  • Wild Berries

    Julie Flett, Earl N. Cook

    Hardcover (Simply Read Books, Jan. 23, 2014)
    Tch, tch, sh, sh, tup, tup.Spend the day picking wild blueberries with Clarence and his grandmother. Meet ant, spider, and fox in a beautiful woodland andscape, the ancestral home of author and illustrator Julie Flett. This book is written in both Enlglish and Cree, in particular the n-dialect, also known as Swampy Cree from the Cumberland House area. Wild Berries is also available in the n-dialect Cree, from the Cross Lake, Norway House area, published by Simply Read Books.
  • My Granny Loves Hockey

    Lori Weber, Eliska Liska

    Hardcover (Simply Read Books, Dec. 18, 2014)
    Granny has always dreamed of playing hockey. As a child, she could only watch the boys play on the lake until her mom called her home to do more chores. Now, her granddaughter wheels her to the park, where Granny watches the kids play at the rink. One day, the doctor says Granny should take it easy, but she disagrees. So does her granddaughter. She knows that what Granny needs to perk her up is a chance to take a shot on net. With the help of the boys and girls on the ice, Granny finally fulfills her dream.
  • When I Was Small

    Sara O'Leary, Julie Morstad

    Hardcover (Simply Read Books, Nov. 5, 2012)
    Curious little Henry from the award-winning books When You Were Small and Where You Came From has a new question for his mother in this charming new picture book. “What was it like when you were small?” he asks. His mother proceeds to describe her adventures to him, all about when she was little – very little!
  • Ella's Umbrellas

    Jennifer Lloyd, Ashley Spires

    Paperback (Simply Read Books, Oct. 24, 2017)
    This acclaimed picture book is now available in paperback! The hardcover edition of Ella's Umbrella's is a 2009 Alcuin Society Award for Excellence in Book Design third prize winner, a 2014 Rainforest of Reading nominee, a 2010 Christie Harris Illustrated Children's Literature Prize finalist, and a 2011 Canadian Toy Testing Council Top 10 Great Books for Children selection. Ella has every umbrella under the rainbow, from aquamarine to jellybean green. Her umbrellas fill up the entire house. Aunt Stella from Kathmandu is coming to visit and Ella's mom demands that Ella get rid of her umbrellas. But Ella wants to keep her precious possessions. Brought to life through rhythmic text and fun watercolor illustrations, this is the perfect book to cheer anyone up on a drizzly day.
  • Circus Girl

    Clare Pernice

    Hardcover (Simply Read Books, April 17, 2014)
    When a little girl plays dress up in her leotard and socks she becomes Circus Girl star of the show. Even her toys morph into her dreamscape of circus acts. At each page turn she jumps and tumbles, flies through the air, juggles, spins, balances and contorts. Vibrant and winsome, modern and timeless the illustrations and words convey a captured childhood moment with directness and simplicity.