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  • Picture This How Pictures Work

    Molly Bang

    Paperback (SeaStar, July 1, 2000)
    Everyone knows that a picture tells a thousand words. But what about the elements that make up a picture? Using the tale of Little Red Riding Hood as an example, Molly Bang uses boldly graphic artwork to explain how images--and their individual components--work to tell a story that engages the emotions: Why are diagonals dramatic? Why are curves calming? Why does red feel hot and blue feel cold??First published in 1991, Picture This fans will welcome the new edition's striking redesign and introduce its insights to many other artists and art appreciators alike.?
  • Father, We Thank You

    Ralph Waldo Emerson, Mark Graham

    Hardcover (SeaStar Books, Dec. 1, 2000)
    In this poem of simple everyday pleasures by Ralph Waldo Emerson, the renowned essayist and poet, the inspiration and beauty of nature is captured in the modest words of a grateful heart. Mark Graham gracefully renders these simple pleasures with impressionistic landscapes that show a family's camping adventure in the wilderness—a special time of togetherness, joy, and wonder. With its spare text and breathtaking art, here is a perfect gift that will speak to readers of all ages and diverse religious backgrounds.
  • The Crystal Prison

    Robin Jarvis

    Hardcover (SeaStar Books, Aug. 1, 2001)
    When the Deptford Mice flee to the countryside, they never expect to find themselves embroiled in a series of murders. The country mice suspect that headstrong city mouse, Audrey, is the culprit. But the truth is far more sinister-for Jupiter now reaches vengefully from the dead.
  • Paper Moon

    R.M. Hedgcoth, Tony Tibbitts

    eBook (SunStar Books, July 16, 2015)
    Paper Moon is round, old and … sleepy. Against a prismatic palette of intriguing textures, Paper Moon slips away to dream his own dreams. Children and adults alike will enjoy the soothing visuals and musical verse of this charming bedtime story.
  • Grass Beyond the Mountains: Discovering the Last Great Cattle Frontier

    Richmond P. Hobson

    Mass Market Paperback (Seal Books, April 14, 2015)
    The first in a trilogy, Grass Beyond the Mountains is a story of discovery and endurance on North America's western frontier by three good old-fashioned cowboys. With laconic cowboy humor and the ease of a born writer, Richmond Hobson describes the life-and-death escapades, the funny and tragic incidents peopled with extraordinary frontier characters, in a true adventure that surpasses the most thrilling Wild West fiction. In the fall of 1934, three cowhands with a dream of owning a cattle ranch made their way from peaceful Wyoming to the harsh, uncharted territory of the British Columbian interior. In conditions as challenging as any encountered by the western frontier pioneers of a hundred years earlier, the three men and their equipment-laden horses conquered the tortuous miles over narrow passes and mountain summits, hewed their first cabin from virgin timber, and attempted to carve out a space for themselves on the unforgiving landscape. Gritty, fun, and endlessly entertaining, Hobson's story is sure to entertain country- and city-dwellers alike.
  • Sleeping Beauty

    Mahlon F. Craft, K.Y. Craft, Kinuko Y. Craft

    Hardcover (SeaStar Books / Chronicle Books, Sept. 1, 2002)
    Sleeping Beauty's enchanted slumber has captivated readers' hearts for centuries. Now brought luminously to life by K. Y. Craft's lavish paintings, this new edition of a timeless favorite is sure to enchant readers both young and old. Fairy tale lovers have been eagerly awaiting Craft's next magical romance since the release of her Cinderella. With illustrations inspired by the magnificent style of Baroque painters, the sumptuous color and exquisite detail of this breathtaking interpretation make it a dream come true.
  • Spirit Child: A story of the Nativity

    J Bierhorst, Barbara Cooney

    Paperback (SeaStar Books, July 1, 2001)
    A tale first published in 1984 retells the story of the first Christmas in the terms Spanish missionaries used to tell the Aztecs about the birth of Jesus. An ALA Notable Children's Book. Simultaneous.
  • La Caseta Magica

    Norton Juster, Jules Feiffer, Alberto Jimenez Rioja

    Hardcover (SeaStar Books, Aug. 1, 2001)
    Discovering a large toy tollbooth in his room, bored ten-year-old Milo drives through the tollbooth's gates and begins a memorable journey to the Kingdom of Wisdom with a watchdog named Tock. Simultaneous.
  • Scary Stories to Read When It's Dark

    Arnold Lobel, Alvin Schwartz, Jane O'Connor, Lane Smith, Laura Cecil, Judith Bauer Stamper, Betsy Byers

    Paperback (SeaStar Books, July 1, 2000)
    Encounter a creepy croaker who eats little froggies for supper, and a mysterious man who waves his bloody fingers! Includes seven stories, featuring Arnold Lobel, Lane Smith, Betsy Byars, Marc Simont, Alvin Schwartz, Dirk Zimmer, Jane O'Connor, G. Brian Karas, and more.
  • Quilt Counting

    Lesa Cline-Ransome, James E. Ransome

    Hardcover (SeaStar Books, July 1, 2002)
    Beneath a patch of blue Sits a family homestead One farmhouse, proud and true. Come inside and join the quilting fun! Count from 1 to 10 as a child helps her mother and her grandmother gather materials for a special creative project-including 4 scissors, 6 tape measures, and 8 baskets of cloth. Then it's time to begin counting down: starting with 10 stitches, they sew pictures of 9 fields, 7 butterflies, 4 sunflowers, 2 dogs, and much more until they have completed 1 brilliant quilt capturing the color of life on the farm. Lesa Cline-Ransome's gently rhythmic text and James Ransome's cozy, homespun illustrations are sewn together to create the perfect companion to their acclaimed Quilt Alphabet.
  • Dawn

    Molly Bang

    Hardcover (SeaStar Books, July 1, 2002)
    First published in 1983, this stunning adaptation of the Japanese legend of the Crane Wife by three-time Caldecott Honor-recipient Molly Bang is set in nineteenth-century New England. After a shipbuilder rescues an injured goose, a mysterious woman arrives offering to work as a sail maker. She weaves sails of unparalleled quality and the two soon fall in love. But when a rich man orders a set of special sails, their happiness is threatened by an astonishing secret.
  • By Kinuko Y. Craft - Cinderella

    Kinuko Y. Craft

    (SeaStar Books, Sept. 26, 2000)