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  • Orwells Luck Pa

    Richard Jennings

    Paperback (Sandpiper, April 12, 2006)
    When a wounded wild rabbit is found in the front yard, he is given a good home and a memorable name by a twelve-year-old with a liking for basketball, the trombone, and the newspaper’s daily horoscope. But Orwell is no ordinary rabbit. It soon seems that he is attempting to reward his young caretaker by mysteriously sending coded messages in the form of predictions: the final score of the Super Bowl, advance notice of a pop quiz at school, tomorrow’s winning lottery number! Can this little rabbit foretell the future? Can Orwell actually make luck happen? Here is a magical and heartwarming story about kindness, friendship, and hope in the shadow of fortune’s ever-turning wheel.
  • Rotten Ralph's Trick or Treat!

    Jack Gantos, Nicole Rubel

    Paperback (Sandpiper, Oct. 24, 1988)
    Sarah's rotten cat, Ralph, goes to a Halloween costume party disguised as Sarah and creates horrible mischief.
  • The Chinese Mirror

    Mirra Ginsburg, Margot Zemach

    Paperback (Sandpiper, Sept. 15, 1991)
    Young readers will be highly amused by the chaos the mirror creates when simple folk fail to recognize themselves. Pastel illustrations warmly and humorously complement a sensitive retelling of the Korean folktale.
  • Hush, Little Baby: A Folk Song with Pictures

    Marla Frazee

    Paperback (Sandpiper, Aug. 1, 2003)
    A baby who howls all night, parents at their wits' end, and a big sister who accidentally on purpose started it all. With warmth and wry humor, Marla Frazee's refreshingly unsentimental interpretation of a timeless folk lullaby will bring a smile to the face of even the most exhausted family member.
  • Champion's Choice

    John R. Tunis

    Paperback (Sandpiper, March 15, 1990)
    Janet Johnson has the willpower and character to take her to Wimbledon, but it takes the advice and love of a trusted friend to teach her a lesson that’s not easy to learn.
  • All The Pretty Horses

    Linda Saport

    Paperback (Sandpiper, June 27, 2005)
    Gorgeous illustrations bring this classic lullaby from the African-American South to life detailing the vibrant realm between sleep and waking as a young boy dreams of may-colored horses, cake, and a lost lamb that finds its mother. Reprint.
  • The Sisters Eight Book 8: Zinnia's Zaniness by Lauren Baratz-Logsted

    Lauren Baratz-Logsted

    Paperback (Sandpiper, Sept. 13, 2011)
    The Sisters Eight Book 7[Rebecca's Rashness] [SISTERS 8 BK7 SISTERS 8 BK 7] [Paperback]
  • Shorebirds

    Jonathan P. Latimer, Karen Stray Nolting, Roger Tory Peterson Institute

    Paperback (Sandpiper, April 26, 1999)
    This new series is designed with the beginner in mind. Featuring the original art of celebrated naturalist Roger Tory Peterson; incorporating the Peterson Identification System, the most effective method for bird identification; and using a straightforward design. This series makes field guides accessible and appealing to children. Roger Tory Peterson was the inventor of the modern field guide. Known as the father of modern bird watching, he has been called "the greatest conservationist who ever walked this planet" (ornithologist Chandler S. Robbins). More than anyone else in the twentieth century, his work as an artist, photographer, writer, editor, educator, and conservationist has increased environmental awareness and helped millions to understand and enjoy the natural world. For his work, Dr. Peterson received every major award in the field of conservation; twenty-three honorary degrees from major universities; and the United States' highest civilian award, the Presidential Medal o
  • The Three Billy Goats Gruff Big Book

    Paul Galdone

    Paperback (Sandpiper, Dec. 18, 2006)
    The three goat brothers brave the terrible troll in a colorful version of the classic tale.
  • The Dragon and the Unicorn

    Lynne Cherry

    Paperback (Sandpiper, Aug. 15, 1998)
    Valerio the dragon and Allegra the unicorn have always lived happily amid the majestic trees of the Ardet Forest, and in harmony with the animals that call the forest home. But one day Valerio discovers King Orlando cutting down trees to build a shelter. Only the king's young daughter, Arianna, seems sympathetic to the animals who are losing their homes. But can she save them all before it is too late?
  • Missy Violet And Me Pa

    Barbara Hathaway

    Paperback (Sandpiper, Jan. 14, 2008)
    Winner of the Coretta Scott King/John Steptoe New Talent Award “This appealingly nostalgic tale conveys the tenor of the time as well as the affable narrator’s growth during one momentous summer.”—Publishers Weekly “Realistic and exciting. . . . Great for reading aloud.”—BooklistThe summer that Viney is eleven years old is extraordinary. It takes her out of school and puts her under the wing of Missy Violet, a well-loved midwife whose wise and warm ways help teach Viney about the business of catchin’ babies. At turns scary, funny, and exhilarating, the rhythm of Viney’s rural life in the South quickens as she embraces her apprenticeship and finds her own special place as Missy Violet’s “best helper girl.”
  • Silly Sally

    Audrey Wood

    Paperback (Sandpiper, March 31, 1994)
    Dance a jig with a silly pig. Play leapfrog with a silly dog. And that's just the beginning of all the fun! Come along and join Silly Sally and her outrageous friends as they parade into town in a most unusual way. "Exploding with whimsy, humor, and zest. . . . Be prepared to read this one a thousand times!"--Booklist (starred review)