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    Richard Smith

    language (Richard Smith, Aug. 6, 2015)
    A popular fossil field in Arizona has been visited by hundreds of Paleontology students from all over the world for more than half a century. Now, the state of Arizona, utilizing its National Guard, has locked down the area, prohibiting access to the sight.The locals have heard rumors about the strange thing discovered in the field, and how six students from the University of Arizona have gone missing. They also heard that one of the students escaped and spoke of seeing a creature that has been extinct for over 65 million years.Nineteen year old David Baker had one goal in life now. He was determined to get back to the field and save his friends.
  • THE MIRACLES OF OUR SAVIOUR Expounded and Illustrated

    William M. Taylor

    (Richard R Smith, Jan. 1, 1930)
    A companion volume to Taylor's "Parables," these two great classics of Christian literature are now available for every Bible student and preacher.
  • The Book of Missionary Heroes

    Basil Mathews

    Hardcover (Richard R. Smith, Aug. 16, 1930)
  • Donald the Dense Duck

    Richard Middleton

    language (Richard, Nov. 18, 2011)
    A series of stories about a marvellous magical menagerie
  • The Unadventures of Aubrey Blizzard

    Richard South, Helen Lang

    eBook (Richard South, March 8, 2013)
    Meet Aubrey Blizzard, the most miserable boy in the world. Or don’t, it’s entirely up to you.When a bizarre tramp gives him a mysterious map, it appears Aubrey’s life is about to get a whole lot more interesting. Of course, appearances can be deceptive and nothing much happens at all. Unless you include discovering that his teachers are devil worshippers.Armed with only a compass, set square and protractor, can Aubrey possibly defeat the forces of ancient evil? It seems unlikely, doesn’t it...?

    Herman Melville

    Hardcover (Richard R. Smith, Inc., Jan. 1, 1930)
    1819 – 1891, was an American novelist, short story writer, essayist, & poet
  • Men, Women and God

    Arthur Herbert Gray

    (Richard R. Smith Inc, Jan. 1, 1930)
  • The Jesus of History

    T. R. Glover

    Hardcover (Richard R. Smith, Inc, Jan. 1, 1930)

    Margaret Applegarth

    Hardcover (Richard R. Smith, March 15, 1930)
  • The Tower of London

    William Harrison Ainsworth

    Hardcover (Richard, March 15, 1940)
  • The Icknield Way

    Edward Thomas

    (Richard R. Smith, Jan. 1, 1930)
  • Poly the Plastic Parrot

    Richard Middleton

    eBook (Richard, Nov. 18, 2011)
    A series of stories about a marvellous magical menagerie