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  • I Believe You, Little One

    Lora D Williams

    Paperback (Redemption Press, June 1, 2017)
    The song they sing is "I hear you, little one. We hear you! God hears you, little one. You are His treasure. You are so special to him." I Believe You, Little One validates the voice of children. The book encourages children to find their voice. It affirms that children are very important to everyone. So much so that everyone acknowledes their presence with affirming words and actions.
  • Cody's Jerusalem Dig

    Gayle Taylor, Roland Taylor

    Paperback (Redemption Press, May 1, 2017)
    Cody's Jerusalem Dig is a sequel to Cody's Ephesus Dig. If you followed Cody to Ephesus, you'll want to go with him to Israel. You can walk with him where Jesus walked and sail with him on the Sea of Galilee. Will this trip be Cody's adventure of a lifetime or will it be the last adventure of his brief life? Two sinister looking men are following him. Who could they be?
  • Your Home In Heaven

    Donna Wyland

    Paperback (Redemption Press, April 1, 2014)
    Children will delight in God’s promise of heaven as Jesus builds their imaginary home in this colorful book that reminds them of his great love. Your Home in Heaven... • Teaches about God’s promise of heaven. • Comforts through the truth of eternal life in heaven with Jesus. • Encourages godly living as children learn the fruit of the Spirit. • Draws children closer to God through eight Discussion Page questions. • Inspires children’s creativity as they imagine their own home in heaven. “In today’s insecure world children need something to hang onto that will give them some promise for the future. Donna’s concept of an actual house in heaven is clear to children. It is presented in colorful detail and supplies the comfort and security children so desperately need.” Florence Littauer, President of CLASS Speakers, Inc. Nationally–known speaker and author of over 30 books, including Personality Plus
  • Child of Promise

    Debbi Migit

    (Redemption Press, Oct. 31, 2017)
    I stared at the letter and picture as the tears fell. I hadnt heard from Vickie in almost twenty years. And then tonight, of all nights, I had received such a letter! I held my breath as I sensed Gods presence all around me. Adoption, was that what God had in mind for us? Ten years of infertility brought Debbi and Phil Migit to a crisis of faith. Child of Promise is the true account of one couples journey from barrenness to the blessing of trans-racial adoption. There is a message that goes beyond infertility and adoption; it will touch any believer and bring them to a better understanding of Gods ultimate faithfulness. Walk with Debbi and Phil as they remain faithful to God and finally receive their Child of Promise.
  • A Guide Dog Named Arby

    Karrie Roberts

    Paperback (Redemption Press, Nov. 30, 2016)
    A delightful primer for children of how a guide puppy named Arby learns about loyalty while on his journey of becoming a guide dog. Children will learn about the importance of this character trait while learning about interacting with a visually impaired person and their guide dog. They will learn how guide dogs are raised and trained, and develop an understanding of their importance in the life of their owner.
  • Gnarlytooth: The Mean Mountain Lion

    Rosie Bosse

    Paperback (Redemption Press, Nov. 16, 2017)
    On top of a high, rocky mountain lives Gnarlytooth, a big, cranky mountain lion.All of the other animals are terrified of Gnarlytooth.He watches Clicker, the dog, every day and sees how all the animals love him. Oh, how Gnarlytooth wishes he had friends too.What is making Gnarlytooth so cranky?Will Gnarlytooth become a nice mountain lion and make friends? Will Clicker ever become his friend?One day, something amazing and scary happens to Gnarlytooth.Discover how a farmer, a dog and a big, gnarly tooth change a mountain lion's life forever!
  • Boarding Bunnies

    Linda Lewis, Kristen Polson

    Paperback (Redemption Press, Nov. 23, 2018)
    All the bunnies in the village have ears that stand up straight. Everyone except Sully. Sully's adopted mom and dad assure him he is special. But he doesn't feel special when he tries to play with the other bunnies, and whether he tries hockey, baseball, or soccer, his lop ears get in the way. Poor Sully. He wants to have fun with his friends, but what can he do? Could the bunny with the snowboard and the strange band over her ears have the answer? Whether children have a disability or feel like they don't fit in, Boarding Bunnies will encourage them to try new things, overcome challenges, and include others as they discover what they do well.
  • Eva Irene Please Keep Your Room Clean

    Paula Guerard

    Paperback (Redemption Press, March 6, 2018)
    Eva Irene Please Keep Your Room Clean! Eva's mom has had it with her messiness. Her siblings, Peter, Ada, and Kay, want to help her, but how in the world is she going to learn to be neat? Read along and see how they teach her to make cleaning her room a fun game. The end will surprise you.
  • Smoke Before the Wind

    Diana Taylor

    Paperback (Redemption Press, April 25, 2014)
    He was every girl's dream... Carrie Dickson can hardly believe her good fortune-engaged to the handsome and rich Andrew Van Zant, she returns home to her beloved mountain community and to her family to make final preparations for her fast-approaching wedding. While there, she renews her friendship with Scott Spencer, a young man she had a secret crush on in high school. Scott's strong Christian commitment causes Carrie to examine her own faith-and her fiancé's-and her growing awareness triggers in her troubled feelings and jeopardizes her happiness. But with the wedding only weeks away, Carrie resolves to make the best of the future she willingly chose with the man she has promised to marry. However, when Andrew finally arrives in the mountain town to meet Carrie's parents, things don't go as planned. Her cousin Linda, who has always considered Carrie's boyfriends fair game, exposes Andrew's true motives and Carrie is faced with the reality of the direction she is going. Confused over the pressure from Andrew for a hasty marriage, as well as her burgeoning feelings for Scott, Carrie realizes that only God's strength and wisdom can help her choose the right path. She feels she needs more time. But, before she and Andrew can talk, a raging forest fire erupts and threatens all she holds dear. Carrie has only moments to make the decision that will forever change her life.
  • The Magnificent Journey of Roopert the Scribe and the Great Princess Paasha

    Beatriz M Robinson, Kylie Papson

    Paperback (Redemption Press, Nov. 26, 2018)
    Take an adventure with Roopert the Scribe, Princess Paasha, and three kings of the East to find the King of kings!On a beautiful May morning, a mouse named Roopert sees King Melchior's dog Paasha acting excited. The King is taking her on a journey with his friends. This isn't just any journey. They are going to look for a baby king--a promised Messiah who will be the savior of all mankind. They will follow a mysterious bright star to a town called Bethlehem. How can a baby be a savior? Curious to know more about the star and this baby, Roopert grabs his notebook and quill pen and stows away on the caravan to record everything he hears and sees. But what will he do when he overhears an evil plan in King Herod's castle? The young savior is in danger. Will they get to Bethlehem in time?Join a clever mouse and his wise friend Paasha as they encounter a band of robbers, try to avoid Herod's cat, and become part of the greatest story ever told.
  • The Woman Who Loved Shoe Boxes: Thinking Inside the Box

    Peg Stormy Bradley, Nancy Bucca

    Paperback (Redemption Press, Sept. 1, 2017)
    What could a person give to a child who has lost everything? The answer is--a shoe box. An organization called "Samaritan's Purse" has a project called "Operation Christmas Child." Samaritan's Purse collects shoe boxes filled with toys and other items, and they distribute those boxes all over the world to children who are either very poor or who have lived through tornadoes, earthquakes, fires, or other tragedies. For the children receiving the shoeboxes, it might be the only Christmas present they'll receive. If you have some time and a desire to fill a shoe box with toys, books, and other items that children love, you can be a blessing to a child somewhere in the world. I know a woman who has been a blessing to many. This book is about that lady.
  • Oscar's Best Day

    Terri Martin

    Paperback (Redemption Press, Oct. 17, 2017)
    Oscar the Rabbit looks forward to Saturday mornings and helping his grandpa bake carrot cookies for the bakeshop. On the way back he doesn't see any of his friends anywhere. Find out where Oscar's friends went.