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  • Jericho Unmasked: An Entrapped Lesbian's Journey to Freedom

    Cari Gintz

    Paperback (Redemption Press, Sept. 27, 2018)
    God's word never returns void. Before she was six years old, Cari Gintz found salvation in Christ, but childhood abuse, trauma sustained through legalistic religion, and an ongoing struggle with her sexual identity took a steep toll on her relationship with God. A wall of brokenness surrounded her life, encasing her within a fortress where depravity and darkness reigned. But even as Cari struggled through decades of pain and searching, a scarlet cord tethered her to God, leading to one miraculous moment that would collapse the walled fortress that kept her from realizing His full purpose for her life. Tracing her journey through darkness and back into the light of God's never-ceasing love, Cari's memoir showcases the redemptive power of the God who never lets his children go. Sensitively told, this story offers encouragement to those with family members or friends struggling with issues of sexual identity, by underscoring the power of divine possibility, the necessity of showing love to the broken, and the importance of relational, believing prayer.
  • Chronicles in History: Windows into the Future

    Timothy M Powers

    Paperback (Redemption Press, March 10, 2017)
    Through the writings of Tim Powers, you will discover not only what true patriotism is, but just how deep the corruption of our government really runs. I became familiar with Tim through his writings for the Western Center of Journalism and have been a true follower ever since. He has a distinct talent for not only bringing to light the truth, but being able to keep you on the edge of your seat while so eloquently displaying facts that will make you take a second look at the powers that are truly controlling America.
  • Balaam's Curse:

    C.L. Smith

    eBook (Redemption Press, April 29, 2018)
    They have arrived! After 40 years wandering in the wilderness, the Israelites are finally ready to cross the Jordan River and claim the Promised Land. While they celebrate, the surrounding kingdoms of Moab and Midian summon the prophet Balaam from Babylonia. Joining forces with the powers of darkness, he gathers a coalition of five Midianite kings and the seductive Princess Cozbi to prevent the crossing that would change the world. The mutiny, plague, and war unleashed by his plan plunges a young generation of Israelites into a vortex of violence and upheaval beyond anything they could have imagined.
  • The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand

    Craig Reid

    eBook (Redemption Press, Aug. 28, 2018)
    Will Jesus return physically to this earth? Will Christians be living on earth when the antichrist is revealed? What does the Bible say about the rapture? In this most comprehensive analysis of the Bible's End Time Prophecies, Mr.Reid presents a remarkably insightful and straight-forward explanation of what is to come in the last days. Drawing heavily from both Old and New Testament prophecies, the author lays out the events of the last days, beginning with the 70th week of Daniel, and continuing through the advent of the New Jerusalem; addressing in detail the timing of the rapture with respect to the Great Tribulation and the Millennium. This book is unique in its handling of the book of Revelation. John's vision of the end times is divided into four individual sequences of events. While each of the four sequences cover different time spans, events within each of the sequences progress in chronological order. Therefore, upon harmonizing the four sequences, the end time calendar unfolds neatly and consistently. "Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh" (Matthew 24:44). Though no one knows the exact day and time, this book will help prepare you for what lies ahead in the last days.
  • The Plan

    Karen Geisler

    Paperback (Redemption Press, Jan. 8, 2019)
    "Hi, my name is Zagzagel, but you can call me Zag." Abe had wished for someone to answer his questions about Jesus, but he certainly hadn't expected what happened next. He'd just been sitting alone in the dark, trying to distract himself from scary night noises, when suddenly, there was Zag--and the angel was eager to answer Abe's questions. The angel takes Abe on a whirlwind tour through time. Adam and Eve, Abraham, the Hebrew slaves in Egypt and their great escape through the Red Sea . . . Zag even takes Abe to see the prophet Isaiah. Stories Abe has heard all his life suddenly become real as Zag gives him glimpse after glimpse of the pieces of God's plan--a plan that, like a tapestry, must be made stitch by stitch until the picture is complete. And a big part of the tapestry is Jesus. By the time Zag returns Abe to his own lonely hillside, Abe knows he must see Jesus for himself --and soon, because Jesus's time is almost up. Abe knows Jesus has to die but doesn't understand why God can't save him. God can do anything. Abe accompanies his dad and grandpa to Jerusalem to celebrate a Passover they'll never forget. A Passover that will change the world forevermore. As events unfold, Abe must cling to Zag's instruction: "Trust God's plan, Abe, no matter what happens."
  • Cody's Rome Dig

    Gayle Taylor, Roland Taylor

    eBook (Redemption Press, Sept. 30, 2019)
    This is an action-packed adventure where Cody accompanies his dad on his third archaeological dig, this time in Rome. Cody is reunited with friends he met in Ephesus on his first dig. While Cody is sure every part of this trip will have its own excitement, he is secretly most looking forward to seeing Sarah again. While Cody knows this trip will be full of hard work, there’s a little part of him that wishes this could be a relaxed vacation, but, somehow, Cody can never escape trouble. Throughout his time in Rome, Cody comes face to face with Mafioso’s and tough decisions that will make him rely on prayer than ever before.
  • God's Profound and Urgent Message

    Mike Norton

    eBook (Redemption Press, May 5, 2019)
    This book reveals God's most important Scriptural messages and the life-saving information to mankind as we are truly at the threshold of His return. God wants to the world understand and recognize the indisputable factual evidence and reasons for the credibility and accuracy of the Bible, and why it should be adhered to, and to understand His most profound and dominant messages and with a due sense of urgency for salvation. Nothing else you do will ever matter as much.
  • Soul Mend: Discover Spiritual and Emotional Health

    Luann Dunnuck

    eBook (Redemption Press, June 5, 2019)
    Restore your emotional health!Have you felt trapped in an endless cycle of fear, anger, guilt, and other negative emotions? Has depression, anxiety, fear of rejection, or the inability to let go of past hurts robbed you of peace?No matter how hopeless or discouraged you feel, freedom is possible. It's time to get to the root of your pain so you can heal. In Soul Mend: Discovering Spiritual and Emotional Health, author Luann Dunnuck shows you how to uncover the source of your emotional struggles and experience wholeness with the help of God's Holy Spirit.See the connection between your mental and physical health. Find scriptural truths to help you work through emotional struggles. God has answers for you and declares in Jeremiah, "Is there anything too hard for Me?" Let Him do the impossible in you as you apply the concepts in this book, rely more heavily on God, and regain the joy of living!
  • I Spy a Tiger

    Clyde San Juan, Anne San Juan

    Paperback (Redemption Press, Aug. 1, 2020)
    Worship daily in rhyme, reading I Spy a Tiger with the young ones in your life. On this colorful journey, introduce them to Adam's beloved naming of the animal kingdom, God's awesome design, along with a bit of His humor too! I Spy a Tiger invites young and old alike, "There is so much for us to see and explore! Go on ... have a look ... it's right out your door!"
  • Weathering Storms: Finding Treasures in the Ruins

    Temitope Keku

    Paperback (Redemption Press, Oct. 4, 2019)
    Knowing Jesus and developing an intimate relationship with him before encountering storms will help us weather them well. The Christian life isn't always sunshine and roses--if you've not yet encountered adversity, you will. As Temitope Keku discovered, the storms of life come in many forms. In one year her husband lost his job, the family lost their home to fire, and her children struggled through health crises. In the midst of her trials, Temitope searched for treasures and found that God offers peace and hope even when it feels like he's not paying attention. In this encouraging, practical devotional by a master storyteller, readers will draw inspiration from real-life stories and biblical examples to inspire them to draw close to their heavenly Father as they weather their own storms. No matter the crisis, the scriptural gems will leave believers with the knowledge that their identity in Christ is secure in spite of the raging tempest.
  • Chosen

    Charles de Andrade

    eBook (Redemption Press, May 14, 2018)
    Chosen to be the recipient of a great gift, Glenn Hitch receives a title pointing to the destiny all mankind was originally purposed for. Glenn’s new abilities include the same gift granted to Elisha’s servant in answer to the prophet’s prayer: the ability to see the true reality of the war he was engaged in. The struggle not with flesh and blood, as so many would readily assume, but instead with the spiritual forces that feed on and drive much of the conflict in this life. Glenn must learn to balance the demands of love and the requirements of service that flow from these new abilities. Glenn knows what many deny: there really are angels and demons, and both are involved in people’s lives and decisions. By serving others who doubt that truth, Glenn searches for the answer to the questions that haunt him the most: Why was I chosen, and what does it mean to be chosen?
  • Chronicles in History: Windows into the Future

    Timothy M. Powers

    eBook (Redemption Press, Aug. 8, 2018)
    Through the writings of Tim Powers, you will discover not only what true patriotism is, but just how deep the corruption of our government really runs. I became familiar with Tim through his writings for the Western Center of Journalism and have been a true follower ever since. He has a distinct talent for not only bringing to light the truth, but being able to keep you on the edge of your seat while so eloquently displaying facts that will make you take a second look at the powers that are truly controlling America.