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Books published by publisher Rand McNally

  • TIMOTHY TIGER A "Glowing-Eye" Book

    Marjorie Barrows, Keith Ward

    Hardcover (Rand McNally, March 15, 1943)
  • Kon Tiki Across the Pacific By Raft


    Hardcover (Rand McNally, Jan. 1, 1962)
    A true adventure story of six men crossing the Pacific on a raft. Starting w/building of the raft, planning the expedition, fishing for meals, the weather, to their stay in Tahiti. A great read!
  • Map It! Jr. Roads and Trails

    Rand McNally

    Board book (Rand McNally, March 22, 2019)
    Map It! Jr. A Geography Primer series Created especially for curious learners ages 2-4, the Map It! Jr. geography primer series invites readers to explore a simple map of the United States to discover the relative location of waterways, landforms, roads and trails. Parents and toddlers will enjoy the colorful illustrations and delightful storylines that guide each journey. Map It! Jr. Roads and Trails Young explorers are invited to travel the great American roads and trails as they discover and learn about the birth of historic routes traveled by pioneers in covered wagons to famous modern day scenic roads winding through towns and cities. Journey the map from coast to coast, and north and south, on new roads and old trails and learn a few fun facts along the way.
  • Rosalie: The Bird Market Turtle

    Winifred Lubell, Cecil Lubell

    Hardcover (Rand McNally, March 15, 1962)
    In the Bird Market in the center of Paris lived Mister Bonaparte, his song birds, his talking black bird Gaston, and Rosalie, his pet turtle. People came from all over the city to visit the Bird Market on Sundays and beautiful bird songs were heard, except when Gaston sat on Rosalie's back and croaked "Ro-sa-lie!" Of course, the childrne loved it. Gaston particularly liked the Strawberry Lady and stole strawberries as often as he could. Strangely, Rosalie liked strawberries too. One Sunday Rosalie disappeared and Mr. Bonaparte was sad, and the children were too, and Gaston was sent to look all over Paris for the lost turtle. Following Gaston in his search, you will learn a lot about Paris and, also, what happened to Rosalie.
  • Wager with the wind;: The Don Sheldon story

    James Greiner

    Hardcover (Rand McNally, Jan. 1, 1974)
    A biography of the Alaskan bush pilot emphasizing his thirty-three year flying career and his contribution to the development of bush aviation.
  • Animal crackers: What's Mooranda up to now?

    Wanda Cheyne

    Hardcover (Rand McNally, Jan. 1, 1976)
    Eight adventures featuring Mooranda the cow and the other animals in Farmer Hill's barnyard.
  • Kids' Backseat Travel Kit

    Rand McNally

    Paperback (Rand McNally, June 15, 2015)
    New, from Rand McNally, the Kids Backseat Travel Kit is the perfect companion for those long car rides. The bundle includes three activity books that have been completely revitalized with adorable new illustrations from cover to cover. Each book is packed with fun and interesting puzzles, quizzes and games to keep kids engaged and entertained for hours. Extras include a 32-page doodle book plustwo sticker sheets. Sturdy keepsake case comes fitted with magnetic closure, cord handle and room to store crayons, markers and extra paper.Ages 6 & up
  • The Travels of Monarch X

    Ross E. Hutchins, Jerome P. Connolly

    Hardcover (Rand Mcnally, June 15, 1966)
    A unique work on the life cycle, hardships, and the marvelous strength of one of nature's most fragile and familiar creatures and to ask for volunteer help in the study of Monarch butterfly migration. The text does this by following the course of a Monarch butterfly tagged near Toronto with a request for the finder to send word to the scientist running the study. ""X"" got all the way to San Luis Potosi, Mexico where a little boy caught him and sent in the information. There is a map of the flight which helps student readers to the visual concept of the great length of the journey, which is projected south through the Virginias and Carolinas to the Okefenokee Swamp and then west along the Gulf coast into Texas and Mexico. 64 pages, richly illustrated.
  • Kon-Tiki: Across the Pacific by Raft

    Thor Heyerdahl, F.H. Lyon

    Hardcover (Rand McNally, June 1, 1950)
    6 scientists risk their lives on a 4,300 mile journey aboard a primitive raft to test a theory about the origin of the Polynesians
  • Clear the Bridge! The War Patrols of the U.S.S. Tang

    Richard H. O'Kane

    Hardcover (Rand McNally, March 15, 1977)
    Tang carried the war to the enemy with unparalleled ferocity. This is her story as told by her skipper.
  • A time to keep: The Tasha Tudor book of holidays

    Tasha Tudor

    Hardcover (Rand McNally, Aug. 16, 1977)
    Describes traditional holiday celebrations throughout the year in a New England household.
  • Little Lamb's Hat

    mary phillips

    Hardcover (Rand McNally, )