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  • Journal 29: Interactive Book Game

    Dimitris Chassapakis

    Paperback (Primedia eLaunch LLC, Feb. 1, 2017)
    Journal 29 is a unique book game where you can solve riddles and puzzles and submit your answers online to get the keys and move forward. To solve the riddles, you need to think out of the box.You can write, draw, search, fold pages, combine different methods and try to get those riddles right. Journal 29 is a 148 pages book providing over 63 riddles you can solve.The Story:A top secret excavation did not bring any result for 28 weeks. It was on the 29th week that something unexpected happened. The team disappeared and the only thing that was left behind was their Journal. You must solve the riddles in order to solve the mystery. How to Play:Journal 29 is a book game of riddles and puzzles. To play, you will need: A copy of Journal 29 A pencil An internet connected device ( preferably a smartphone)Every two pages of Journal 29 have two elements: The riddle page and the key page.Step1: You solve the riddle on the riddle page. Step2: Visit the URL from the key page (you can type the URL on your browser or scan the unique QR code available on the page). Step3: Submit the answer of the riddle. Answer correctly, and get a key that is usually a word or a number. Step4: Write down the key. These keys are needed for solving the next riddles.To solve the riddles you will need to think out of the box. Write, draw, search, tear paper, fold pages, combine and more. You don’t need any special app to play the game. Just a browser will do (preferably on your smartphone)
  • Donavan Grey: Lost Cities

    Carlton Greene Jr.

    Paperback (Primedia E-launch LLC, Aug. 8, 2020)
    Perfect for fans of Jeff Kinney’s, Diary of a Wimpy Kid is a page-turning read, about a boy who moves often with his family. He struggles with the nuances of being the new kid and suffers the stinging emotions of missing old friends he has left behind. This thrilling debut novel is from 14-year-old teen author Carlton Greene Jr.14-year-old Donavan Grey loves riding his bike, playing video games, and spending time with his friends. But he finds himself constantly starting over as he has been forced to move several times with his parent’s careers. One day he is back in his old city and struggles to re-connect with his old friends. Will he adjust to missing his old friends? Will he find a way to reconnect? Will he rediscover himself in the process?This middle-grade novel is an excellent choice for tween readers, including for summer reading.Author: Carlton William Greene, Jr.Social Media: Instagram: @realcjgreeneWebsite:
  • The Real Mother Goose - Illustrated w/Table of Contents

    Blanche Fisher Wright

    eBook (Primedia eLaunch, July 9, 2011)
    This might have been your Mother Goose book when you were young ... or maybe even your great-grandmother's! The Real Mother Goose has been teaching children traditional nursery rhymes since 1916, when the first edition of the book was published; since then, five million copies have been sold in the United States.You'll find more than 300 Mother Goose rhymes, as well as over 100 illustrations with a full, working table of contents and a format designed specifically with the Kindle in mind!
  • Magic of Impromptu Speaking: Create a Speech That Will Be Remembered for Years in Under 30 Seconds

    Andrii Sedniev

    Paperback (Primedia E-launch LLC, March 22, 2013)
    Magic of Impromptu Speaking is a comprehensive, step-by-step system for creating highly effective speeches in under 30 seconds. It is based on research of the most powerful techniques used by winners of impromptu speaking contests, politicians, actors and successful presenters. The book is entertaining to read, has plenty of examples and covers the most effective tools not only from the world of impromptu speaking but also from acting, stand-up comedy, applied psychology and creative thinking.Once you master the system, you will grow immensely as an impromptu public speaker, become a better storyteller in a circle of friends and be more creative in everyday life. Your audience members will think that what you do on stage after such short preparation is pure magic and will recall some of your speeches many years later.
  • How Wall Street Created a Nation: J.P. Morgan, Teddy Roosevelt, and the Panama Canal

    Ovidio Diaz-Espino

    eBook (Primedia eLaunch, Aug. 1, 2014)
    How Wall Street Created a Nation: J.P. Morgan, Teddy Roosevelt, and the Panama Canal narrates the dramatic and gripping account of the beginnings of the Panama Canal led by a group of Wall Street speculators with the help of Teddy Roosevelt’s government. The result of four years of research, the book offers the real story of how the United States obtained the rights to build the Canal through financial speculation, fraud, and an international conspiracy that brought down a French republic and a Colombian government, created the Republic of Panama, rocked the invincible President Roosevelt with corruption scandals, and gave birth to U.S. imperialism in Latin America. "... A new view of the history of Panama based on a thorough investigation..." The Miami Nuevo Herald “A fascinating telling of this scandalous true story.” Goodreads“…a well documented example…in an informative, interesting, and even exciting style.” Choice “Well told and gripping. Espino does valuable work in pulling together disparate sources to tell a story that should provoke popular discussion and possibly more intensive study of the period and events.” Perspectives on Political Science“A case study of how financial and political interests combine to determine and profit from U.S. foreign policy.” World Wide Works “The roles of Theodore Roosevelt… and Wall Street are highlighted, with clear attention to their immediate motives--profit and power.” Book News “An intriguing look into the treachery, behind-the-scenes financial wrangling and Roosevelt-era dollar diplomacy that resulted in not only the Panama Canal but the establishment of Panama as an independent nation (and some few making a lot of money). Longitud“Díaz Espino’s book grips like a thriller. ” America Economía“…not a story told in American history text books.” Book Ideas
  • Berna and Her Backpack

    Bernadette Amistoso- Morales

    Paperback (Primedia eLaunch LLC, Dec. 18, 2019)
    Children go through many forms of loss and trauma. When their world is shattered by unexpected and painful events, they hold on to family, friends and their own faith to make it through. Just like Berna, children who suffer loss need to know that no matter what happens, they are always loved, cared for and never ever alone.
  • Brute Power: The Autobiography of Buggsy McGraw

    Buggsy McGraw, Ian Douglass, Rocky Johnson, Brian Blair

    Perfect Paperback (Primedia eLaunch LLC, March 15, 2019)
    Oliver Bateman of 'The Ringer' describes Brute Power as "A no-holds-barred autobiography of one of the towering titans of the territorial age. Brute Power takes readers behind the curtain. McGraw pulled his punches in the ring, but doesn't in this excellent book. He'll tell you who he liked, who he hated, and about the time he hunted for kangaroos with midget wrestlers." Don Davies of 'SLAM! Wrestling' reviewed Brute Power and said "Brute Power does a great job of following Davis' career from a young inexperienced wrestler to a main eventer at Madison Square Garden in New York. Unlike some other autobiographies that do not pull the curtain far back during their time in the '60s to '80s, McGraw's autobiography pulls the curtain back on the wrestling business during his time where kayfabe was enforced." Brute Power: The Buggsy McGraw Story is the official autobiography of a little Indiana boy with a speech impediment who turned himself into one of the strongest men on the planet, before transitioning into a worldwide wrestling star. This book covers Buggsy's journey around the world to territories both big and small, along with his shocking decision to walk away from the ring while still in his prime in favor of a career as a registered nurse. Buggsy McGraw provides you all of the stories and details about working with Bruno Sammartino, Lou Albano, Andre The Giant, Giant Baba, Jerry Lawler, Antonio Inoki, Bobo Brazil, Randy Savage, Jumbo Tsuruta, The Von Erich's, Dory Funk Jr., Ray Stevens, Pat Patterson, Peter Maivia, Rocky Johnson, The Sheik, Abdullah the Butcher, Manny Fernandez, Stan Hansen, Dick the Bruiser, Paul Orndorff, Roddy Piper, Jack Brisco, Lonnie Mayne, Nikolai Volkoff, Bill Irwin, Jimmy Valiant, Vince Russo, Bruiser Brody and more! This book also contains a foreword by Rocky Johnson - WWE Hall of Fame member and father of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson - with an afterword by "Killer Bees" member B. Brian Blair, the president of the Cauliflower Alley Club!
  • The Story of Horace

    Alice Coats

    eBook (Primedia eLaunch, June 10, 2011)
    If you've ever read this story, there's no need for introduction. For those who may have never read this classic children's book growing up, here's a quick rundown:Horace is a bear. He lives with a family in a little house in the woods. Each time Father leaves to go hunting a family member becomes missing.It's a funny, quirky, story full of illustrations that bring it all to life.
  • First Earth: Book One in the Arch Mage Series

    Cami Murdock Jensen, Adam McLain, Sarah Keele

    Paperback (Primedia eLaunch, Aug. 26, 2019)
    Her raging scars and chronic pain made her different. Her courage made her hero of 2 worlds Agnes Ann Cavanaugh was always different from the other girls. Not just because of her scars, or the nerve damage to her legs... She can sense when people are lying, just by looking at them. And she can read almost any language, even ones she doesn't speak.Things get even stranger when Agnes interns with a professor of ancient texts. She is assigned to translate an ancient tablet, written in a dead language. But before she can decipher its mysterious markings, a horde of monsters and a librarian with a ghostly aura attack from the shadows!Rescued by an old man named Temnon, and his shapeshifting cat, Agnes is whisked away to a magical world known as First Earth. Lost and afraid, the teenage girl is thrust into a magical conflict, centuries in the making. But as the forces of good and evil clash, she discovers a darker power lurking behind the scenes, manipulating events for its own fiendish desires to steal her magic.Can Agnes find the strength to summon her inner light, and defeat this demonic entity once and for all? Or will both earths fall before it's terrifying power...Journey to a world of strange creatures, heart-racing adventure, and wondrous magic. Fans of J.A. Andrews and Lucia Ashta and Brigid Kemmerer will love this coming of age fantasy series.
  • Ulysses S. Grant

    Owen Wister

    eBook (Primedia eLaunch, March 22, 2012)
    Owen Wister (July 14, 1860 – July 21, 1938) was an American writer and "father" of western fiction.Author's Note-"This short book is derived from long ones; from pamphlets, speeches, essays, and newspapers; from certain pages of the official records; and from a few personal memories kindly given by friends of General Grant to the writer. These latter change nothing in the features, but serve to touch up the likeness, of the established portrait. Grant is a large figure to pack in a small box: the task has been one of omission. Those authors to whom the writer is most grateful are Richardson, Fiske, Coppee, Porter, Humphreys, Sherman, Sheridan, Newhall, Rhodes, and Badeau ( “Grant in Peace” ). The writer will think that he has made his own contribution to the subject if he shall have tempted any reader to become more thoroughly acquainted with it."Editor's Note- "The aim of this series is to furnish brief, readable, and authentic accounts of the lives of those Americans whose personalities have impressed themselves most deeply on the character and history of their country. On account of the length of the more formal lives, often running into large volumes, the average busy man and woman have not the time or hardly the inclination to acquaint themselves with American biography. In the present series everything that such a reader would ordinarily care to know is given by writers of special competence, who possess in full measure the best contemporary point of view. Each volume is equipped with a frontispiece portrait, a calendar of important dates, and a brief bibliography for further reading. Finally, the volumes are printed in a form convenient for reading and for carrying handily in the pocket."
  • Myra Prat the Military Brat

    Shatasha F. McPhatter, Mak Khan

    Paperback (Primedia eLaunch LLC, Feb. 20, 2019)
    Take a journey with Myra Prat as she discusses the ups and downs of being a Military Brat from a child’s perspective. Myra keeps a positive outlook, which helps her overcome obstacles. Not only are her parents heroes, but Myra is a little hero too. The back half of the book is a coloring book, which will teach children the 7 continents. Available in English and Spanish!
  • The Adventures of Jerry Muskrat - Illustrated

    Thornton Burgess

    eBook (Primedia eLaunch, July 10, 2011)
    About the Kindle edition - -working table of contents-includes illustrations from the original work-optimized for viewing on KindleChildren will love hearing, and reading, about Jerry Muskrat and his adventures in the Green Meadow and Green Forest where he falls victim to a trap set by Farmer Brown’s Boy, and what happens when he sees that the Laughing Brook is no longer laughing and attempts to save it all.