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  • Sojourner Truth

    Kristen Susienka

    Library Binding (PowerKids Press, Dec. 15, 2019)
    Sojourner Truth was born into slavery, but she found solace in her community, her family, and her faith, as well as in herself. After escaping to freedom, she became an impassioned speaker in support of both abolition and women's rights. She was guided by her faith to help those who most needed it. Today, she's recognized as an inspiring orator, activist, and suffragist. This biography explores Truth's life and legacy, presenting details in a way young readers can understand, appreciate, and remember.
  • Garbage Trucks at Work

    D. R. Addison

    Paperback (Powerkids Pr, Jan. 1, 2009)
    Introduces garbage trucks, describing what they do and their parts.
  • Dinosaurs

    Anita Ganeri

    Paperback (PowerKids Press, Aug. 15, 2011)
    Fossils no more, dinosaurs are brought back to life to challenge each other in epic battles. Dinosaurs from the Cretaceous period to the Jurassic period meet for the first time to test their strength in this high-interest read. Where else will dinosaur enthusiasts have a chance to see their favorite dinosaurs duke it out while learning about the adaptations that make them fierce competitors? This volume features, of course, the T-rex and many other lesser-known dinosaurs.
  • Ancient Aztec Daily Life

    Heather Moore Niver

    Paperback (PowerKids Press, Aug. 15, 2016)
    The ancient Aztec people didnt have grocery stores or shopping malls. How did they get their food? What was their clothing like? Readers discover the answers to these questions and many more as they explore the lives of the ancient Aztec people. The detailed main text provides an informative look at Aztec daily life, allowing readers to compare their life in the present to life as a member of the Aztec civilization. Full-color photographs and historical images accompany the text, helping readers visualize these essential social studies curriculum topics. Readers gain additional information from carefully chosen primary sources.
  • What Does a Mayor Do?

    David J Jakubiak

    Paperback (PowerKids Press, Jan. 1, 2010)
    Whether they govern small towns or big cities, mayors have a very real impact on the lives of those around them. Students will learn more about mayoral duties and responsibilities through this enlightening book.
  • Tamarins

    Gillian Gosman

    Paperback (PowerKids Press, Aug. 15, 2011)
    Tamarins are a genus-level group of squirrel-sized monkeys that make their homes in Central and South America. The group encompasses monkeys with a wide variety of colors and markings. This delightful volume takes a look at different types of tamarins, and explores the commonalities within the group while highlighting the unique qualities of each tamarin species.
  • Plesiosaurus

    Leigh Rockwood

    Paperback (PowerKids Press, Aug. 15, 2011)
    The early Jurassic period was not just a time when giant reptiles roamed the land. They also swam in the prehistoric seas. Plesiosaurus, with its long, thin neck and paddle-like limbs, was one of the large marine reptiles that lived at this time. Full-color images and interesting, accessible text will help students find out more about what life might have been like for this underwater creature that could grow to a whopping 16 feet in length.
  • How Elephants and Other Animals Hear the Earth

    Caitlin McAneney, Caitie McAneney

    Library Binding (PowerKids Press, Aug. 1, 2015)
    Elephants are able to sense an earthquake before it happens. How are they able to do this? They can feel the seismic vibrations in the earth through their trunk and their feet. Readers learn how elephants use these vibrations to communicate with each other and sense danger. Fun, memorable facts presented throughout the text address elephants and other animals with similar sensory adaptations, including snakes and spiders. Informative text and a detailed graphic organizer introduce readers to important science curriculum concepts, such as animal adaptations and seismic waves. Vibrant photographs of a variety of animals keep readers engaged as they learn.
  • Yaks

    Willow Clark

    Paperback (PowerKids Press, Aug. 15, 2012)
    Yaks are long-haired relatives of the cow. They live in the icy Himalayas, the Tibetan Plateau, and in parts of Mongolia and Russia. For thousands of years, people have used domesticated yaks for milk, food, fiber, and fuel, as well as beasts of burden. So many of these animals have been domesticated that only a small wild population remains. Beautiful photographs and informative text welcome readers to discover the fascinating world of yaks.
  • Ready, Aim, Fire!

    Ruth Owen

    Library Binding (PowerKids Press, May 1, 2014)
    Young marksmen will develop their shooting skills after setting their sights on this inventive guide. Boys will learn how to make an arsenal of weapons including everything from a marshmallow shooter to a mini crossbow. With an emphasis on safety and responsible shooting, this book serves as a well-balanced introduction to marksmanship as well as to following instructions and decoding procedural language.
  • Italian Supercars: Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati

    Paul Mason

    Paperback (PowerKids Press, Aug. 15, 2018)
    Get your young petrolhead into gear with the perfect introduction to the newest, hotest, fastest Italian supercar marques on the planet ... Written specifically for car lovers aged around 9 years old, this series is ideal for reading on the go and to encourage reading for pleasure. Each title features superb photography and easy-to-read, informative text.
  • I Am Respectful Online

    Rachael Morlock

    Library Binding (PowerKids Press, July 15, 2019)
    More than half the world's population has access to the Internet. Good digital citizens show respect for the different cultures, beliefs, views, and resources they may encounter online. This book encourages readers to demonstrate kindness and respect in all their digital interactions, even when they disagree with other Internet users. By following simple guidelines, readers can also learn to honor the privacy and creative rights of other users. Help your readers create a safer and friendlier place to share opinions and information.