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Books published by publisher Pointe Pubs

  • Trick or Treat

    Richie Tankersley Cusick

    Paperback (Pointe Pubs, Oct. 6, 1989)
  • Sweet Sixteen

    Francesca Jeffries

    (Pointe Pubs, Sept. 1, 1996)
    Leslie invites all her friends to her sixteenth birthday party, but a series of unexplained accidents make it clear that someone is determined she will not live to be sixteen
  • Trick or Treat

    Richie Tankersley Cusick

    Paperback (Pointe Pubs, March 1, 1992)
    Exactly one year ago, on Halloween night, Elizabeth Bedford had been murdered in the very same room now occupied by Martha, and now, after receiving threatening phone calls, Martha is scared out of her wits
  • Fire

    Diane Hoh

    Paperback (Pointe Pubs, Sept. 1, 1996)
    Casualties from a raging fire at a nearby oil refinery turn the Med Center into a disaster center, as swarms of patients suffering from burns, smoke inhalation, and other injuries arrive. Original.
  • Hear the Wind Blow

    Patricia Pendergraft

    Paperback (Pointe Pubs, Sept. 1, 1989)
    Twelve-year-old Isadora watches as her deeply religious best friend tries to reform the school troublemaker, Haskell Moore, who enjoys teasing Isadora about her dancing aspirations.