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Books published by publisher Piggy Toes Pr

  • Ten Little Ladybugs

    Melanie Gerth, Laura Huliska-Beith

    Hardcover (Piggy Toes Pr, Feb. 1, 2001)
    Young readers may feel the raised ladybugs as they count down from ten to one.
  • This Little Piggy

    Teresa Imperato, Steve Haskamp

    Board book (Piggy Toes Pr, June 1, 2004)
    Young readers may feel the raised piglets as they count down from ten to one while a family of pigs explores the world of familiar nursery rhyme and fairy tale characters.
  • The Icky Sticky Frog

    Dawn Bentley, Salina Yoon

    Hardcover (Piggy Toes Pr, March 1, 1999)
    A hilarious read-aloud story with bright, humorous illustrations includes a cover featuring a funny frog with googly eyes and a long, sticky, rubbery tongue.
  • Dinner Time

    Jan Pienkowski

    Hardcover (Piggy Toes Pr, July 1, 2000)
    They’re back! Hilarious and hair-raising, these internationally best-selling pop-ups make the perfect Halloween treats.One day a frog is catching flies, when down comes a vulture who announces, "I’m going to eat you for my dinner." GULP! Get ready for a chain of hungry critters with gaping mouths and moving jaws in this deliciously scary, delightfully funny look at survival of the fittest that will have young readers eating it up.
  • Good Morning, Good Night!

    Teresa Imperato, Melanie Mitchell

    Board book (Piggy Toes Press, Jan. 1, 2003)
    This touchable book is perfect for bedtime! Feel the soft, fluffy fur of each animal as you say, "good night!"
  • What Makes a Rainbow?: A Magic Ribbon Book

    Betty Ann Schwartz, Dona Turner

    Board book (Piggy Toes Pr, May 1, 2000)
    A rainbow of ribbons magically appear when you open the pages of this innovative book! Toddlers will love listening to the charming story and seeing a different colored ribbon with the turn of each page. The last page is sure to delight with all the colors of the rainbow. What a fun way to learn colors!
  • Five Silly Monkeys

    Steve Haskamp

    Hardcover (Piggy Toes Pr, May 1, 2004)
    Young readers may feel the raised faces of the monkeys bouncing on the bed as they count down from eight to one.
  • Choo-Choo Charlie: The Littletown Train

    Michael Welply, Dawn Bentley

    Hardcover (Piggy Toes Pr, Jan. 1, 1998)
    WHOO-EE! WHOO-EE! Wind up the train, set it on the track, and watch it roll through the three-dimensional village. This delightful pop-up playset includes a wind-up toy train, a sound chip that makes incredibly realistic train sounds, 11 punch-out characters to play with, and a terrific story to get your imaginations rolling.
  • A Three-Dimensional Victorian Doll House

    Willabel L. Tong, Phil Wilson, Renee Jablow

    Hardcover (Piggy Toes Pr, Feb. 16, 1999)
    A three-dimensional book that opens to reveal two stories and eight rooms of a Victorian home, with decorative details, pop-up furniture, and press-out pieces. Covers can be tied with attached ribbons to allow the book to stand on its own.
  • Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar?

    Margaret Wang, Christine Schneider

    Hardcover (Piggy Toes Pr, Jan. 30, 2005)
    Readers can count down the number of cookies to discover who the cookie thief is.
  • Good Morning, Good Night!

    Melanie(Illustrator) Imperato, Teresa(Author) ; Mitchell

    Hardcover (Piggy Toes Press, April 30, 2005)
  • The Icky Sticky Anteater Mini Book

    Dawn Bentley, Carly Castillon, Salina Yoon

    Board book (Piggy Toes Pr, Feb. 15, 2008)
    An anteater who does not like eating ants keeps finding other animals when he sticks his tongue into holes in search of food.