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Books published by publisher Picture Puffin (AU YR)

  • Red Riding Hood

    James Marshall, Charles Perrault

    Paperback (Picture Puffins, March 1, 1993)
    "A thoroughly modern, thoroughly charming retelling of the old favorite. Witty and direct . . . both Granny and child are swallowed, then rescued intact by the hunter who kills the wolf. . . . A perfect union of words, story, and illustration."--Kirkus Reviews.
  • Danger Ahead

    R.A. Spratt

    Paperback (Puffin (AU YR), Sept. 1, 2020)
    School camp . . . what could possibly go wrong? Friday Barnes is forced to face her biggest fear—her own emotions! She must wave goodbye to Ian as he takes off to join his father in the Cayman Islands. But when your dad is a white-collar criminal, family reunions never go to plan. Ian is kidnapped en route and it’s up to Friday to rescue him. On her return to school, the Headmaster has a treat in store—a four-week camp for students to learn wilderness survival skills! "Camp Courage" is even worse than Friday imagined. Can Friday survive the great outdoors, debunk the legend of a camp ghost and make it back to Highcrest Academy alive? Only time (and a compass) will tell!
  • The Plot Thickens

    R.A. Spratt

    Paperback (Puffin (AU YR), Sept. 1, 2020)
    Friday Barnes is being attacked on all fronts! When she gets involved in her frenemy Ian Wainscott’s family dispute, it appears her knack for uncovering the truth may ruin their friendship. Meanwhile, there’s two new teachers—a celebrity artist whose intentions are somewhat unclear, and an over-enthusiastic PE teacher on a fitness crusade. No one said high school would be easy!
  • Wombat Big, Puggle Small

    Renee Treml

    Board book (Picture Puffin (AU YR), June 1, 2020)
    Join in the mischief as a little wombat and an echidna puggle play with opposites and word pairs. This beautiful new board book by Renée Treml features her trademark gentle, playful rhymes, and stunning illustrations of Australian animals.
  • One Very Tired Wombat

    Renée Treml

    Board book (Picture Puffin (AU YR), June 1, 2020)
    How hard can it be to find a bit of peace and quiet? Wombat is tired and just wants to rest. But it's hard to sleep during the day when a bunch of noisy birds want to sing and play. The magpies keep whistling, the fairy wrens are flitting about, and don't even talk about the kookaburras. Poor tired wombat. Will he ever get to sleep?
  • My Dog Bigsy

    Alison Lester

    Board book (Picture Puffin (AU YR), May 1, 2019)
    From Australia's favourite picture-book creator, Alison Lester, comes this energetic story about a little dog who causes a big commotion. Now in a gorgeous board book edition. Meet my dog Bigsy. He's only small, but everyone knows he's the boss. Each morning he visits the animals on the farm. Squawk, neigh, quack, moo, baa, oink, cluck, purr, ruff ruff ruff! What a lot of noise! And all because of Bigsy!
  • One Small Island

    Alison Lester

    Paperback (Picture Puffin (AU YR), Dec. 1, 2019)
    Macquarie Island lies in the Southern Ocean, between Antarctica and New Zealand. A speck of green in the vast, windswept sea, it is a haven for many creatures that live above and below the waves. In One Small Island, Alison Lester and Coral Tulloch bring us the story of this remote and precious World Heritage Site. Together they explore the island's unique geological beginnings, discovery and degradation at the hands of humans, and the battle to restore it today. This is a beautiful, award-winning picture book by much-loved children’s book creators Alison Lester and Coral Tulloch about the remote and precious World Heritage site, Macquarie Island, and the battle to save it from environmental destruction. One Small Island asks the important question: can Macquarie Island and places like it be saved?
  • Three Happy Lions

    Louise Fatio

    Paperback (Picture Puffin, March 15, 1971)
    A baby lion goes to live with a rich lady but when he grows too large he has to find a trade, a difficult task, but not impossible. Illustrated by Roger Duvoisin.
  • The Mystery of the Squashed Cockroach

    R.A. Spratt

    (Puffin (AU YR), July 1, 2018)
    Life is hard enough without having to spend time with your siblings. But there is no other way for Joe, Fin and April Peski to solve the mystery of the cockroach catastrophes that is rocking their new home town of Currawong. Along with Loretta, their stunningly beautiful yet sociopathic next-door neighbour, and Pumpkin, the world’s worst trained dog, they set out to catch the culprit. Together they are The Peski Kids.
  • Arthur and the Tiger

    Sophie Beer

    Hardcover (Puffin (AU YR), Sept. 1, 2020)
    Arthur's circus is full of daring performers. The Acrobat can soar like an eagle. The Strongman can lift a car with one finger. The Jugglers can breathe fire like dragons. But Arthur has never been brave enough to learn any daring circus tricks. So what will Arthur do when a terrifying tiger joins the circus? A beautiful story of finding strength in difference and resisting prejudice.
  • Clementine Rose and the Best News Yet

    Jacqueline Harvey

    Paperback (Puffin (AU YR), Feb. 1, 2021)
    Clementine Rose is getting a new brother or sister—she can't wait! But everything needs to be perfect for the baby's arrival, and no one seems to care as much as Clementine. Not to worry, she's sure she can take matters into her own hands. As the due date gets closer, things at the hotel get busier and busier. Aunt Violet and Uncle Digby keep rushing off, the guests are acting strangely and one particular guest is causing mountains of trouble. Can Clementine really do everything on her own?
  • Bear in the Woods

    R.A. Spratt

    (Puffin (AU YR), Jan. 1, 2019)
    No one believes April saw an enormous bear in the woods. No one thinks Fin didn’t break the Cat Lady’s foot. No one wants to know why Loretta bought Dad new underwear. And no one listens to Joe, because he never has much to say. The Peski Kids are up to their eyeballs in trouble, and it’s all their dog’s fault. Now the Mayor is watching them like a hawk. She won’t let anyone ruin Currawong’s Daffodil Festival. That’s fine, the Peski Kids want to blend in, the only problem is . . . they are really terrible at it.