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Books published by publisher Paw Prints 2007-06-28

  • Hush!: A Thai Lullaby

    Minfong Ho, Holly Meade

    Library Binding (Paw Prints 2007-06-28, June 28, 2007)
    In an endearing lullaby, a mother asks a lizard, a monkey, and a water buffalo to be quiet and not disturb her sleeping baby.
  • It Could Always Be Worse: A Yiddish Folk Tale

    Margot Zemach

    Library Binding (Paw Prints 2007-06-28, June 28, 2007)
    A Caldecott Honor Book An ALA Notable Book Fanfare, The Horn Book's Honor List A New York Times Book Review Notable Children's Book of the Year A New York Times Outstanding Book of the Year The Caldecott Honor book, now in a paperback Spanish edition
  • Hey, Al

    Arthur Yorinks, Richard Egielski

    Library Binding (Paw Prints 2007-06-28, June 28, 2007)
    Rare Book
  • Drummer Hoff

    Barbara Emberley

    Library Binding (Paw Prints 2007-06-28, June 28, 2007)
  • Garfield Blots Out the Sun: His 43rd Book

    Jim Davis

    Library Binding (Paw Prints 2007-06-28, June 28, 2007)
    Garfield Blots Out the Sun: His 43rd book!Gluttony on a Galactic Scale!Like the Universe, Garfield is constantly expanding. Fans of the fat cat will get a big bang out of this all-new collection of comics, featuring Garfield at his funniest - and hungriest!
  • The Storm Book

    Charlotte Zolotow, Margaret Bloy Graham

    Library Binding (Paw Prints 2007-06-28, June 28, 2007)
    It is a day in the country,and everthing is hot and still.Then the hazy sky begins to shift.Something is astir, something soundless.
  • The Rooster Crows A Book of American Rhymes and Jingles

    Maud Petersham, Miska Petersham

    Library Binding (Paw Prints 2007-06-28, June 28, 2007)
    A collection of American nursery rhymes, counting games, finger games, jingles, and rope-skipping rhymes
  • The Demon-haunted World: Science As a Candle in the Dark

    Carl Sagan

    Hardcover (Paw Prints 2008-06-26, June 26, 2008)
    How can we make intelligent decisions about our increasingly technology-driven lives if we don't understand the difference between the myths of pseudoscience and the testable hypotheses of science? Pulitzer Prize-winning author and distinguished astronomer Carl Sagan argues that scientific thinking is critical not only to the pursuit of truth but to the very well-being of our democratic institutions. Casting a wide net through history and culture, Sagan examines and authoritatively debunks such celebrated fallacies of the past as witchcraft, faith healing, demons, and UFOs. And yet, disturbingly, in today's so-called information age, pseudoscience is burgeoning with stories of alien abduction, channeling past lives, and communal hallucinations commanding growing attention and respect. As Sagan demonstrates with lucid eloquence, the siren song of unreason is not just a cultural wrong turn but a dangerous plunge into darkness that threatens our most basic freedoms. Praise for The Demon-Haunted World "Powerful . . . A stirring defense of informed rationality. . . Rich in surprising information and beautiful writing."-The Washington Post Book World "Compelling."-USA Today "A clear vision of what good science means and why it makes a difference. . . . A testimonial to the power of science and a warning of the dangers of unrestrained credulity."-The Sciences "Passionate."-San Francisco Examiner-Chronicle
  • Amelia Earhart

    Tanya Lee Stone

    Library Binding (Paw Prints 2007-06-28, June 28, 2007)
    Rare Book
  • Play With Me

    Marie Hall Ets

    Library Binding (Paw Prints 2007-06-28, June 28, 2007)
    A little girl goes to the meadow to play, but each animal she tries to catch runs away from her--until she sits still by the pond, and they all come back.
  • Laura Ingalls Wilder: A Biography

    William Anderson

    Library Binding (Paw Prints 2007-06-28, June 28, 2007)
    The Little House series introduced millions of readers to the beloved world of Laura Ingalls Wilder. From her very young days on the prairie to her golden years with her husband, Almanzo, Laura has become a friend to all who read her classic books. Here, noted Wilder historian William Anderson takes a fresh look at Laura in the days of her youth, and gives a detailed account of the events her cherished books describe. In these pages we learn what historic events inspired Laura to write her stories and what happens to her after the last Little House book ends. This book is sure to satisfy the most curious fans who long to know even more about Laura's adventurous pioneer life!
  • Teens Cook: How to Cook What You Want to Eat

    Megan Carle, Jill Carle, Judi Carle, Jessica Boone

    Library Binding (Paw Prints 2007-09-30, Sept. 30, 2007)
    FOR USE IN SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES ONLY. A teenager's guide to the culinary arts introduces seventy-five recipes for breakfasts, snacks, family meals, main and side dishes, and desserts, including a wide range of foods, from vegetarian and ethnic specialties to the best in American comfort food.