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  • Messiah: A Contemporary Adaptation of the Classic Work on Jesus' Life, the Desire of Ages

    Jerry D Thomas

    Paperback (Pacific Press Publishing Association, Jan. 1, 2003)
    Messiah -- now in paperback!Messiah--the contemporary adaptation of Ellen White's classic work on the life of Jesus--has captured the imagination of a new generation. Many have rediscovered a love for the Savior in the pages of this most accessible book. Now, the clarity, message, and power of Messiah can be shared even more widely in this economical mass-market paperback edition. Like the original Desire of Ages, and the deluxe hardbound edition of Messiah, this affordable paperback edition will also leave its mark on future generations because of one thing: It lifts up the God-Man who conquered sin and changed the world. Come meet, and share, the MESSIAH.
  • Michael Asks Why: Ellen G. White's Classic the Great Controversy Adapted for Children

    Sally Pierson Dillon

    Paperback (Pacific Press Publishing Association, Jan. 1, 2000)
    A Seventh-Day Adventist mother explains to her son the history and development of the Christian church from the first century to today, emphasizing the Protestant Reformation, the history of religion in America, and various Biblical prophecies.
  • In step with Christ;: Trials and triumphs of Europe's Adventist young people

    James J Aitken

    (Pacific Press Pub. Association, July 6, 1963)
    Trials and triumphs of Europe's Adventist young people
  • Boldly Brave

    Kirsten A. Roggenkamp, Heather Blaire

    Paperback (Pacific Press Publishing Association, March 1, 2018)
    God asks each of us to be boldly brave in the ongoing struggle between good and evil. However, warriors for God do not always fight with swords or spears. God gives each of us weapons of faith. In Boldly Brave you will find stories of girls and women, men and boys of the Bible who used their weapons of faith kindness, prayer, love, trust, and hope to win battles for God. You can use your weapons of faith, too, when you face problems in your life. God promises to help you win the victory, because when you are victorious, He is victorious! Read the stories of Rebekah and Ruth, Miriam and Esther, Samuel and Solomon, Isaac and Josiah, and many more, to learn how they stepped out boldly with their faith-weapons to win victories for Jesus. Then look for the questions and activities following each story questions to make you think, fun activities to help you understand the story better, and suggestions of how to be God s warrior every day. Be brave and courageous. Psalm 27: 14, NLT
  • Guardians of the Mercy Seat

    Bradley Booth

    language (Pacific Press Publishing Association, May 16, 2016)
    “The ark of God has been captured,” he choked on the words.“It’s now in the hands of the Philistines.”Laadan dropped to his knees in the dirt of the city gate, his mind whirling like a wheel. All of this news was overwhelming! The battle with the Philistines had been lost. Hophni and Phineas had been killed as prophesied, and Laadan’s brother, Uzzi, might even be dead. Eli was dead now, too, and even worse the ark of God was gone. Could there be any news worse than this in the world? Without the ark there was no hope for anyone in Israel anymore. It appeared Jehovah had indeed departed from Israel.What would happen now? Would Laadan and his family become Philistine slaves? And what about his friends Iddo, Carmi and Leah? Would he ever see them again? Would the Philistines destroy God’s tabernacle too?Guardians of the Mercy Seat chronicles the adventures of Laadan and his friends as they struggle to know God’s will for Israel—and their own lives—in the tumultuous days leading up to the capture of the ark of the covenant, and the troubled times following its seizure. Would they have the courage to stand for what they believe? No matter what? Would they ever be able to return to Shiloh to worship at the tabernacle? Or had God truly abandoned Israel?
  • Spotted Boy and the Comanches

    Mabel Earp Cason

    Paperback (Pacific Press Publishing Association, Feb. 25, 1999)
    Now, the exciting wild west story that held you spellbound when you were young is available to a new generation of readers. Find out if Thad remains true to God once he was kidnapped by Indians.
  • Song of the trail

    Mabel Earp Cason

    Paperback (Pacific Press Pub. Association, Aug. 16, 1979)
    Hard cover - used
  • Guide's Greatest Second Coming Stories

    Lori Peckham

    language (Pacific Press Publishing Association, April 6, 2020)
    Have you ever wondered if today would be the day that Jesus would come back?Each of these true stories pulled from Guide magazine remind us Jesus is coming again and He cannot wait to be with us.In 1844 a couple of sisters went to bed. . .“Just think—tonight is the last night we’ll sleep in this bed.”“I know. Tomorrow we’ll be in our heavenly mansion!”“I’m not going to sleep at all,” eleven-year-old Susan whispered. “What if Jesus comes during the night? I don’t want to miss anything.”“I won’t sleep either!” Belinda agreed. “Poke me once in a while so I stay awake.”Jesus did not come in 1844, but His promise is still true.The Bible is clear: be patient. Remain faithful. Don’t give up. Jesus is coming! And it will be worth the wait!I can’t wait! Can you?
  • Messiah

    Jerry D. Thomas

    eBook (Pacific Press Publishing Association, Dec. 10, 2009)
    More than a hundred years ago, Ellen G. White penned The Desire of Ages, a classic volume on the life of Jesus that has been a source of inspiration and enlightenment to millions of readers all over the world. Author Jerry D. Thomas’s passion to make this powerful story more accessible to today’s reader has given birth to Messiah—a contemporary adaptation of Mrs. White’s great work. Thomas’s friendly style amplifies the beautiful message of this devotional classic, making the sublime themes of the original easier to grasp. The stories and teachings that thrilled the simple country folk of Galilee can touch our hearts also. Like its predecessor, this book is sure to leave its mark on future generations because of one thing: it lifts up the Man who kept the Promise and changed the world. Come and meet the MESSIAH.
  • Mr. Creator's borrowed brown hands

    Yvonne Davy

    Paperback (Pacific Press Pub. Association, Aug. 16, 1977)
    True story of George Washington Carver
  • The Bluebirds and Their Neighbors

    Neil Wayne Northey, William Wilke

    Paperback (Pacific Press Pub. Association, March 15, 1958)
    Paperback book, 1958.
  • The Mallards and Their Neighbors

    Neil Wayne Northey, William Wilke

    Paperback (Pacific Press Pub. Association, March 15, 1958)