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  • Great stories for kids

    Jerry D Thomas

    Hardcover (Pacific Press Pub, Feb. 22, 1995)
    In this beautifully illustrated storybook, former pastor and father, Jerry D. Thomas has written a collection of exciting tales to delight elementary school children at bedtime. The 27 stories of Volume Two, tastefully teach lessons in how to deal with friends, prejudice, cheating, tattling, along with more hardcore problems like drugs and handling emergencies.
  • A Tomb Called Iwo Jima

    Dan King

    eBook (Pacific Press, Nov. 9, 2014)
    Firsthand accounts from Japanese WWII soldiers, sailors and pilots who fought in the battle for Iwo Jima and survived. Some were evacuated before the Marines landed and others were taken as Prisoners-of-War. The Japanese army and navy combatants are given a voice to share their experiences in the battle that coined the phrase, "Uncommon valor was a common virtue."
  • The Sky Belongs to Everyone: Stories for Resilience

    Teresa Henkle Langness

    (North Pacific Press, May 1, 2020)
    Help your children, students, and other young people in your life hone their own sense of capacity, resilience and self-respect through these guided imagery stories. When read aloud regularly, these stories help shape the character development, emerging social strengths, and budding leadership potential of children. Suitable for home and school. “Imagery is a powerful tool that impacts the mind, body and spirit. In pediatric pain and integrative oncology at UCLA, I have experienced the remarkable use of imagery to manifest a reduction of pain and anxiety, and influence positive growth and healing in children and adults with chronic pain and/or cancer. Guided imagery can help integrate universal values of kindness and love. In Teresa’s work with children throughout the world for the past 28 years, she has utilized her story-based imagery and music to help children form stronger character-based identities, relieve stress and pain, and manifest positive change as a natural part of their education.” Dr. Kathryn de PlanqueUCLA Children's Pain Specialist and Former Psychological Services Director for La Canada School District“Dr. Teresa Henkle Langness provided priceless assistance to me and our family during our little grandson’s experience with his parents’ divorce. Her humbleness, kindness, perception, and practical suggestions for creating a positive environment through activities and guided imagery helped immensely to get through this period and to move to a happier time. We are eternally grateful for her wisdom, support, and love.”Prof. Dr. Nancy Lee HarperSenior Lecturer – Piano (ret.)Associate Professor with AggregationDepartment of Communication and ArtUniversity of Aveiro, PortugalDr. Harper is a grandparent and educator who used these stories as redirecting exercises for a six-year-old. “It is hard to imagine how quickly the body and brain and soul grow together with such careful nurturing and pruning! [I tell my daughter] I am so very pleased with her for memorizing these quotes and even more joyful that she understands them and wants to dedicate her life to letting her light shine.”Davidson Efetobore, Full-Circle Learning Continental Program Director and Parent of ToddlersMr. Efetobore is a father whose 3-year-old memorizes lines from these bedtime stories.
  • A Prayer For Mother

    Sandra L. Zaugg, Matthew Archambault

    Paperback (Pacific Press Pub., Feb. 10, 2005)
    During a health class, Alice notices Mother coughing. Over the next few weeks, Mother gets sicker and weaker. Will Daddy have to take Mother to the hospital? Alice asks Jesus to help Mother stop coughing. She knows she should pray for God's will to be done, but she can't imagine why God wouldn't want to make a missionary well.
  • The adventist home .

    Ellen G White

    (Pacific press, July 5, 2005)
    Adventist Home in HIGH LETTERS. Lot of space to make NOTES. This book, The Adventist Home, is at once a sort of handbook or manual for busy parents, and a pattern or ideal of what the home can and should become. Here are the answers to your many questions, the words of wisdom from the heavenly Father.
  • Wild creatures in winter

    Neil Wayne Northey

    Paperback (Pacific Press Pub, )
  • Shepherd Warrior

    Bradley Booth

    Paperback (Pacific Press Publishing, Feb. 12, 2007)
    David glanced across the fire at his oldest brother, Eliab, who was sharpening his sword. Eliab looked like a soldier, with his leather armored vest and his spear stuck into the ground beside him. His jet black eyes looked stern, and his jaw muscles tightened as he gripped his sword in his strong, sinewy hand. As Eliab turned to leave, David jumped to his feet. Eliab? David grinned excitedly. He was almost afraid to ask the question. Do you think I could join the army sometime soon and fight with you and Abinadab and Shammah for the king? You're not old enough to fight, anyway, so you can get that notion out of your head! When you're a grown man, then you can sign up. . . . And besides, if you leave, who will watch the sheep? Come along! The journey is just beginning for the shepherd warrior.
  • Curse-Proof!

    Eric B. Hare

    Paperback (Pacific Press Publishing, Feb. 12, 2007)
    You'll be inspired by this story of a young man's unshakeable faith. Although some of the incidents recorded have been mentioned in other volumes, this is the first time the full story of Maung Thein has been made available in a stand-alone book. This is a never-before published storybook by one of the church's most beloved authors and storytellers, Eric B. Hare. After many years his daughter-in-law, Patti Hare, found his handwritten manuscript and carefully transcribed it, and submitted it for publication.
  • In step with Christ;: Trials and triumphs of Europe's Adventist young people

    James J Aitken

    (Pacific Press Pub. Association, July 6, 1963)
    Trials and triumphs of Europe's Adventist young people
  • A trip to heaven

    Tom Kohls

    Paperback (Pacific Press Pub, )
  • Good As Gold

    Heather Grovet

    eBook (Pacific Press, June 27, 2018)
    Megan and her pony, Blondie, had just completed their first attempt at a real jumping course. Megan had been nervous, but Blondie had seemed eager and had soared over each jump. Only a few months ago Blondie had been strong-willed and stubborn, responding to Megan’s cues only when she felt like it. All of the ponies and their riders had made much progress with Trish’s help. That gave the girls courage to ask Trish if she thought the Ready to Ride Club would be ready to ride in a real horse show at the end of August. “Of course, you’ll be ready to show…But maybe not ready to win,” Trish said. What would happen when the girls competed against each other?
  • What We Believe for teens

    Seth J. Pierce

    Paperback (Pacific Press Publishing, April 10, 2007)
    Using stories and ancedotes that will appeal to early teens, Seth Pierce helps teens realize that our Adventist beliefs are actually amazing insights into a loving God who knows us better than we know ourselves. This fourth book in the Seventh-day Adventists Believe series is a comprehensive treatment of all twenty-eight fundamental beliefs of our church.