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  • Forging Zero

    Sara King

    eBook (Parasite Publications, March 12, 2013)
    First Contact didn't go as expected. Now they own us.Earth has been conquered by a massive galactic empire, and its war machine needs soldiers. In a cruel twist of fate, fourteen-year-old Joe Dobbs accidentally ends up on a ship carrying Earth's children to an alien training planet. To make it out alive, he must survive an apathetic bureaucracy that sees humans as little more than spare rations. Meat with guns. Or, if they're really unlucky, servants.The oldest of the children drafted from humanity’s devastated planet, Joe unwittingly becomes the centerpiece in a millennia-long alien struggle for independence. Once his training begins, one of the elusive and prophetic Trith gives Joe a spine chilling prophecy that the universe has been anticipating for millions of years: Joe will be the one to finally shatter the vast alien government known as Congress. And the Trith cannot lie.…But first Joe has to make it through boot camp.For lovers of sci-fi thrillers, alien invasion stories, space opera, and sprawling first contact science fiction, this is an unforgettable post-apocalyptic epic about perseverance and survival in a harsh new world where humanity is just another item on the menu...PARASITE PUBLICATIONS ~ Character Sci-Fi
  • Fortune's Rising

    Sara King, Lance MacCarty

    eBook (Parasite Publications, May 20, 2016)
    Fortune has a secret.Humanity, in its struggle to escape its own planet's demise, began sending colony ships from Earth almost seven hundred years ago in the desperate hope a handful would find some place habitable to human life and be able to continue our species. Only one ship survived.It only survived because it found a vast swath of alien planets, all terraformed, all utterly abandoned. Alien megastructures cold and lifeless. Alien vehicles left in panicked lines, sealed from the inside, no corpses within. Empty space stations, with no one to run them but the dust. Resources everywhere, ripe for the taking.But Fortune is different. Of all the planets colonized by humans after the chaos of Migration, this single, jungle-infested colony on the very edge of the known universe holds the key to the alien collapse…and to humanity’s survival. Everywhere else, advanced alien ruins mar every surface, every planetoid, every debris ring and asteroid, but of the creatures that made them, there is no sign. On Fortune, something survives…Unfortunately for humanity, while time is running out, a rebellion is brewing, one that could save our species—or consign it to dust like the aliens that came before us. Now, seven hundred years after our first brush with extinction, the fate of the human race once again rests on the shoulders of a few: a seven-year-old sociopath and her combat-gifted big sister, a man who’s dreamed of the future, an infamous smuggler, and a Coalition pilot sworn to destroy the rebel cause.This time, however, the stakes are higher. For lurking on Fortune is a secret.An epic, post-apocalyptic science fiction adventure that will make you hold your breath, cry, curse the powers that be, and in the end question what, exactly, it means to be human. *FOR CURRENT FANS OF THE OUTER BOUNDS SERIES: This is the THIRD edition of Outer Bounds 1: Fortune's Rising. To celebrate the return of the Outer Bounds' series to its creator, Sara King added a bonus 17,500 word novella to this edition detailing Anna's rescue of Milar from the Nephyrs, as well as some fantastic book-derived art by bestselling graphic artist Lance MacCarty. It also has timeline fixes and minor edits to better synch it with the rest of the series. Plus it just looks cooler.

    Richard Kelly

    Paperback (PARKWEST PUBLICATIONS, Aug. 15, 2017)
    Each of these little books is packed with information, delivering a comprehensive insight into a key subject area in one portable package. Highly illustrated throughout with photographs and artwork, they are a brilliantly handy reference resource.
  • The White Indian Boy: The Story of Uncle Nick Among the Shoshones

    Elijah Nicholas Wilson

    eBook (Forest Publications, April 17, 2018)
    What was life like to live among the Native Americans in the nineteenth century?At twelve years old Elijah Nicholas Wilson ran away from his family.Fighting off the constraints of his Mormon upbringing he found a new home with a Shoshone Indian tribe.Under their guidance, particularly of the Great Chief Washakie, he learned how to live and survive in the wild lands of the far west.But realising that he could not stay with his adopted family for ever he left the Shoshones and returned to his family as a teenager.Those lessons that he learnt from the Native Americans stayed with him for the rest of his eventful life when he worked as a Pony Express rider, stagecoach driver, trapper, and whatever other job he could do to support his familyHe never lost his connection with Native Americans and would frequently act as a translator and liaison between various tribes and the ever-encroaching United States.The White Indian Boy is a fascinating memoir of a young boys life spent with a Shoshone tribe and how their love and teachings greatly influenced him throughout his later life.Yet one account alone cannot answer the question of what life like to live among the Native Americans in the nineteenth century so the publisher has therefore included two other accounts of lives spent with Native American tribes in the nineteenth century, both with different subject matters and tones to Wilson’s account.The first is J. W. Schultz’s My Life as an Indian which covers his adult life with the Blackfeet, where he immersed himself in the ways of these Native Americans, assisting his friends in fighting rivals, hunting alongside them and even marrying Nat-ah’-ki, a Blackfoot woman.The second follows the life of Nelson Lee who was captured by the Comanches and sold as a slave between various warriors before he was eventually able to make his escape in the mid-nineteenth century.Together they should provide three different insights into what life was life among Native Americans in the nineteenth century.Elijah Nicholas Wilson was known as "Yagaiki" when among the Shoshones, and in his later years as "Uncle Nick" when entertaining young children with his adventurous exploits. His book was first published in 1910 and he passed away in 1915.
  • Seven Crowns

    E.V. Everest

    eBook (Everest Publications, July 31, 2020)
    A crown is dangerous. A crown split seven ways is deadly.One year after the death of her mom, sixteen-year-old Anabella Halt is living on her own and breaking all the rules. Life is tough but ordinary.Until Ana learns her mom's dangerous secret—she was the heir to a fallen dynasty on a world ruled by seven families. Her family was murdered one by one. Now, assassins are closing in, and Ana could be next.With the help of a handsome stranger, Ana escapes to the place where it all began—a starflung world where magic and technology coexist. A place where Ana must navigate a tangled web of friends and foes to unmask her would-be assassin before it's too late.Travel to a glittering, dangerous world with political alliances and ballgowns, perfect for fans of Cinder and The Selection.
  • Construction Claims: A Short Guide for Contractors

    Paul Netscher

    eBook (Panet Publications, Sept. 11, 2016)
    Is your client causing you additional costs? Learn how to effectively handle construction project variation claims in this easy to read book with no legal jargon. Essential reading for every successful construction project manager.Have you had a legitimate construction variation claim rejected? In the course of most construction projects delays, variations and additional work occur, which give rise to variation claims. These variation claims can be between the owner or client and the contractor, or between the contractor and their subcontractors. Some construction project managers aren’t aware of what they are entitled to claim. Often contractors aren’t granted all the time, or money, that they are entitled to, and frequently many variation claims end in lengthy and expensive disputes where both parties end as losers. I’ve been involved with over 120 construction projects and only a few haven’t increased in value – with some almost doubling. Indeed, some construction variation claims have been worth millions of dollars. Many of my projects also suffered delays and I claimed extension of time – sometimes for several months. Fortunately, in nearly every case, these variation claims were resolved and approved amicably. In most cases we received close to the full value claimed or were granted the entire extension of time requested. Furthermore, mostly we remained on good terms with our client and went on to construct several more projects for them. This book uses these real-world examples to help with your construction variation, delay and disruption claims.It’s important that contractors present their construction variation claims timeously and in a fashion that’s hard to refute. In this book I look at reasons for lodging a construction variation claims, delay claims and disruption claims, the supporting documentation required to substantiate the claim, what to include in the claim, negotiating the claim, and finally avoiding variation claims. Regrettably many construction project managers don’t understand their contractual rights and obligations. This easy to read book demystifies the construction project variation claims process, ensuring contractors are granted the extension of time and costs they’re entitled to. Also included are sections on avoiding variation claims from clients and subcontractors. Know your rights and obligations in terms of the project contract. Make sure that you submit winning construction variation claims. Ensure you claim all the time and costs due to you. Learn how to refute variation claims lodged against you.
  • An Introduction to Building and Renovating Houses: Volume 2 Finding Your Ideal Property and Designing Your Dream Home

    Paul Netscher

    eBook (Panet Publications, June 6, 2019)
    Thinking of buying a property and building a house? Does your house needs an upgrade? This book is packed with advice and tips for a successful project. Building or renovating a house should be exciting, it will be challenging, but it will end successfully if planned correctly. Building a home is going to be one of the largest investments you make – both emotionally and financially, so it’s important to get it right. The process of building or renovating a house starts at the beginning where you decide what you want, where you want it, when you need it, how much you can afford and how you’re going to manage and construct the work. This practical book takes you through the what, when and where process. Learn what to look for when choosing your ideal property, know what you should consider when renovating an existing house, understand important design considerations for your dream home, and view simple suggestions that could transform an existing home at a modest cost. Valuable advice to ensure that you purchase the right property and build the right house for you and your family.Don't buy land that you will later regret. Don't believe your real estate agent. Learn what to look for and the questions you should ask.Understand design concepts. Learn what questions to ask your architect. Don't accept a house design which you regret later. A design which missed critical essential items. A design which should have been better.Don't embark on a costly home renovation project which might not yield the desired results. Don't find that costs on your renovation or remodelling project have skyrocketed. Know what questions you should be asking before starting your renovation project. Learn how to avoid unpleasant surprises and mistakes.
  • Construction Management: From Project Concept to Completion

    Paul Netscher

    eBook (Panet Publications, Oct. 23, 2017)
    Essential reading for project owners and project managers.The author of several well regarded construction books once again shares useful practical construction management information.Filled with invaluable tips, insights and advice, this easy to read book takes you from project inception, where the project scope, size and location are decided. To project planning, budgeting, appointing the project team, investigations, the design process, selecting the right contractor, dealing with project risks, preliminary work, communicating with project stakeholders, managing the construction process, and finally, commissioning and project completion. Chapters also cover project scheduling, financial aspects and contractual arrangements. You will be equipped with a comprehensive agenda to monitor each phase of your project.Whether you are seasoned project manager, maybe just starting in the construction management professions, perhaps launching a new project as a veteran property developer, or an owner contemplating a new project, or simply planning to build a new home, or preparing to renovate and extend your house, you will find this book filled with valuable information to help you plan, monitor and manage each project phase to ensure your project is a success. Get your copy of this indispensable guide; Construction Management: From Project Concept to Completion. Ensure the success of your next project.The author’s previous books have been favourably received by those new to the construction industry as well as seasoned professionals. Reviews include: “this is the best book on project management I have read” and “this book is fun to read and full of examples of what to be aware of with project management”.
  • The Successful Construction Supervisor and Foreman

    Paul Netscher

    eBook (Panet Publications, March 25, 2019)
    An easy to read practical guide that takes the reader through the whys, whats, and who in the construction industry, providing invaluable tips and insights to both new entrants to construction as well as those with year's of experience. Construction is desperate for good, experienced, skilled and dedicated supervisors and foremen. Construction needs you. Being a construction supervisor or foreman is challenging, it’s hard work, but it’s also rewarding watching projects take shape under your watch. A supervisor’s job is never boring – every day is different, every construction project is different, different locations and different people, all presenting new challenges.A construction foreman, foreperson or supervisor, supervises a work crew, or manages a section of work. They’re at the coalface of every construction project – the critical link in the construction process. Good foremen and supervisors are essential to the success of every construction project and every construction company, indeed, they’re invaluable. Yet, few managers and supervisors are prepared to mentor and train the next generation of supervisors and foremen. Most supervisors and foremen have years of experience on the tools, learning their trade, sometimes through apprenticeships, but mostly learning from others. These skills are focused on a particular trade or skill. But, being a supervisor is a different ballgame. Where before, as a trades-person they were doing the work themselves, now as supervisor they must organise and manage others doing the work. I’m a construction professional with 30 years of experience and the author of several acclaimed practical and easy to read construction books, including: ‘Successful Construction Project Management: The Practical Guide’ and ‘Construction Management: From Project Concept to Completion’. As a young engineer and later as project manager, I was fortunate to learn from many excellent supervisors and foremen. I wouldn’t have achieved what I did without the foremen on my projects. They were the powerhouse on my construction projects, and I only had to steer the project to a successful conclusion. Now it’s my turn to share my 30 years of construction experience and knowledge with construction supervisors and foremen. To explain why things are done in a certain way, why good paperwork is essential, but more importantly, to help supervisors and foremen become the very best.
  • Child of the Forest: Based on the Life Story of Charlene Perlmutter Schiff

    Jack L. Grossman, James Buchanan

    eBook (SPARK Publications, Oct. 8, 2018)
    Escaping the Horochów ghetto was just the beginning for twelve‑year‑old Musia Perlmutter. Alone, starving, freezing at times, and running and hiding for her life, Musia sought refuge in the forest for two years while Holocaust death camps loomed nearby. Child of the Forest is based on the true story and tribulations of Shulamit “Musia” Perlmutter, born in 1929 to Simcha and Fruma Perlmutter, and stands as a memorial to her extraordinary courage.
  • Mega Tractors

    Louise Pritchard, Christiane Gunzl, Paul Calver

    Paperback (PARKWEST PUBLICATIONS, Aug. 15, 2015)
    MEGA TRACTORS is also a mega book (10X12) with stunning photographs and 30 colorful stickers of all sorts of big farm machines. With simple, easy-to-read text, MEGA TRACTORS will encourage even the most reluctant of young readers to start enjoying books and reading. From huge tractors and massive combine harvesters to foragers, balers and lots more, this bright and busy book is a thrilling introduction to farm machines! # Stunning photographs of the world's most exciting farm vehicles. # Interactive questions, plus things to seek-and-find to hold children's interest. # Created with education experts to help build communication and comprehension skills, and to give confidence for the classroom. Another title in this series: MEGA TRUCKS. Ages 3+
  • An Introduction to Building and Renovating Houses: Volume 1. Hiring Contractors, Managing Construction and Finishing Your Home

    Paul Netscher

    eBook (Panet Publications, June 3, 2019)
    Do you want to renovate your existing home or build a new house but don’t know where to start? This book has valuable tips and advice to help you. Learn what to check when employing contractors to ensure your builder delivers your new home on time, with minimal fuss and without hidden extra costs that blow your budget. Know what to look for to avoid shoddy work. Understand your rights and obligations. Ensure your building and renovation project is a success.Building or renovating a house should be exciting. You can make it a success, whether you do everything yourself, outsource some of the work to experts, or leave everything to the experts. But, even experts need to be managed – and of course, make sure that they really are experts! How much you do and how much work you leave to experts will depend on your expertise, confidence, means and time. In this practical book filled with invaluable information learn who the various parties are in a home building project, discover different ways you could manage your building project, appreciate what to consider when renovating your house, understand common construction practices, know what to look for when selecting your contractor, learn how to manage your contractor and complete your building project successfully. Know your rights and obligations, avoid common construction problems, learn about construction contractual and financial issues, and understand the traps and pitfalls you should avoid. Armed with this knowledge your home construction project will be a success. Good luck.This book replaces the author’s book ‘Build and Renovating Your Home With Your Eyes Wide Open’