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  • Amazing Gracie

    Michael Haibach, Sara Botsford

    Audible Audiobook (Michael Haibach, Nov. 30, 2018)
    Gracie Dodson Haibach is the refined, sophisticated matriarch of the Haibach family who has kept the truth about her past a tightly-guarded secret for nearly a century. Her grandson, author Michael Haibach, stumbles upon the truth, setting in motion revelations about his family's past that Gracie had hoped would never surface. Amazing Gracie is the true story of a family destroyed, and the lengths a young girl goes to survive unimaginable horrors to turn tragedy into triumph. Strength, determination, and an unlikely friendship propel Gracie from a past filled with betrayal, horrific abuse, and loss, into a future filled with love, happiness, and family. Gracie Dodson Haibach truly is Amazing Gracie.