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  • I'm Just Here for the Drinks: A Guide to Spirits, Drinking and More Than 100 Extraordinary Cocktails

    Sother Teague, Robert Simonson

    Hardcover (Media Lab Books, Aug. 28, 2018)
    Sother Teague, one of New York‚Äôs most knowledgeable bartenders and Wine Enthusiast's Mixologist of the Year (2017), presents a brief history of both classic and lesser-known spirits with modern-day wit and old-school bar wisdom, accompanied by easy-to-mix drink recipes you‚Äôll soon commit to memory. Better than bellying up to some of the world‚Äôs best bars with a veteran bartender, this series of essays and conversations on all things alcohol aims to reveal how the joy of drinking changed both history and culture?and will likely inspire you to make a little history of your own. After all, no retelling of a great caper or revolutionary event ever started with the phrase, ‚ÄúSo a bunch of guys are all eating salad‚Ķ‚ÄĚ. This hardcover collection of timeless tips, insight from industry pros and 100+ recipes is more than just a cocktail book: It‚Äôs a manifesto for living a more spirited life.
  • The Unofficial Ultimate Harry Potter Spellbook: A complete reference guide to every spell in the wizarding world

    Media Lab Books

    Hardcover (Media Lab Books, June 18, 2019)
    DISCOVER THE MAGIC!- A comprehensive compendium of spells from every Potter book, movie, video game and card game- Keepsake quality, with a silky, embossed cover and sturdy interior pages- The perfect gift for wizards, witches and muggles everywhere!The Unofficial Ultimate Harry Potter Spellbook is a beautiful, elegantly designed reference that details all of the known spells cast in the Harry Potter films, books, video games and card games, as well as official Harry Potter spinoffs, such as Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. There are more than 240 spells, charms, curses, hexes and jinxes in all, plus a catalog of enchanted objects. Each spell is given its own entry including spell name, pronunciation and etymology, a description of the spell effect, wand movements and vocalizations where applicable, explanatory notes, and fun facts related to each spell, such as who it was used against, what the outcome was, or what a spell’s unusual history might be. Sharp-eyed readers will also find handwritten comments throughout.With an introduction on spell-casting and a guide to wand woods and cores, The Unofficial Ultimate Harry Potter Spellbook is a must-have magical treasure for any Harry Potter fan's library.
  • Smithsonian 10-Minute Science Experiments: 50+ quick, easy and awesome projects for kids

    Steve Spangler

    Paperback (Media Lab Books, Oct. 15, 2019)
    AS SEEN ON THE ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW!· 50 fantastic experiments from bestselling author Steve Spangler· All experiments vetted by the scientists at the Smithsonian Institution· Step-by-step instructions with full color photosSmithsonian 10-Minute Science Experiments gives curious young readers dozens of colorful, exciting projects designed to teach them about the basics of science, physics, chemistry and engineering. They’ll learn about critical thinking, how to conduct an experiment, and how to measure results, all while enjoying themselves in a screen-free setting. Each experiment uses easy-to-find materials, most of which readers probably already have in their home. Set up and clean up is easy, and most experiments can be done in ten minutes or less! Sidebars for each experiment feature additional insights, facts and commentary. It's the perfect resource for turning curious kids into budding young scientists!
  • The John Wayne Code: Wit, Wisdom and Timeless Advice

    Media Lab Books, Editors of the Official John Wayne Magazine

    Paperback (Media Lab Books, May 9, 2017)
    John Wayne was more than a movie star. He was a symbol for everything good and decent about America, inspiring everyday people to reach just a little bit more and try a little bit harder. During his 72 years and more than 150 movies, John Wayne imparted a seemingly-endless amount of advice, wisdom and good old-fashioned common sense to his fans. In The John Wayne Code, that wealth of knowledge has been collected together for the first time by the people who loved and knew him best - his family and the editors of the Official John Wayne Collector's Edition Magazine.Filled with Duke’s most insightful quotes, personal stories from his family and friends, full-color photos, and advice for how to be a better person, this stunning, gift-worthy book makes the perfect companion for any John Wayne fan who wants to make their life a little more legendary.
  • The Unofficial Harry Potter Character Compendium: MuggleNet's Ultimate Guide to Who's Who in the Wizarding World

    The Editors of MuggleNet

    Hardcover (Media Lab Books, June 23, 2020)
    From Harry, himself, to Sir Cadogan, the living portrait, this massive tome details every character created by J.K. Rowling and appearing in the official Harry Potter canon of books, movies and plays. Each entry will highlight one character, with some entries making up a half page, while others might take up a full spread. Readers will find details of when the character was first mentioned, appearance, wizard school, house, patronus, wand, related family members, skills and achievements, personal history and more! With more than 700 characters included, this book is packed from cover to cover. The book will also include genealogical charts and family trees for the major characters, world maps detailing important locations, homes and schools, as well as charts detailing alliances between characters. The content is compiled by the editors of, the #1 Wizarding World resource since 1999.
  • My Little Pony Baking Book

    Christi Johnstone, Media Lab Books

    Hardcover (Media Lab Books, April 9, 2019)
    COME ALONG AND BAKE WITH THE PONIES!- Stunning cookbook for kids by wildly popular baker Christi Johnson- Packed with My Little Pony characters and gorgeous full-color photos throughout- 50 amazing recipes that will delight young bakers and their parentsThis eye-popping book, packed with color and wonder, transports young readers into the world of My Little Pony, specifically, the Sugar Cube Corner bakery. There, Pinkie Pie provides a special introduction to baking, sharing everything she's learned under the tutelage of Mr. and Mrs. Cake, enabling young readers and their parents to whip up fantastic treats in no time!Inside you'll find everything from Apple Cider Snaps and Chocolate Dream Pie to Rainbow Bundt Cake and Princess Pancakes - 50 fabulous, easy-to-make recipes in all, including cookies, brownies, pies, breads, muffins, cakes, cupcakes, breakfast favorites and more!Each recipe appears in full, vibrant color, with commentary and advice provided by the most popular My Little Pony characters.
  • Why Do Dogs Drool?: A PAW Patrol Big Book of Why

    Media Lab Books

    Hardcover (Media Lab Books, Oct. 24, 2017)
    Let's find out why! Do you ever wonder why the sky is blue? Or why boats float? Or why dogs like to lick your face? The pups of PAW Patrol are here to help you find out! Discover the answers to all kinds of "why?" questions in this fun, fact-filled book.Inside you'll find lot of colorful photos, awesome jokes and more fun with your favorite cartoon canines.For more PAW Patrol fun, look for these other Show & Tell Me titles!PAW Patrol: Why Do Dogs Drool?PAW Patrol: Mega MachinesPAW Patrol: Real Rescue DogsPAW Patrol: P Is for Pups!PAW Patrol: Onward and Pupward!
  • The Unofficial Pokemon Go Field Guide

    Media Lab Books, Tips & Tricks Magazine

    Paperback (Media Lab Books, Sept. 13, 2016)
    In The Unofficial Pok√©mon Go Field Guide, professional Pok√©mon Trainer Ivy St. Ive teaches you everything you need to know in order to become a Pok√©mon Go master overnight. This guide contains tips, tricks, secrets, character guides and insider info on how to catch ‚Äėem all! Millions of people have taken up the challenge of Pok√©mon Go, the location-based, augmented reality game in which people use their smartphones to catch pok√©mon while on the go. With so many fans hunting, catching and battline with their pok√©mons, it's been impossible to find an edge over the competition and become the greatest trainer of them all - until now. This field guide includes every tip, trick, strategy and shortcut you need to become a legend, including: - How to take over any gym, no matter how heavily guarded- A breakdown of every pok√©mon in the game- How to develop the strongest collection of pok√©mon- Where to find the rarest of pok√©mon- How to level up as fast as possibleYou'll also find stories celebrating the community and lifestyle of all things Pok√©mon!
  • Jack Hanna's Awesome Animal Almanac

    Media Lab Books, Jack Hanna

    Paperback (Media Lab Books, May 2, 2017)
    From tiny Bumblebee Bats to enormous African Elephants, Jack Hanna’s Awesome Animal Almanac is jam-packed with information about tons of animals! Kids will love flipping through the pages to discover tons of full-color, eye-popping photos of more than 200 amazing creatures, along with cool facts from Jack Hanna himself!What are you waiting for? Join Jack Hanna and discover the different types of animals that inhabit our world in this incredible reference. Jack Hanna is a wildlife expert, Diretor Emeritus of the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, and the Emmy award-winning host of Jack Hanna's Into the Wild and Jack Hanna's Wild Countdown. And he wants to share his knowledge with you!
  • DuckTales Adventurer‚Äôs Guide: Explorer Skills and Outdoor Activities for Daring Kids

    Media Lab Books

    Hardcover (Media Lab Books, Oct. 2, 2018)
    This fun, adventurous guide will show kids how to explore, play and create in new and exciting ways. Inside they’ll find guidelines for writing secret codes, building a spyglass, walking silently, identifying animal tracks, tying knots, detecting secret doors and passages, reading maps, building explorer kits for various environments, learning foreign language basics, and much more, all with thehelp of Uncle Scrooge and his adventurous nephews, Huey, Dewey and Louie, as well as Webby Vanderquack and Launchpad McQuack. Readers will also find dozens of fun activities and challenges to play with friends, from capture the flag and wilderness scavenger hunts to obstacle courses. Full color illustrations throughout make this a quack-tastic book for kids and DuckTales fans of all ages.
  • Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood: Let's Play Together!: 365 activities, games & projects for young children

    Media Lab Books

    Paperback (Media Lab Books, Sept. 3, 2019)
    GIVE YOUR CHILD THE GIFT OF LEARNING AND LAUGHING¬∑ Featuring more than 365 activities originally developed for Mister Rogers' Neighborhood¬∑ Nearly 300 big, full-color pages of lessons, crafts, games, songs and more¬∑ Enough fun to keep little ones playing and learning all year long¬∑ Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood is the 2019 Emmy Award-winner for Outstanding Preschool Children's Animated SeriesDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood: Let's Play Together! provides parents, grandparents and childcare professionals with hundreds of fun, imaginative activities for entertaining young children at a moment‚Äôs notice, while educating them about basic life lessons at the same time. What's more, each activity was originally developed for the original Mister Rogers' Neighborhood television program and presented by Fred Rogers during the show.Each of this book‚Äôs 288 pages feature bright, beautiful colors that are populated by Daniel Tiger and his friends, ensuring the attention of children throughout. Readers will find everything from making vegetable prints and popsicles to learning new concepts like empty vs. full, the differences between shapes, and how to manage one's feelings. Each activity includes materials, directions and special ‚ÄúThings to Talk About‚ÄĚ suggestions to help your children learn while they play. Inside you'll discover: ¬∑ 365 activities for children ages 2 ‚Äď 5 ¬∑ Special notes for parents and caretakers on how to play effectively with children and help encourage their creativity¬∑ Recipes for making modeling dough, paste and finger paint¬∑ Directions for making play props, like milk carton blocks, lacing cards, game spinners, costume hats and more
  • Descendants: Evie's Guide to Isle Style

    Media Lab Books

    Paperback (Media Lab Books, Feb. 20, 2018)
    Get tons of fashion, makeup, and beauty tips from the fairest one of all: Evie, daughter of the Evil Queen! Featuring beloved characters from the hit Disney movie Descendants, fans will love flipping through the pages to find out how they can try out the styles showcased in their favorite film.