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Books published by publisher Lynda Gray

  • Sophie's Mermaid Adventure

    Lynda Gray

    (Lynda Gray, May 16, 2020)
    An adventure story about family, mermaids, magic, the power of love and never giving up. In a coastal Australian town Kingscliff, Sophie lives with her close family. Their days are filled with laughter, love, school, and afternoons at the beach. Until the day her grandmother dies. Her mother is grief-stricken, and her brother won't stop wearing pirate costumes. When a shadow appears in her bedroom she has an idea about how to help her mother. Sophie is drawn into a heart-stopping adventure and is determined to help her mother heal and bring all the joy back.
  • The Night the Penguins Came

    Henry Gray, Charlotte Gray

    Paperback (Lynda Gray, Jan. 27, 2017)
    Henry and Charlotte live a quiet life on the farm, until the night the penguins hatch. 101 penguins arrive and the entertainment begins. The children watch their every move running from room to room eating all the pizzas, dancing on the toothbrushes, and taking over the train room. The penguins have boundless energy. Exciting and playful times continue until the penguins fall asleep. The children want them to stay forever. What will Mummy, Daddy and Grandma do? This delightful children’s picture book is filled with adorable illustrations, madcap adventures and celebrates play, friendship and penguins. A must-have story for young children of all ages. #kindergarten #penguins #primary