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  • I Married Wyatt Earp: The Recollections of Josephine Sarah Marcus Earp

    Glenn G. Boyer

    Hardcover (Longmeadow Press, March 15, 1994)
    Taken from the memoirs of Josephine Sarah Marcus Earp, this book details 47 years of her life with Wyatt Earp. Read about the famous shootout at the OK Corral, as well as Wyatt and Josie's travels through the gold camps of California and Alaska. Editor Glenn Bover provides many additional notes to clarify the author's references to various historical persons and events. The book also contains many photos of members of the Earp family and other historical figures. A wonderful, personal account of this famous American hero, written by a woman who clearly loved him very deeply.
  • Tale of Martha B. Rabbit

    Shirley Barber

    Hardcover (Longmeadow Pr, July 1, 1990)
    When robbers steal all her food, Martha B. Rabbit must leave home to find a job ... or go hungry. She makes many new friends along the way in this enchanting fairy tale.
  • The Complete Frank Miller Batman

    Frank Miller

    Hardcover (Longmeadow Pr, Dec. 1, 1989)
    The Complete Frank Miller Batman. Hardcover comic book. Leatherbound.
  • Walt Disney Peter Pan

    Ronald; Walt Disney Company Kidd

    Hardcover (Longmeadow Press, March 15, 1991)
    Large Hardcover book
  • The Adventures of Tom Sawyer & the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

    Mark Twain

    Leather Bound (Longmeadow Press, Jan. 1, 1983)
    Published exclusively for Waldenbooks in 1983
  • The Elephant and the Rainbow

    Keith Faulkner, Jonathan Lambert

    Hardcover (Longmeadow Press, Dec. 1, 1990)
    The elephant, sad that she is dull and gray, learns that what matters is what's inside, not the way you look. Told in rhyme.
  • Cezanne: His Life and Complete Works

    Joan Minguet

    Hardcover (Longmeadow Press, March 15, 1995)
  • Tales of Edgar Allan Poe

    Edgar Allan Poe

    Hardcover (Longmeadow Pr, Sept. 1, 1990)
    Afterword by Peter Glassman. This deluxe illustrated edition features a selection of vivid tales, including "The Tell-Tale Heart" and "The Pit and the Pendulum." "Moser's watercolor paintings...are both macabre and understated. The best of them make us further imagine the terrible things beyond the edge."--Booklist. A Books of wonder Classic.


    Hardcover (LONGMEADOW PRESS, March 15, 1986)
    The classic Walt Disney animated love story Lady the beautiful cocker spaniel and Tramp the incorrigible mutt stray that fell in love with Lady.
  • Boober's Colorful Soup

    Joanne Barkan, John Nez

    Board book (Longmeadow Press, March 15, 1988)
    A Jim Henson Fraggle Rock book
  • Wild Bill Hickok

    Richard O'Connor

    Hardcover (Longmeadow Press, March 15, 1987)
    Wild Bill Hickok is an authoritative and lively biography of one of the most colorful characters in the Wild West. Richard O'Conner tells the story of the deadliest gunslinger of his time, a two-legged, half-blind shooting gallery, a knight chivalric of the plains who inspired a thousand tales, each one taller than the last and many of them true
  • The Little Grey Rabbit Treasury

    Allson Uttley, Margaret Tempest

    Hardcover (Longmeadow Pr, April 1, 1994)
    The adventures of the Little Grey Rabbit and her woodland friends is an English classic series of books for children. The treasury contains the original four stories in the series.