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Books published by publisher Lollipop Power Inc

  • Joshua's Day

    Sandra L. Surowiecki

    Paperback (Lollipop Power Inc, June 1, 1977)
  • I Like You to Make Jokes With Me, but I Don't Want You to Touch Me/Me Gusta Que Bromees Conmigo, Pero No Quiero Que Me Toques

    Ellen Bass, Maria Antonia Salgado, Margo Lemieux

    Paperback (Lollipop Power Inc, Nov. 1, 1993)
    Text: English, Spanish (translation) Original Language: English
  • The Boy Toy

    Lena Shiffman

    Paperback (Lollipop Power Inc, June 1, 1988)
    Having abandoned his beloved doll Dan after another boy tells him that dolls are for girls, Chad has a chance to change his mind later.
  • Amy and the Cloud Basket

    Ellen. Pratt, Lisa Russell

    Paperback (Lollipop Power Inc, June 1, 1975)
    Amy decides she would like to try working with a cloud basket, always a man's tool, instead of a cloud spoon used by the women.
  • The Clever Princess

    Ann. Tompert

    Paperback (Lollipop Power, Inc., June 15, 1977)
    Princess Lorna passes more tests than were required of her father before he became King, and ascends to the throne of the kingdom.
  • The Lost Bellybutton

    Margaret Morganroth Gullette, Leslie Udry

    Paperback (Lollipop Power Inc, Oct. 1, 1976)
    Coppelia searches for her lost bellybutton and meets kindly animals along the way. She is about to give up her quest when she meets a kangaroo who has put the bellybutton to a most practical use. Should she take if back, or leave it with a mother who can make good use of it?The story is told by Coppelia to a woman who tells it to us. The Lost Bellybutton, publishedwith Lollipop Power Press in the 1970s, was one of the earliest of the nonsexist children's stories (for ages 4-9).With charming illustrations by Leslie Udry.
  • Just Momma and Me

    Christine Engla Eber

    Paperback (Lollipop Power Inc, June 1, 1975)
    A youngster used to living alone with her mother comes to accept the presence of her mother's friend and a new baby.
  • Jesse's Dream Skirt

    Bruce Mack

    Paperback (Lollipop Power Inc, June 1, 1979)
    When Jesse sews a skirt and wears it to his day care center, he is teased by his friends.
  • Maria Teresa

    Mary Atkinson, Christine Engla Eber

    Paperback (Lollipop Power Inc, June 1, 1979)
    A young Mexican-American girl has difficulty adjusting to her new school until she brings in her special puppet for show and tell.
  • Jo, Flo and Yolanda

    Carol de Poix, Stephanie Sove Ney

    Paperback (Lollipop Power, June 1, 1973)
    Triplets Jo, Flo and Yolanda are very similar but also very different.
  • The Magic Hat

    Kitty Riley Clark

    Paperback (Lollipop Power Inc, June 1, 1976)
    A magic hat saves the day for a group of youngsters who have been victimized by the Busybody.
  • Martin's Father

    Bev Magennis

    Paperback (Lollipop Power Inc, Aug. 1, 1977)
    Martin has many reasons to believe he has the best father in the world.