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  • Fear is a Liar: How to Stop Anxious Thoughts and Experience God's Love

    Daniel B Lancaster

    eBook (Lightkeeper Books, Aug. 6, 2019)
    Do You Struggle With Anxiety And Worry? Slay Your Giants With The LOVE Plan.You want to live in the present but worries about the future steal your joy. You’re tired of fear controlling your life and hurting relationships. Anxious thoughts occupy your mind and you can’t stop overthinking things. Satan has stolen your self-confidence and you want it back. Now.In his latest book, Dr. Lancaster explores the origin of our deepest fears and why they trap us. Then, he shares an easy-to-follow biblical plan to crush your fears. This is no “quick fix” book, but you will learn a simple, powerful way to defeat worry – anytime, anywhere.The LOVE plan will help you…· Find peace and stop thinking about anxiety· Discover an easy way to put your fears on hold· Learn how to get self-confidence and stand strong against depression and anxiety· Relax and stop thinking about money all the time· Calm your mind and experience God’s love againDr. Lancaster is a veteran pastor, missionary and bestselling author of Powerful Prayers in the War Room. In the past thirty years, he has taught thousands how to stop anxiety in its tracks.If you liked Rachel Hollis's Girl, Wash Your Face or Max Lucado’s Anxious for Nothing, you will love Fear is a Liar. Spiritual. Easy-to-Read. Life-Changing.By opening your heart to four simple steps, you will begin to feel the true power of God’s love to overcome any lack of confidence in your life. You will experience fewer fears and fewer tears.Perfect for a simple bible study - click the orange “Buy Now” button above and start crushing your fears today.
  • Powerful Prayers in the War Room: Learning to Pray like a Powerful Prayer Warrior

    Daniel B Lancaster

    eBook (Lighkeeper Books, Dec. 22, 2015)
    I Wanted to be a Prayer Warrior…But I Didn’t Know HowDo you struggle to find the right words to speak in the presence of Almighty God? Praying to God may feel foreign or like a ritual, and adding to that frustration, you worry that God isn’t listening. Even if He hears, will He reply? This book will show you God not only listens but also answers.Or maybe you already pray regularly and are looking for a tuneup for your prayer life. This book is for you, too. You already know that war room prayer is a powerful weapon in spiritual warfare.God is waiting to pour out blessings on your life, if only you will ask Him. God wants you to be a powerful prayer warrior and help you as you pray for the prayer requests on your war room wall.Author Dan Lancaster was struck by the power of the prayers answered during his twelve years as an international missionary in Southeast Asia. These answered prayers brought glory to God and helped advance His Kingdom on Earth. THOSE are the prayers we need in our broken world, and the direction this book will guide you. You can pray more strategically when you have a war room battle plan for prayer.Prayer was never intended to be complicated. The truth is that Jesus showed His disciples how to pray and He wants to show you how to pray too. Learn how to use The Lord’s Prayer as a prayer guide.In this book, you will learn four ingredients of fervent prayer that will help you pray:prayers for healing and recoveryprayers for strength and confidenceprayers about peace and serenityprayers for your spouse and forgivenessprayers for anxiety and depressionThe author brings 40 years of his personal ministry experience to the pages of this book, but most importantly, he looks to the Word to unearth what Jesus prayed about and how. With beautiful simplicity, Dr. Lancaster offers tangible methods to reshape your prayer life beginning today.If you like Fervent Prayer by Priscilla Shirer or the Praying Medic books, you will enjoy discovering more help with your war room prayer strategy. Dr. Lancaster knows firsthand the difference having a simple model of prayer will make in your life.By opening your heart to these simple steps, you will begin to experience the true power of prayer in your relationship with God, in your community, and in ways you could never have imagined.Click the Buy Now button and take your war room prayers to a new level.
  • Powerful Promises in the War Room: 100 Life-Changing Promises from God to You

    Daniel B Lancaster

    language (Lightkeeper Books, April 18, 2018)
    Facing Satan can be daunting, challenging, and downright impossible if you decide to go alone. The spiritual consequences will impact every part of your life as your strength wanes and your confidence evaporates.Powerful Promises in the War Room is the fourth book in the series that shows you and your family how God is always on your side. He makes promises to each of us that strengthen our faith and deliver us from evil.Building on the lessons of the best-selling book: “Powerful Prayers in the War Room” Daniel. B. Lancaster’s latest dose of healing will restore your confidence and put God in your corner when you come to face Satan head-on.Buy this book now to change your life forever.
  • Follow Jesus Bible Study for Kids: Teach Your Children in Home School or Sunday School how to Follow Jesus Using 19 Proven Bible Studies Developed in Southeast Asia by Missionaries

    Daniel B Lancaster

    language (Lightkeeper Books, Sept. 30, 2015)
    DEAR PARENT OR TEACHER,We have four children and have been missionaries in Southeast Asia for the last twelve years. Three of our grown children have returned to America and are continuing to follow the Lord. Each child is active in a church; making a difference in this fallen world. My wife and I made plenty of mistakes as parents and thank God every day for the blessing of children who follow Him. Especially when we consider the statistic that over half of those who leave home as young adults also leave the church… forever.If you were to ask our children how they learned to follow Jesus and become passionate, spiritual leaders, they would talk about the eight pictures of Christ. Our children have continued to follow Jesus and these Bible studies with hand-motions served as the foundation of how we raised them. These lessons gave them a practical faith and not mere head knowledge. So Holli, my wife, and I are excited about sharing what we have learned with you. We have trained over 5,000 people how to follow Jesus in a practical way. Welcome to the team!We are not perfect parents, but we feel like we stumbled on some spiritual habits by God’s grace that have helped others. We want to encourage you to teach these lessons to your kids, but also to live them out yourselves. A family committed to following Jesus together is a mighty force for good.We pray God will bless and prosper you as you help your children follow Jesus.Blessings and Peace in Christ,Dr. Dan and Holli Lancaster
  • The Bull that Longed to Be a Horse

    Lorraine O'Byrne, Liam Donegan

    language (KEEPER BOOKS, April 24, 2017)
    Billy is a large, cream, Shirley bull who has just arrived at a new farm. He doesn't like the other cows and always thinks that the grass is greener on the other side. One day, while at the farm, he sees a magnificent, shiny black, majestic horse being led into his stable. The horse is groomed every day, fed carrots and treated so well, Billy is green with envy and longs to get the same attention. He makes a wish and his life changes forever...
  • Escaping the Prince

    Lorraine O'Byrne

    language (Keeper Books, June 6, 2017)
    “Escaping the Prince” is a charmingly romantic and quirky adventure for young readers of eight onward. It does not follow the conventional route of the romantic tales that we are all familiar with, such as Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty etc. Set in the Pixie land that is Brandydook, the entire Kingdom is bursting with excitement and anticipation for the upcoming ball at which Prince Morgan will choose his bride to be. The law in Brandydook states that the prince must marry on his sixteenth birthday if he is to inherit the throne. Each and every pixie in the Kingdom desperately wants to be a princess of Brandydook. All, that is, except Buttercup, a wild and wilful pixie who has other plans for her life, none of which include Prince Morgan. To help Prince Morgan make his choice, he has requested that each pixie perform for him at the ball. When Buttercup’s turn inevitably comes, she blunders through it clumsily and ends up falling at the Prince’s feet, having first knocked over the entire pixie band. The Prince, however, is undeterred by the fiasco and is intrigued by her difference from all the others who have tried so hard to impress him with their polished performances and amazing talents. To the delight of her parents and Buttercup’s total and utter dismay, the Prince chooses Buttercup to be his bride. With plans for the royal wedding immediately underway, Buttercup feels trapped by her impending doom and with the help of her dear friend, Goodwin, she flees the Kingdom, seeking adventure in the land of humans. As Buttercup crosses the boundary of Brandydook, she unwittingly disturbs the balance of nature by plucking some wild roses from the bank of the river, completely unaware that if a flower is taken from the Kingdom, it will spell the end of Brandydook for all eternity. The pixie embarks upon what turns out to be a perilous journey through the land of humans, fighting for her life as she goes. Plummeting down a waterfall, Buttercup is plucked from mid-air by a giant bird who tosses her into his nest to feed his ravenous chicks. Miraculously, she survives only to be chased at high speed by a monstrous black spider with great hairy tentacles. She is lost and alone in this terrifying world with danger at every turn and longs for the familiar surroundings of Brandydook. As if things couldn’t get any worse, Buttercup is captured by a horrible little girl named Wendy who thinks she is a doll. Meanwhile, back in Brandydook, snow begins to fall and nature is slowly dying, taking with it the very essence of the Kingdom itself. Prince Morgan and his parents, King Rufus and Queen Tulip are furious and incredulous when they learn from Buttercup’s friend Goodwin, that she has abandoned them and in doing so has placed the Kingdom in grave peril. Mother Brandydook, an ethereal pixie linked to the natural life source of Brandydook reveals that Buttercup holds the key to the survival of the Kingdom and must be found at all costs. Feeling responsible and more than a little angry, Prince Morgan embarks on his own adventure to bring Buttercup back in order to save his homeland.
  • The Intruder

    Lorraine O' Byrne

    language (Keeper Books, Sept. 16, 2013)
    In this short story, Felicity cat loves her comfort. She gets three delicious meals everyday, a roof over her head and loving attention from Molly her owner. Everything is terrific until suddenly, one day, her life is turned upside down. A pesky intruder invades the farm. Felicity must take control of the situation fast or nothing will ever be the same again!
  • Lucy Pebble's Miracle

    Lorraine O'Byrne, Pamela Kelly, Michelle Kennedy

    language (Keeper Books, Dec. 12, 2014)
    Lucy Pebble's Miracle is a short children's story for easy readers that can also be read by parents to their kids. This heart warming tale unfolds in an enchanted wood called Willow Grove. Here lives a charming, determined little robin called Lucy Pebble.All the robins in Willow Grove excitedly await the arrival of the new fledglings. There is much chatter and anticipation as the long wait finally comes to an end.However, as each day dawns and eventually all the fledglings are born, only one egg does not hatch. It is the Pebble family egg.
  • The Hippity Dippity Witch

    Lorraine O'Byrne

    eBook (Keeper Books, June 6, 2017)
    Eight year old, Jenny Connolly, skips school to visit her friends in an enchanted wood. When she arrives, it's a scene of total devastation. The creatures of the wood cower in terror. There is a cruel magic at hand here.She goes by the name of Marigold Dimple, a feisty, ten-year-old witch from Elderwood. Marigold is a witch with a vengeance, determined to have her own way and create havoc wherever she goes. When Jenny and Marigold's paths collide, nothing will ever be the same again...