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Books published by publisher Laura Geringer

  • Bark, George

    Jules Feiffer

    Paperback (Laura Geringer, Aug. 16, 1999)
  • So B. It

    Sarah Weeks

    Paperback (Laura Geringer, Jan. 1, 2004)
  • Algernon Graeves Is Scary Enough

    Peter Bollinger

    Library Binding (Laura Geringer, Sept. 1, 2005)
    It's Halloween. Algernon Graeves is in his attic trying to think of the scariest Halloween costume ever.He imagines himself a mummy, a vampire, a werewolf ... but none of those creatures are quite scary enough. So he thinks, and he thinks, and he thinks some more. Will Algernon Graeves be able to turn himself into a scary-enough monster in time to go trick-or-treating with his friends? This first picture book from author Peter Bollinger celebrates imagination and the wonderful spookiness that is Halloween.
  • Wind Rider

    Susan Williams

    Hardcover (Laura Geringer, Oct. 1, 2006)
    Fern dreams of riding on a wild horse's back, as fleet as the wind. She makes pets of small animals and watches the bison herds as they pound over the endless grasses of the steppe. Chafing at the inequality of being female, she longs for the freedom her twin brother enjoys to run free in the wilderness. One day in early spring, Fern secretly rescues a young horse mired in the bog, names her Thunder, and tames her enough to ride, claiming the horse as her own. But the people of Fern's tribe are distrustful of her bond with nature. Is she a witch? Does she weave her spells on animals? Fern's future looks bleak until a silent man in a rival tribe, known only as The Nameless One, teaches her about patience—and love. Susan Williams's lyrical prose makes this journey to prehistoric western Asia at once inspiring and heart wrenching.
  • Oh My Gosh, Mrs. McNosh

    Sarah Weeks, Nadine Bernard Westcott

    Library Binding (Laura Geringer, May 1, 2002)
    One day as Mrs. McNosh is walking her dog, George, a mischievous little squirrel crosses their path. Suddenly, George breaks free from his leash and wreaks havoc everywhere he goes! How will Mrs. McNosh ever catch him?Written in rollicking rhyme, this outrageous story will be sure to tickle the funny bones of adults and children alike.
  • Under My Hood I Have a Hat

    Karla Kuskin, Fumi Kosaka

    Library Binding (Laura Geringer, Oct. 1, 2004)
  • Bark, George


    Library Binding (Laura Geringer, June 1, 1999)
    a great book to read
  • Jumping the Scratch

    Sarah Weeks

    Library Binding (Laura Geringer, May 1, 2006)
    Jamie Reardon has always heard that bad things come in threes. So after his cat, Mister, dies, his father leaves, and his aunt Sapphy has an accident that causes her memory to develop a skip, Jamie hopes his life will go back to being as normal as cornflakes. But unfortunately there's one more bad thing in store for Jamie -- something he'd give anything to be able to forget -- and this one leaves him feeling like a stranger to himself. Jamie tries in vain to find the magic trigger that will help Sapphy's memory jump the scratch, like the needle on her favorite Frank Sinatra record, but in the end it's Aunt Sapphy who, along with a curious girl named Audrey Krouch, helps Jamie unravel the mysteries of memory and jump the scratch in his own life. Sarah Weeks's poignant characters and powerful prose come together in a story that is both heart wrenching and inspiring -- another gem from the award-winning author of So B. It.
  • Mildred and Sam

    Sharleen Collicott

    Hardcover (Laura Geringer, Jan. 1, 2003)
    Mildred and Sam live in a tiny burrow underneath the daffodil roots. Sam is happy. Mildred is fidgety. No matter how hard Sam tries to fix up their house, Mildred insists that it is too small, especially if they ever have visitors. So Mildred dreams about the exciting adventures a new house could bring, but discovers the greatest surprise is about to arrive at her very own door.
  • Red Ribbon

    Sarah Weeks

    Hardcover (Laura Geringer, March 15, 1995)
  • Crocodile Smile: 10 Songs of the Earth As the Animals See It

    Lois Ehlert Sarah Weeks

    Paperback (Laura Geringer, Jan. 1, 2003)
  • Grandpa Has a Great Big Face

    Warren Hanson, Mark Elliott

    Library Binding (Laura Geringer, May 1, 2006)
    Grandpa's face is very big, and so are his tummy, and his feet, and his smile. But according to his plucky grandson, the biggest part about grandpa is his heart. Warren Hanson's heartfelt story of the bond between grandfather and grandson, warmly illustrated by Mark Elliott, shows just how much grandchildren love their great big grandpas.