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  • The Death of Ivan Ilych

    Leo Tolstoy, Matt Stewart, Lark Audiobooks

    Audible Audiobook (Lark Audiobooks, Oct. 2, 2018)
    Leo Tolstoy's late masterpiece on dying and the unravelling of the values of his middle-class protagonist.
  • Three Men in a Boat

    Jerome K Jerome, Sir Timothy Ackroyd, Lark Audiobooks

    Audiobook (Lark Audiobooks, Nov. 18, 2013)
    A witty account of three friends' boating adventure along the River Thames. Written in the 19th century, the humour is still accessible to a modern audience. Read by leading celebrated British Actor, Sir Timothy Ackroyd.
  • The Book of Dragons

    E. Nesbit, Nicki White, Matt Stewart, Lark Audiobooks

    Audiobook (Lark Audiobooks, May 16, 2017)
    Eight enchanting short stories by E. Nesbit, featuring children and their misadventures with dragons. Although written over a 100 years ago, these magical tales are timeless classics and will appeal to all ages.
  • Just So Stories

    Rudyard Kipling, Matt Stewart, Lark Audiobooks

    Audiobook (Lark Audiobooks, April 11, 2016)
    Written to be listened to, these humorous tales were bedtime stories Kipling first told to his eldest child, Effie.
  • Grimm's Fairy Tales

    Wilhelm Grimm, Jacob Grimm, Nicki White, Lark Audiobooks

    Audiobook (Lark Audiobooks, April 11, 2016)
    A selection of classic children's stories by the Brothers Grimm.
  • Raggedy Ann

    Johnny Gruelle, Nicki White, Lark Audiobooks

    Audiobook (Lark Audiobooks, July 12, 2016)
    Humorous retelling of the adventures of Raggedy Ann.
  • So the Next Generation Will Know: Preparing Young Christians for a Challenging World

    Sean McDowell, J. Warner Wallace, One Audiobooks

    Audiobook (One Audiobooks, Nov. 22, 2019)
    Whether you’re a Christian parent, youth leader, or educator who works with Generation Z, this book was written for you. As powerful ideas in our increasingly secular culture shape more of this generation, trusted leaders must share what they know about Jesus in ways that will reach them. But how? Backed by the latest research and first hand experience, this powerful book shows how to share biblical truth with a generation that desperately needs to hear it in a way that draws them in instead of pushing them away. Written by two youth influencers and experts on Generation Z, Sean McDowell, PhD, and J. Warner Wallace, So the Next Generation Will Know is an extraordinarily practical and relatable guide for anyone concerned with ensuring the next generation understands and embraces a biblical worldview.
  • Rapunzel and Other Tales

    Jacob Grimm, Wilhelm Grimm, Hans Christian Andersen, Nicki White, Lark Audiobooks

    Audible Audiobook (Lark Audiobooks, April 11, 2016)
    A collection of classic fairy tales to delight young and old, including 'The Princess and the Pea', 'The Frog Prince' and 'The Twelve Dancing Princesses'.
  • Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

    Andrew Lang, Matt Stewart, Lark Audiobooks

    Audible Audiobook (Lark Audiobooks, Sept. 7, 2017)
    An entertaining retelling of this classic folk tale from Arabian Nights.
  • Fairy Debt: A Young Adult Fantasy Comedy Short Story

    Gail Carriger, Merelan Jones, AWP Audiobooks

    Audiobook (AWP Audiobooks, Oct. 26, 2018)
    "I knew it would all end in tears the moment I saw...the hat." Placed under a death debt to a local king by the actions of her mother, Cups finds she can't grow her wings like a proper fairy should. Faced with a sentence of life without the possibility of flight unless she can fulfill her mother's oath, she takes a job at the castle as the Least Jester - only to find the job riddled with all manner of dangers from cupcakes to tea daemons to earth dragons and, worst of all, daydreaming princesses. Suitable for younger audiences and saturated with tea and razor wit, ArtisticWhispers Productions and New York Times best-selling author Gail Carriger bring you a belly-full of light comedy in this full-cast production with original music by Danny Schade.
  • Blue Moon:

    Lee Child

    Audio CD (Audiobooks, Oct. 29, 2019)
  • The Hunger in the Forest "Fuuuurrrrrr n'Bum": In English and Portuguese

    Rosaalda Brand√£o, Rosanna Bini, GHP audiobooks

    Audiobook (GHP audiobooks, July 11, 2019)
    Hunger in the forest ‚ÄúFuuuurrrrrr n'bum‚ÄĚ is a cultural book, which tells the story about the relationship between two best friends in a struggle for survival in the forest. It also represents a culture and way of life that children may not be familiar with. The story teaches important life lessons to children whilst telling them that life is not all roses and a happy ending, but if you learn certain things like "listening and following instructions", then you'll do great in life. A fome na floresta ‚ÄúFuuuurrrrrr n'bum‚ÄĚ, √© um livro cultural, que conta a hist√≥ria da rela√ß√£o entre dois melhores amigos em uma luta pela sobreviv√™ncia na floresta. Tamb√©m representa uma cultura e um modo de vida que as crian√ßas podem n√£o estar familiarizadas. A hist√≥ria ensina importantes li√ß√Ķes de vida para as crian√ßas, enquanto lhes diz que a vida n√£o √© todas as rosas e um final feliz, mas se voc√™ aprender certas coisas como "ouvir e seguir instru√ß√Ķes", ent√£o voc√™ se far√° muito bem na vida. Author Bio: Being an African is one of the richest benefits as a black woman in society. That gave me the best childhood I could imagine. The reality of my imagination as a child has empowered me to create this magical world that I am so eager to share with everyone and especially with my son; the inspiration that made it all possible. Ser uma africana, √© um dos benef√≠cios mais ricos como uma mulher negra na sociedade. Isso me deu a melhor inf√Ęncia que eu poderia imaginar. A realidade da minha imagina√ß√£o quando crian√ßa, me fortaleceu para criar este mundo m√°gico que estou t√£o ansioso para compartilhar com todos e especialmente com meu filho; a inspira√ß√£o que tornou tudo isso poss√≠vel.