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  • Love, Mom and Me: Mother Daughter Journal

    Katie Clemons

    Diary (Katie Clemons LLC, July 25, 2016)
    NOTE: This version of LOVE, MOM AND ME is out of print. The newer version dives into deeper conversations and includes more pages for play. Search "LOVE, MOM AND ME" or "KATIE CLEMONS" to get your copy.For the mother and daughter who seek a thoughtful, creative way to connect with one another. This journal is the perfect tool to strengthen your mother-daughter relationship. The engaging prompts invite you to exchange heart-to-heart thoughts, swap stories, share dreams, and explore common and unique interests and perspectives. Your daughter will build self-confidence and improve her penmanship as she writes letters, doodles, answers questions on timely topics, and decorates her journal with photographs that capture the special moments of her life. Let master storycatcher Katie Clemons help your daughter discover the beauty of her story and, best of all . . . strengthen the bonds with you, her mom. For ages 9 and up.
  • Time Capsule: A seriously awesome kid's journal

    Katie Clemons

    Diary (Katie Clemons LLC, Jan. 5, 2016)
    For the child who's curious to discover how mighty his own story can be. Invite your child to explore his creativity and discover how mighty the pen can be by diving deep into what sparks his interest. With this time capsule journal, he will record awesome adventures, achievements, and milestones as he improves his penmanship. The engaging prompts encourage him to write and doodle stories—both serious and silly—while building self-esteem. He can even add interesting photographs and memorabilia. Let master storycatcher Katie Clemons help your child assemble the perfect treasure chest of youth . . . his story! For ages 8 and up.