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Books published by publisher Just Us Books Inc

  • Come by Here Lord: Everyday Prayers for Children by Cheryl Willis Hudson

    Cheryl Willis Hudson

    Hardcover (Just Us Books, March 15, 1892)
  • Afro-bets First Book About Africa by Veronica Freeman Ellis

    Veronica Freeman Ellis;George Ford

    Hardcover (Just Us Books,US, March 15, 1665)
  • Quotes for Kids: Words for Kids to Live by

    et al Katura Hudson

    Paperback (Just Us Books, Aug. 1, 1999)
    The AFRO-BETS Kids share some of their favorite words of wisdom, including their own Afro-mations.
  • Dear Corinne, Tell Somebody! Love, Annie

    Mari Evans

    Paperback (Just Us Books, Nov. 15, 2003)
    Annie and Corinne are best friends. but lately, Corinne has been growing distant from everyone around her. It's as if she's afraid of something--as if a terrible secret is haunting her. Annie knows someone or something is hurting her friends. Through a series of poignant letters, Annie reaches out to Corinne, declaring her friendship and support. Annie tells Corinne that no matter what has happened, she's not alone. Someone can help. But Corinne has to take the first step--and tell somebody.
  • Courtney's Birthday Party by Loretta Long

    Loretta Long

    Paperback (Just Us Books, March 15, 1708)
  • Land of the Four Winds by Veronica Freeman Ellis

    Veronica Freeman Ellis

    Paperback (Just Us Books, March 15, 1663)
  • The Pioneers

    Wade Hudson

    Paperback (Just Us Books, Dec. 1, 2003)
    Surveying more than 200 years of poetic creativity in Black America, Poetry from the Masters: The Pioneers introduces the work of early Black poets who helped to establish an African-American poetic tradition. Readers will explore the poetry of eleven talented women and men, including Phillis Wheatley, Francis Ellen Harper, Paul Laurence Dunbar, and Countee Cullen. Poems are complemented by a biography that discusses the scope and content of each writer's work, as well as his or her historical significance and impact on the literary world.
  • Robo's Favorite Places

    Wade Hudson, Cathy Johnson

    Paperback (Just Us Books, Oct. 1, 1999)
    When asked by his teacher, Robo cannot decide upon which place he likes best and considers all of the locations he most enjoys, from the swimming pool on a hot summer day to the museum's fascinating dinosaur display. Original.
  • A Test for Tayesha

    Tara Demps Soyinka

    Paperback (Just Us Books, Nov. 1, 2006)
    Tayesha Williams, one of the five members of NEATE, is facing some difficult problems. Several white students don't want her to get the lead role in the school play. Then, one of her close friends and a fellow member of NEATE starts acting distant and strange. Tayesha knows that life has texts, but dealing with these problems proves to be quite a struggle. Book 5 in the NEATE series. Booklist calls the characters in NEATE Clearly defined personalities and believable subtleties. These are kids who whom readers can identify.
  • Tales from Shakespeare

    Charles & Mary Lamb, Louis Rhead

    Hardcover (Books, Inc., March 15, 1946)
    Charles Lamb wrote these tales from the plays of Shakespear for younger people