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  • Kid Caramel, Private Investigator: Bk. 1: The Case of the Missing Ankh

    By (author) Dwayne Ferguson

    Paperback (Just Us Books,US, Aug. 16, 1997)
    Earnie and Kid Caramel visit the art museum to check out The Crystal Ankh, a special exhibit. A lot of other people show up, too. Suddenly, the ankh disappears. Will Caramel find out who has stolen the precious icon?
  • Blessing in Disguise

    Eleanora E. Tate

    Paperback (Just Us Books, Nov. 1, 2002)
    Zambia Brown is facing yet another boring summer in Deacons Neck, South Carolina, so she sets her sights on big city fun: money, clothes, cars and parties. But in her pursuit of the fast life, will she jeopardize her family, friends, and even her life?
  • Jamal's Busy Day

    Wade Hudson

    Paperback (Just Us Books, Oct. 1, 1991)
    Readers follow events in a youngster's day from the child's own perspective.
  • Langston's Legacy: 101 Ways to Celebrate the Life and Work of Langston Hughes

    et al Katura J. Hudson

    Paperback (Just Us Books, Nov. 1, 2002)
    Biographical sketches, photos and 101 different activities, games and ideas help young readers celebrate the legacy of Langston Hughes while encouraging them to begin developing legacies of their own. Great for classroom, group or individual use.
  • Susie King Taylor: Destined to Be Free

    Denise Jordan, Higgins Bond

    Hardcover (Just Us Books Inc, )
  • Shadows of Caesar's Creek

    Sharon M. Draper

    Paperback (Just Us Books Inc, Sept. 1, 1997)
    After their counselor told them a story about spirits in the woods near their campsite, Ziggy and his friends get lost in that very place
  • New Guys Around The Block

    Rosa Guy

    Paperback (Just Us Books, Inc., Nov. 15, 2005)
    Harlem teen Imamu Jones begins his summer out on bail, helping his mother overcome her alcoholism and trying to stay out of trouble. But this period of calm doesn't last long, especially after he meets Olivette and Pierre, two new guys on the block.
  • The Twins Strike Back

    Valerie Flournoy, Melodye Rosales

    Hardcover (Just Us Books Inc, May 1, 1995)
    Tired of being teased about being twins, Ivy and May decide to take action on their eighth birthday.
  • The Black Arts Movement

    Mr. Useni Eugene Perkins

    Paperback (Just Us Books, Incorporated, Feb. 25, 2014)
    The Black Arts Movement spanned less than two decades, but left an undeniable mark on American literature and Black America. Considered one of the single most controversial periods in the history of African-American literature, it inspired and reflected the political and social activism of the 1960s and 1970s and challenged societal ideals, producing the powerful works of poets Nikki Giovanni, Haki Madhubuti, Sonia Sanchez, Quincey Troup and the Last Poets. In this volume the dynamic Black Arts Movement is explored through selections of poetry from the most significant poets of the period, complemented by biographies that discuss the scope and content of each writer's work, as well as his or her historical significance and impact to the literary world. This is the second volume in the Poetry from the Masters series.
  • The lone footprint

    Frances K Judd

    Hardcover (Books, Inc, March 15, 1952)
  • Afro-Bets ABC Song

    W. Hudson

    Audio Cassette (Just Us Books Inc, Oct. 1, 1990)
  • Lost in the Tunnel of Time

    Sharon M. Draper

    Hardcover (Just Us Books Inc, May 1, 1995)
    Ziggy and his friends form the group the Black Dinosaurs to find out who vandalized their basketball court