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  • NEATE Book 2: Elizabeth's Wish

    Debbi Chocolate

    eBook (Just Us Books, Inc., Dec. 20, 2013)
    Review from School Library Journal-NEATE is a club of African American middle schoolers. In this second series entry, eighth grader Elizabeth is preparing to enter a citywide music competition. There are enough plot elements here to make several books. The contest gets top billing, but other members of NEATE create barely connected threads. A biracial girl deals with prejudice from whites and blacks while another of the adolescents is concerned about a Vietnamese refugee shelter facing closure. There is a father/son conflict, a rap v. heavy-metal debate, and more. There is not enough room in such a slim volume to develop so many stories in sufficient depth. On the positive side, the NEATE members do exhibit a degree of individuality beyond what might be expected of series' characters. The dialogue is natural, with lots of rap quotations, and while the plot resolutions are rather pat, they are emotionally satisfying.
  • Jamal's Busy Day

    Wade Hudson

    Paperback (Just Us Books, Dec. 1, 1991)
    Jamal, a handsome, energetic African-American boy, is shown making all the necessary preparations for school that his parents make to begin their day. The upbeat message is that both parents and child can work hard and accomplish much in their respective areas, all have something to contribute.
  • I'm Late: The Story of Laneese & Moonlight and Alisha Who Didn't Have Anyone of Her Own

    Mari Evans

    eBook (Just Us Books, Inc., Jan. 3, 2006)
    Mari Evans deals with themes of teen pregnancy, popularity, loneliness, child abuse, and making choices. LaNeese, 14, becomes pregnant, and star athlete Moonlight, 15, denies that he is the child's father. He has his dreams set on professional sports and cannot have family responsibilities hold him back. (No woman just in ninth grade whining 'pregnant' like they all do was going to mess up his life.) With no parenting skills, LaNeese uses harsh physical punishment, resulting in the death of her son when he is 18 months old. Her friend Alisha, an overweight girl who feels unloved, lets boys do as they wish with her and also becomes pregnant. She wants a baby so she will have someone with whom she can share love. She goes into premature labor, and the infant does not survive due to low birth weight and lack of prenatal care. Evans effectively uses lots of dialogue to tell the interweaving stories of these African-American teens. Contemporary line drawings complement the text beautifully. The characters initially make bad choices, but later make better ones. A postscript tells what happened to them later and includes questions for discussion about their behavior, making this an excellent selection for health education classes. I'm Late is just right for its target audience, carefully mixing multiple adolescent themes and suggesting alternate pathways
  • Afro Bets Book of Black Heroes from A to Z: An Introduction to Important Black Achievers for Young Readers

    Wade Hudson, Valerie Wilson Wesley

    Hardcover (Just Us Books Inc, Jan. 1, 1994)
    Offers brief profiles of notable Black men and women from Marian Anderson to Shaka Zulu
  • Bishop Daniel A. Payne: Great Black Leader

    Dr. Rudine Sims Bishop

    Paperback (Just Us Books, Inc., Aug. 2, 2009)
    He came from modest beginnings. Born in South Carolina in 1811 to free people of color, he was orphaned by age 9, and raised by a great aunt. At that time slavery ruled the South, but he believed in the power of education and the promise of faith, and he wanted to make a positive difference in the world. Often teaching himself, he conquered physics, Latin, and geometry. At the age of 18, he started his first school. He went on to study in the North, become an ordained minister, and later a bishop in the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church. Untimately, he became one of the most influential religious leaders in Black America. He also made history as the first Black president of an African American college - Wilberforce University. MEET EDUCATOR, MINISTER, AUTHOR DANIEL A. PAYNE.
  • Afro-Bets ABC Coloring and Activity Book

    Dwayne Ferguson

    Paperback (Just Us Books Inc, Jan. 1, 1990)
  • Many Colors of Mother Goose

    Cheryl Willis Hudson

    Paperback (Just Us Books, Feb. 1, 2000)
    This book offers a unique, multicultural spin on classic nursery rhymes. Excellent for pre-school.
  • Dear Corinne, Tell Somebody! Love, Annie: A Book About Secrets

    Mari Evans

    Hardcover (Just Us Books Inc, Oct. 1, 1999)
    Corinne's friend Annie is alarmed when Corinne suddenly becomes withdrawn and, through a series of letters, gets her to reveal her frightening secret, but then she must convince Corinne to tell someone who can help.
  • Just an Overnight Guest

    Eleanora E. Tate

    Paperback (Just Us Books, April 1, 1997)
    When Ethel's mother goes away, Margie Carson's mother decides to let Ethel stay with them, just for one night. But one night turns into many and Margie doesn't know what to do. Margie thinks Ethel is trying to steal her parents' attention, and she has had it. Enough is enough!
  • Christmas Fun: A Coloring & Activity Book

    Dwayne Ferguson

    Paperback (Just Us Books Inc, Nov. 1, 1992)
    Color the activities of the AFRO-BETS R Kids during the Christmas season.
  • Book of Black Heroes from A to Z: An Introduction to Important Black Achievers for Young Readers

    Wade Hudson, Valerie Wilson Wesley

    Paperback (Just Us Books, Incorporated, March 14, 2013)
    NOTE: The age range for this book is 8-12. NEW EDITION From science to politics, civil rights to entertainment, historic times to present day, men and women across the African diaspora have made important contributions to our world. Book of Black Heroes from A to Z shares with young readers the stories 54 pioneers whose courage, strength and lasting accomplishments have earned them the title hero. Read about: Arctic explorer Matthew Henson South African human rights advocate Nelson Mandela Liberian President Ellen Sirleaf Johnson Pioneering Black historian Benjamin Quarles Discover how: Jackie Robinson integrated Major League Baseball Richard Allen went from enslavement to co-founder and Bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Church Jean Baptiste DuSable, a Haiti-born fur trader, founded the city of Chicago Constance Baker Motley helped James Meredith become the first black person to go to the University of Mississippi First published in 1988 and with more than 400,000 copies in print, Book of Black Heroes from A to Z has become a go to black history staple in classrooms, homes and libraries. This updated edition includes expanded biographies, quotes and factoids, a two-page narrative honoring the 150th anniversary of the enactment of the Emancipation Proclamation and several new entries including a profile of President Barack Obama, the first African American elected President of the United States. Whether their names are familiar or new, the journeys and many achievements of Book of Black Heroes honorees are truly inspiring and can help all children realize that even in the face of obstacles, they too can make important contributions to our world.
  • Land of the Four Winds

    Veronica Freeman Ellis, Sylvia Walker

    Paperback (Just Us Books Inc, Dec. 1, 1994)
    The four winds transport Tonieh, an Afro-American boy, from a park near his home to a distant land where they hope the young boy can reverse an evil spell