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  • From a Child's Heart

    Nikki Grimes, Brenda Joysmith

    Paperback (Just Us Books Inc, Jan. 1, 1994)
    A collection of prayer-like poems which deal with such issues as wanting friends in a new neighborhood, spending more time with a single mother, and finding work for a laid-off father
  • Eddie's Ordeal

    Kelly Starling Lyons

    Paperback (Just Us Books Inc, Oct. 30, 2004)
    When thirteen-year-old Eddie gets a D in language arts, his father makes him quit the basketball team, which causes Eddie to try to understand why his father is always so hard on him.
  • Book Of Black Heroes: Scientists, Healers & Inventors

    Mr. Wade Hudson

    Paperback (Just Us Books, Incorporated, July 5, 2013)
    In this volume of the popular Book of Black Heroes series, readers will learn about the many contributions Black men and women have made in the areas of science, medicine and creative invention. Short entry biological sketches herald the ground breaking work of well-known Black heroes such as scientist, George Washington Carver and surgeon, Dr. Daniel Hale Williams, and introduce the trailblazing accomplishments of other Black heroes such as inventor Lewis Latimer and Halle Johnson.
  • Book of Black Heroes: Great Women in the Struggle

    Toyomi Igus, Venorica Freeman Ellis, Valerie Wilson Wesley, Diane Patrick

    Paperback (Just Us Books, Nov. 19, 2018)
    More than 80 historical and contemporary women of African descent are spotlighted in this volume of the Black Heroes series.
  • Bright Eyes, Brown Skin

    Cheryl Willis Hudson, George Ford

    Paperback (Just Us Books, Nov. 1, 1990)
    This classic title is a staple in preschool and early childhood programs.
  • Afro-Bets Book of Colors:

    Margery W. Brown, Howard Simpson

    Paperback (Just Us Books Inc, Feb. 1, 2020)
    Introduces and illustrates basic colors and mixtures as seen in everyday objects.
  • Bishop Daniel A. Payne: Great Black Leader

    Rudine Sims Bishop

    eBook (Just Us Books, Inc., June 9, 2013)
    He came from modest beginnings. Born in South Carolina in 1811 to free people of color, he was orphaned by age 9, and raised by a great aunt. At that time slavery ruled the South, but he believed in the power of education and the promise of faith, and he wanted to make a positive difference in the world. Often teaching himself, he conquered physics, Latin, and geometry. At the age of 18, he started his first school. He went on to study in the North, become an ordained minister, and later a bishop in the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church. Ulntimately, he became one of the most influential religious leaders in Black America. He also made history as the first Black president of an African American college - Wilberforce University. MEET EDUCATOR, MINISTER, AUTHOR DANIEL A. PAYNE.
  • Lost in the Tunnel of Time

    Sharon M. Draper, Michael Bryant

    Paperback (Just Us Books Inc, Feb. 1, 1996)
    When members of the Black Dinosaur Club go on a field trip to a school which hides tunnels used by the Underground Railroad, they get stuck in a collapsed tunnel
  • AFRO-BETS Book Of Black Heroes From A to Z

    Wade Hudson, Valerie Wesley

    eBook (Just Us Books, Inc., April 1, 2013)
    NEW EDITION From science to politics, civil rights to entertainment, historic times to present day, men and women across the African diaspora have made important contributions to our world. Book of Black Heroes from A to Z shares with young readers the stories 54 pioneers whose courage, strength and lasting accomplishments have earned them the title hero. Read about: Arctic explorer Matthew Henson South African human rights advocate Nelson Mandela Liberian President Ellen Sirleaf Johnson Pioneering Black historian Benjamin Quarles Discover how: Jackie Robinson integrated Major League Baseball Richard Allen went from enslavement to co-founder and Bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Church Jean Baptiste DuSable, a Haiti-born fur trader, founded the city of Chicago Constance Baker Motley helped James Meredith become the first black person to go to the University of Mississippi First published in 1988 and with more than 400,000 copies in print, Book of Black Heroes from A to Z has become a go to black history staple in classrooms, homes and libraries. This updated edition includes expanded biographies, quotes and factoids, a two-page narrative honoring the 150th anniversary of the enactment of the Emancipation Proclamation and several new entries including a profile of President Barack Obama, the first African American elected President of the United States. Whether their names are familiar or new, the journeys and many achievements of Book of Black Heroes honorees are truly inspiring and can help all children realize that even in the face of obstacles, they too can make important contributions to our world.
  • Willimena Rules: 9 Steps to the Best, Worst, Greatest Holiday Ever!

    Valerie Wilson Wesley

    Paperback (Just Us Books, Inc., March 15, 2015)
    Christmas and Kwanzaa are right around the corner and Willimena is usually excited about her favorite time of the year. There are fun decorations, yummy food, the seven principles of Kwanzaa and, of course, gifts for both holidays. But this year, no one feels much like celebrating. Aunt Laura lost her job and Dad and Mom say that big changes are coming for the family--changes that mean Willie may not get that bike she wanted. Willie thinks she has it bad until she sees how these big changes are affecting her cousin Teddy. He's usually nice, friendly, and greets Willie with a grin. But lately, he's sad, mad, and downright rude.He doesn't seem to want to celebrate the holidays at all, and nothing Willie does to cheer him up is working. Christmas and Kwanzaa are supposed to be joyful, but this year is turning out to be the worst. Can Willie find a way to bring "happy" back to the holidays?
  • Explore Black History With Wee Pals

    Morrie Turner, Morrie Tumer

    Paperback (Just Us Books, Inc., Oct. 10, 1998)
    This pioneering comic strip, first appearing in 1964, introduces Black achirvers including Crispus Attucks, James Baldwin, Harriet Tubman and Thurgood Marshall.
  • Dear Corinne, Tell Somebody, Love Annie

    Mari Evans

    eBook (Just Us Books, Inc., Nov. 15, 2003)
    Something is very wrong with Corinne. She doesn't speak to anyone. She doesn't look anyone in the eye. She doesn't smile. Her best friend, Annie, has tried everything she can to help Corinne, but nothing seems to work. So Annie starts to write letters to Corinne. She tells her that no matter what has happened, they will always be best friends. Annie also tells Corinne that sometimes problems might be too big for a kid to handle alone. That it's important to find someone who can help—someone who wants to help. But Corinne has to take the first step—and tell somebody.