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Books published by publisher Hippo Bks.

  • Gremlins Storybook

    Mary Carey

    Paperback (Hippo Books, March 15, 1984)
  • Pooh and Piglet Go Hunting

    Walt Disney

    Paperback (Hippo Bks., May 23, 1985)
  • New Dog Next Door

    Elizabeth Bridgman

    Paperback (Hippo Bks., Jan. 15, 1982)
    A little boy tells how the neighbors' new dog makes itself at home at his house.
  • Cheerleaders: All the Way Bk. 5

    Caroline B Cooney

    Paperback (Hippo Bks., July 3, 1986)
  • My Brother the Giant: The Morozon Adventure

    Cooper Baltis, Patrick Kennedy

    eBook (Hippo Books, July 20, 2015)
    Have you ever seen a really tall person? You know, like two meters tall? Well, imagine a person twice that size and that's my brother Fafner. He's a giant, you see. It's strange because he's the only giant in our family (apart from my grandparents) so our house is a little bit strange, we have two of everything - one for giants and one for us. Anyway, this book is about our first adventure. It's the one where we (my brother Fafner and I) first meet Renata, the Morozon princess. It's a great story, even if I do say so myself. It's full of adventure and mystery, heroic acts and sinister villains, but don't worry, it's not too scary, so you can all read it... your parents would probably like it, too.I hope you enjoy the Morozon Adventure. I'll see you again in our next adventure - The Dragon and the Underground City. The Morozon Adventure is published by Hippo Books, a publisher dedicated to producing interesting, readable and fun books. This book is suitable for English students with intermediate English or higher. Be sure to check out our other Hippo Graded Readers.About the Author:Cooper Baltis is one of the writers and founders of Hippo Books. He is a former Fulbright English Teaching Assistant at the National University of Mongolia and is TESOL certified. He has taught English in Asia for five years and has published stories in several literary magazines in America. His Hippo books include Hassan and Lulu and My Brother the Giant, as well as many short story collections. To find out more about this author, click his name under the book title above.
  • American Tail: Fievel's New York Adventure

    Michael Teitelbaum

    Paperback (Hippo Bks., March 15, 1987)
    American Tail: Fievel's New York Adventure [Jun 12, 1987] Teitelbaum, Michael ...
  • Clothilda's Magic

    Jack Kent

    Paperback (Hippo Bks, Jan. 26, 1981)
  • Molly Moves Out

    Susan Pearson, Steven Kellogg

    Paperback (Hippo Bks., Aug. 15, 1983)
  • Ice Creams for Rosie

    Ronda Armitage, David Armitage

    Paperback (Hippo Bks., June 30, 1983)
  • Animal Tales, Tales of Mysterious Creatures and The Lighthouse:

    Cooper Baltis, Patrick Kennedy

    eBook (Hippo Books, )
  • Cheerleaders: Staying Together Bk. 12

    Diane Hoh

    Paperback (Hippo Bks., Jan. 15, 1987)
  • Cheerleaders: Hurting Bk. 13

    Lisa Norby

    Paperback (Hippo Bks., Feb. 13, 1987)