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  • Seedfolks

    Paul Fleischman, Judy Pedersen

    Paperback (HarperTrophy, Dec. 14, 2004)
    ALA Best Book for Young Adults ∙ School Library Journal Best Book ∙ Publishers Weekly Best Book ∙ IRA/CBC Children's Choice ∙ NCTE Notable Children's Book in the Language ArtsA Vietnamese girl plants six lima beans in a Cleveland vacant lot. Looking down on the immigrant-filled neighborhood, a Romanian woman watches suspiciously. A school janitor gets involved, then a Guatemalan family. Then muscle-bound Curtis, trying to win back Lateesha. Pregnant Maricela. Amir from India. A sense of community sprouts and spreads. Newbery-winning author Paul Fleischman uses thirteen speakers to bring to life a community garden's founding and first year. The book's short length, diverse cast, and suitability for adults as well as children have led it to be used in countless one-book reads in schools and in cities across the country.Seedfolks has been drawn upon to teach tolerance, read in ESL classes, promoted by urban gardeners, and performed in schools and on stages from South Africa to Broadway.The book's many tributaries—from the author's immigrant grandfather to his adoption of two brothers from Mexico—are detailed in his forthcoming memoir, No Map, Great Trip: A Young Writer's Road to Page One."The size of this slim volume belies the profound message of hope it contains." —Christian Science MonitorAnd don’t miss Joyful Noise: Poems for Two Voices, the Newbery Medal-winning poetry collection!
  • The Little House

    Laura Ingalls Wilder, Garth Williams

    Paperback (Harper Trophy, May 30, 1994)
    This nine-book paperback box set of the classic series features the classic black-and-white artwork from Garth Williams. These middle grade novels are an excellent choice for tween readers in grades 5 to 6, especially during homeschooling. It’s a fun way to keep your child entertained and engaged while not in the classroom.The nine books in the timeless Little House series tell the story of Laura’s real childhood as an American pioneer, and are cherished by readers of all generations. They offer a unique glimpse into life on the American frontier, and tell the heartwarming, unforgettable story of a loving family.Little House in the Big WoodsMeet the Ingalls family—Laura, Ma, Pa, Mary, and baby Carrie, who all live in a cozy log cabin in the big woods of Wisconsin in the 1870s. Though many of their neighbors are wolves and panthers and bears, the woods feel like home, thanks to Ma’s homemade cheese and butter and the joyful sounds of Pa’s fiddle.Farmer BoyAs Laura Ingalls is growing up in a little house in Kansas, Almanzo Wilder lives on a big farm in New York. He and his brothers and sisters work hard from dawn to supper to help keep their family farm running. Almanzo wishes for just one thing—his very own horse—but he must prove that he is ready for such a big responsibility.Little House on the PrairieWhen Pa decides to sell the log house in the woods, the family packs up and moves from Wisconsin to Kansas, where Pa builds them their little house on the prairie! Living on the farm is different from living in the woods, but Laura and her family are kept busy and are happy with the promise of their new life on the prairie.On the Banks of Plum CreekThe Ingalls family lives in a sod house beside Plum Creek in Minnesota until Pa builds them a new house made of sawed lumber. The money for the lumber will come from their first wheat crop. But then, just before the wheat is ready to harvest, a strange glittering cloud fills the sky, blocking out the sun. Millions of grasshoppers cover the field and everything on the farm, and by the end of a week, there is no wheat crop left.By the Shores of Silver LakePa Ingalls heads west to the unsettled wilderness of the Dakota Territory. When Ma, Mary, Laura, Carrie, and baby Grace join him, they become the first settlers in the town of De Smet. Pa starts work on the first building of the brand new town, located on the shores of Silver Lake. The Long WinterThe first terrible storm comes to the barren prairie in October. Then it snows almost without stopping until April. With snow piled as high as the rooftops, it’s impossible for trains to deliver supplies, and the townspeople, including Laura and her family, are starving. Young Almanzo Wilder, who has settled in the town, risks his life to save the town.Little Town on the PrairieDe Smet is rejuvenated with the beginning of spring. But in addition to the parties, socials, and “literaries,” work must continue. Laura spends many hours sewing shirts to help Ma and Pa get enough money to send Mary to a college for the blind. But in the evenings, Laura makes time for a new caller, Almanzo Wilder. These Happy Golden YearsLaura must continue to earn money to keep Mary in her college for the blind, so she gets a job as a teacher. It’s not easy, and for the first time she’s living away from home. But it gets a little better every Friday, when Almanzo picks Laura up to take her back home for the weekend. Though Laura is still young, she and Almanzo are officially courting, and she knows that this is a time for new beginnings.The First Four YearsLaura Ingalls and Almanzo Wilder have just been married! They move to a small prairie homestead to start their lives together. But each year brings new challenges—storms, sickness, fire, and unpaid debts. These first four years call for courage, strength, and a great deal of determination. And through it all, Laura and Almanzo still have their love, which only grows when baby Rose arrives.
  • Little Bear

    Elsa Holmelund Minarik, Maurice Sendak

    Paperback (Harper Trophy, Feb. 18, 2003)
    Celebrate the timeless warmth of a mother's love with the very first ever I Can Read book! Meet Little Bear, a friend to millions of children. And meet Mother Bear, who is there whenever Little Bear needs her. When it is cold and snowy outside, she finds just the right outfit for Little Bear to play in. When he goes to the moon, she has a hot lunch waiting for him on his return. And, of course, she never forgets his birthday. This classic from Else Holmelund Minarik and Maurice Sendak was written in 1957 and remains as beloved today as it was then. An ALA Notable Children's Book, this Level One I Can Read is full of warm and lovingly playful stories that are perfect for children learning to sound out words and sentences. Whether shared at home or in a classroom, the short sentences, familiar words, and simple concepts of Level One books support success for children eager to start reading on their own.
  • Hill Of Fire

    Thomas P. Lewis, Joan Sandin

    Paperback (HarperTrophy, Jan. 1, 1971)
    "El Monstruo!"Every day is the same for Pablo's father. Then one afternoon the ground growls, hisses smoke, and swallows up his plow. A volcano is erupting in the middle of his cornfield!
  • In a Dark Room and Other Scary Stories

    Alvin Schwartz, Dirk Zimmer

    Paperback (HarperTrophy, )
  • Little Clearing in the Woods: Little House, The Caroline Years

    Maria D. Wilkes, Alicia Mikles, Dan Andreasen

    Paperback (HarperTrophy, April 30, 1998)
    Caroline--the future mother of Laura Ingalls--and her family pack up their belongings and move from the little town of Brookfield to a new house among the big trees of Concord, Wisconsin. Simultaneous.
  • Rattlebone Rock

    Sylvia Andrews, Jennifer Plecas

    Paperback (HarperTrophy, Sept. 30, 1997)
    <H4 ALIGN=CENTER>BOOM! CLACKA-CLACK!</H4><DIV ALIGN=CENTER><P>The skeletons dance<BR>And rattle their bones.<BR>Ghosts join in<BR>With musical moans.<BR>Mice squeak by<BR>And bats swoop down.<BR>The BOOMA beat echoes<BR>All through the town.<BR>Witches and goblins<BR>Make the tombstones Knock.<BR>It's time to dance<BR>To the Rattlebone Rock!</p></DIV>
  • The Other Side of Truth

    Beverley Naidoo

    Paperback (HarperTrophy, Dec. 24, 2002)
    Will the truth harm them -- or save them?When Nigeria's corrupt military government kills their mother, twelve-year-old Sade and her brother Femi think their lives are over. Out of fear for their safety, their father, an outspoken journalist, decides to smuggle the children out of Nigeria and into London, where their uncle lives. But when they get to the cold and massive city, they find themselves lost and alone, with no one to trust and no idea when -- or if -- they will ever see their father again.The Other Side of Truth is a gripping adventure story about courage, family, and the power of truth.
  • Skylark

    Patricia MacLachlan

    Paperback (Harper Trophy, Aug. 3, 2004)
    The second book in the series that began with the Newbery Medal–winning Sarah, Plain and Tall by Patricia MacLachlan.My mother, Sarah, doesn't love the prairie. She tries, but she can't help remembering what she knew first.Sarah came to the prairie from Maine to marry Papa. But that summer, a drought turned the land dry and brown. Fires swept across the fields and coyotes came to the well in search of water. So Sarah took Anna and Caleb back east, where they would be safe. Papa stayed behind. He would not leave his land.Maine was beautiful, but Anna missed home, and Papa. And as the weeks went by, she began to wonder what would happen if the rains never came. Would she and Caleb and Sarah and Papa ever be a family again?
  • Does God Have a Big Toe?: Stories About Stories in the Bible

    Marc Gellman, Oscar de Mejo

    Paperback (HarperTrophy, Oct. 30, 1993)
    Before there was anything, there was God, and a few angels, and a huge swirling glob of rocks and water with no place to go. The angels asked God, "Why don't you clean up this mess?"This collection of short, funny stories is one man's interpretation of how God did just that -- with some very unlikely help.There was Adam, who decided to number the animals instead of giving them names -- until he lost count. There was Max, a matchmaking angel disguised as a camel. And who could forget the kindly dolphins of the Red Sea or the builders of the spectacularly chaotic Tower of Babel, whose foundation rests in one small girl's question: "Mommy, does God have a big toe?"Reflecting Mr. Gellman's lifelong love for his subject, this witty collection of midrashim provides a wonderful way to learn about and to share the stories of the Bible. Distinguished artist Oscar de Mejo brings the right blend of reverence and humor with his magnificent oil paintings. Notable Books of 1989 (NYT)Best Illustrated Children's Books of 1989 (NYT)Children's Books of 1989 (Library of Congress)
  • The Silver Chair

    C S Lewis

    Paperback (HarperTrophy, Aug. 22, 2000)
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  • A Writer's Notebook: Unlocking the Writer Within You

    Ralph Fletcher

    Paperback (HarperTrophy, Aug. 1, 1996)