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  • The Haunted House


    Hardcover (Grolier, March 15, 1975)
    The Haunted House [Hardcover] Disney (Author)
  • Sylvester and the Sand Castle

    Ruth Lerner Perle

    Hardcover (Grolier, March 15, 1992)
    Sylvester and the Sand Castle A story about sportsmanship and fairness. In this story, Sylvester the Stubborn Squirrel misses out on a lot of fun because he insists on having his way. By setting a good example, his AlphaPet friends help him realize the advantages of being adaptable and open-minded. In addition to enjoying this story with your child, you can use it to teach a gentle lesson about the importance of being a good sport and cooperating with others. You can also use this story to introduce the letter S.
  • Aladdin

    Walt Disney

    Hardcover (Grolier, Aug. 16, 2002)
    An illustrated storybook of Disney's film "Aladdin," which is packed with adventure and humor and a cast of colorful characters that includes a beautiful princess, a crafty monkey, a treacherous villain, a poor young boy who dreams of a better life and a wise-cracking genie.
  • The future world of agriculture

    Wendy B Murphy

    Hardcover (Grolier, March 15, 1984)
    Traces the history of agriculture with emphasis on future methods of farming and growing food.
  • How to Catch a Heffalump

    A. A. Milne, Disney

    Library Binding (Grolier, Jan. 1, 1998)
    Pooh and Piglet try to catch a heffalump. Part of Disney's Wonderful World of Reading series. Illustrated in full color
  • A Children's Book About: Cheating

    Joy Berry

    Hardcover (Grolier, Aug. 16, 1988)
    Child behavior, bad manners and misbehavior drive most parents crazy and inhibit children from progressing forward. The Help Me Be Good books deal with 28 of the tough behaviors typical preschool-age children will exhibit. From Being Rude to Whining to Fighting to Being a Bad Sport, the set addresses the root of the misbehavior and helps children learn better ways to handle situations and get their needs met. Based on the principal of treating others the way we want to be treated, this bestselling series has sold over 35 million copies and helped countless families since its original release. Colorful illustrations help children relate through the characters and find positive ways to handle the topic. Like all of Joy Berryโ€™s books, Help Me Be Good books speaks directly to the child about the topics and acts as a problem-solving resource for parents and caregivers alike.
  • Vinnie takes a bow

    Ruth Lerner Perle

    Hardcover (Grolier, March 15, 1992)
    In this story, Vinnie the Vocal Vulture is so busy talking that he hardly ever listens. A series of mishaps that almost prevents him from playing in the AlphaPet orchestra finally makes Vinnie realize the importance of paying attention to what others have to say.
  • Justin's Just Joking

    Shirley Bogart, Richard Max Kolding

    Hardcover (Grolier, March 15, 1991)
    A story about being considerate of others' feelings. Use this story to introduce the letter J. Written by Shirley Bogart with color illustrations by Richard Max Kolding.
  • Monty see, Monty do

    Ruth Lerner Perle

    Hardcover (Grolier, March 15, 1991)
    The book representing the letter "M" in the Readers Digest alphabet book series.
  • Thomas the runaway

    Christopher Awdry

    Hardcover (Grolier, March 15, 1994)
    THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE (Thomas The Tank Engine Book Club Ser.)
  • Jim Henson's Muppets in Fozzie Bear, Star Helper: A Book About Responsibility

    Bonnie Worth, David Prebenna

    Hardcover (Grolier, Dec. 10, 2012)
    Because Fozzie Bear's lack of responsibility creates havoc in the Bear household, he and his mom finally make a chart on which to award him stars for each chore completed.
  • Count With Me

    Louise Gikow, David Prebenna

    Hardcover (Grolier, March 15, 1992)
    Learning is fun with My First Book Club, featuring Jim Henson's Muppet Babies. This series of books has been especially created to teach preschool children basic concepts and to help them discover and understand the exciting world around them. Using simple words, bright pictures, familiar subjects, and enjoyable stories, these books will not only stimulate young children's imaginations, but help them develop a lifelong love of reading.