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  • When I'm Feeling Angry

    Trace Moroney

    Hardcover (Gingham Dog Press, Dec. 28, 2005)
    Have you ever been so angry that you felt like you could explode? Does being teased or wrongly blamed for something make you want to stomp and run and kick and scream? The little rabbit knows how it feels to be angry and just what to do to feel better. Read along, and you too might find that a big, deep breath is all you need to make the anger go away.
  • Eleanor, Ellatony, Ellencake, and Me

    Cathy Rubin, Christopher Fowler

    Hardcover (Gingham Dog Press, Aug. 1, 2003)
    Eleanor, Ellatony, Ellencake and MeEveryone in Eleanor's family thinks they have the perfect nickname for her. Nana thinks "Eleanor" is boring and insists on calling her "Elle," her perfect "mademoiselle." Papa wants to call her "Punch," his favorite "crunch." Dad insists on naming her "Eleanora, the movie star with so much mora." Even Mom gets into the act, shortening her name until it's just one letter--E! Finally, Eleanor realizes that the only person who can come up with the perfect nickname is the one who is going to use it--herself! This endearing story, told in clever and humorous rhyme, offer a unique insight into how one spunky kid relies on her sense of self to solve her problem.A clever story about identity and the power of names, as told by Eleanor, out spunkiest heroine.
  • The Christmas Bell

    Rolf Krenzer

    Hardcover (Gingham Dog Press, Sept. 1, 2003)
    When Rachel, the daughter of a widowed shepherd, comes across something curious in the dusty streets of Bethlehem—a beautiful bell made of pure silver—she wonders what she should do with it. No one can tell Rachel where the bell came from, but a wise woman in the village tells her that she should keep it until something wonderful happens. Then, she will know it is time to give it away. Rachel finds out just how special the silver bell is on the eve of the very first Christmas. When the shepherds journey to the manger to give the Messiah a gift of a lamb, Rachel thinks she has nothing to offer the tiny baby. It is then that she remembers the beautiful bell.
  • Molly and Emmett's Camping Adventure

    Marylin Hafner

    Hardcover (Gingham Dog Press, Aug. 23, 2000)
    Molly and Emmett have been delighting young people for years on the pages of the best-selling Ladybug® magazine. Now the pair come alive on the pages of their very own picture book series. As readers follow this pair on their hilarious adventures, they will see a bit of themselves in both the feisty Emmett and the ever-practical Molly.Molly and Emmett, Ladybug® magazine's lovable girl-and-cat duo, head for adventure in the wilds of their backyard. Little do they know there's more than one way to pitch a tent! Ideas for creating a backyard campout turn this sparkling picture book into hands-on adventure for young readers.
  • Santa and Me

    Erik Jon Slangerup

    Hardcover (Gingham Dog Press, Aug. 15, 2003)
    Every year, Santa makes his important Christmas Eve deliveries without a hitch. What a surprise to discover that it’s not always as easy as it looks! What is life really like at the North Pole? No one knows the true secrets behind Santa’s success better than Mrs. Claus! Told through whimsical details in a facsimile scrapbook style, this humorous behind-the-scenes look at the history and antics of the North Pole reveals Santa’s real nature from one who knows him best—Mrs. Claus! Author: Erik Slangerup Erik Jon Slangerup is the author of several children’s books, including Dirt Boy, and Monsterlicious. His first book, Dirt Boy (March 2000, Albert Whitman & Co.), made the Children's Choices 2001 list by the Children's Book Council and the International Reading Association. Various reviews of Monsterlicious encourage “readers looking for an uproarious reading experience” to “give the Bangdoodle Restaurant and its young chef a 4-star rating.”Erik is an accomplished storyteller and lecturer, and has become a favorite guest speaker at school assemblies, writing workshops, and educational conferences nationwide. He has also appeared on television and radio, and was featured in Creativity magazine in May 2000.Illustrator: Josh Janes Joshua Janes has been illustrating children’s books for eight years. During the holidays, he commutes between the North Pole and Oak Harbor, Ohio, where he resides with his wife, Angie, and their little elf, Gabrielle.
  • Just the Thing!

    Damian Harvey, Lynne Chapman

    Hardcover (Gingham Dog Press, April 18, 2005)
    Big Gorilla has a hard-to-scratch itch right in the middle of his back! The other animals offer suggestions, but nothing seems to work. In fact, their advice makes his problem even worse! Where can a gorilla find just the thing to soothe an itch? The answer may be closer than he thinks!
  • Emmett's Dream

    Marylin Hafner

    Hardcover (Gingham Dog Press, Aug. 30, 2001)
    Poor Emmett doesn't know any of his family history. But rather than mope, the resourceful cat dreams up some famous cats he's related to in history--and has delightful adventures of his own.Molly and Emmett are back in a new, charming story! This delightful addition to the Molly and Emmett series finds Molly hard at work on an autobiography for a school assignment. As Molly pours over family photos and gathers stories from relatives, Emmett is dismayed that he knows nothing of his own history! But rather than mope, the resourceful cat dreams up some famous cat relatives of his own-cats that lived everywhere from the pyramids of Ancient Egypt to the shore of Plymouth Harbor!
  • Click and the Kids Go Sailing

    Charman Simon

    Hardcover (Gingham Dog Press, Aug. 24, 2000)
    It's the first day of summer, and Amy and Martin are ready for adventure. The fun begins when the two friends climb aboard babysitter Liz's boat, the Bumblebee, for a sail to Turtle Island. Meanwhile, their lovable companion Click carries out his own plans for relaxing in the sun--mouse-style--on deck.
  • Mop's Mountain Adventure

    Martine Schaap, Alex De Wolf

    Hardcover (Gingham Dog Press, Jan. 31, 2001)
    Twins Julie and Justin find another use for Dad's wheelbarrow after they finish unloading his grass clippings. The wheelbarrow becomes a freight train that takes them and their neighbor friends to the mountains for a camping adventure. Mop joins in the fun.Three activity pages follow, including a how-to- mountain craft, a recipe for trail mix, a mountain fishing game, and instructions for a Native-American game.
  • I Want it All!

    Barbara Ciletti

    Hardcover (Gingham Dog Press, July 15, 2005)
    When you’re a little kid waiting for Christmas, it’s easy to get caught up in wanting lots of gifts. Benjamin Getts discovers that “wanting it all” for himself can result in a visit by the Moresy Bug. Luckily, Gramps is on hand to offer wise counsel. Featuring Cathy Morrison’s wholesome illustrations, Barbara Ciletti’s retelling of an Advent homily by Father Brian Morrow provides a fresh perspective on knowing that the greatest gift of Christmas is not under the tree, but in the heart.
  • Emmett's Dream by Marylin Hafner

    Marylin Hafner

    Hardcover (Gingham Dog Press, March 15, 1896)
  • The Christmas Bell by Rolf Krenzer

    Rolf Krenzer

    Hardcover (Gingham Dog Press, March 15, 1624)