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Books published by publisher George H. Doran Co

  • Poor Cecco

    Margery Williams Bianco, Arthur Rackham

    Hardcover (George H. Doran Co., Jan. 1, 1925)
    After becoming a renowned author, Bianco wrote numerous other children's books, with her son becoming the namesake of one of them, 1925's Poor Cecco: The Wonderful Story of a Wonderful Wooden Dog Who Was the Jolliest Toy in the House Until He Went Out to Explore the Worldโ€”a distinguished book that belies its somewhat priggish subtitle and is arguably better entitled than The Velveteen Rabbit to status as a classic. This lively adventure story, virtually a novel for children, is a brilliant exception to the sentimentality of Bianco's more famous book. Each of the many characters who populate the nursery toy cupboard is a distinct and amusing personality. Their interactions with each other and with the human, animal, and toy members of the world beyond it, whom they encounter on their quest for adventure/search for a lost friend, are delineated with understated humor. The relationship between the wooden dog Cecco, a natural leader, and Jensina, a highly independent and spirited wooden doll, is both subtle and funny. Superb illustrations by Arthur Rackham are a perfect complement to the narrative. While the publisher probably found it more practical to promote the shorter Velveteen Rabbit, Cecco's celebrated illustrator may have assured its survival in the catalogues of rare book dealers despite its undeserved literary obscurity.
  • REVOLT IN THE DESERT By T. E. LAWRENCE 1927 First Edition

    T.E. Lawrence

    Hardcover (George H. Doran Company, March 15, 1927)
    FOLDOUT BLACK AND RED MAP IS PRESENT IN BACK OF BOOK. This book is the rarest and most preferred issue with the Kennington decorated endleaves which had been designed for the 1926 issue of the great SEVEN PILLARS OF WISDOM. This edition has the additional plates and illustrations. This rare issue with 24 illustrations on full-page plates and with 18 black and whit line cuts from the 1926 SEVEN PILLARS not in any other issue or edition of REVOLT IN THE DESERT. Copies of this book with the additional decorations and illustrations are not often found anywhere!
  • What shall we play?

    Edna Geister

    Hardcover (George H. Doran Co, March 15, 1924)
    A wonderful vintage children's book, complete with colored frontispiece. This is a fascinating book featuring children games for indoor (example: Sitting Down and Hide and Seek) and outdoors (example, Walk Tag). Cute little illustrations throughout.
  • The Skin Horse

    Margery Williams Bianco, Pamela Bianco

    Hardcover (George H. Doran Co, March 15, 1927)
  • Twenty-three and a half hours' leave

    Mary Roberts Rinehart

    Hardcover (George H. Doran Company, March 15, 1918)
  • War Birds: Diary of an Unknown Aviator

    John MacGavrock Grider, Clayton Knight

    Hardcover (George H. Doran, Jan. 1, 1933)
    Small stain on btm of first 23pgs. Some edgeware, corners lightly bumped, pgs browned with age. Binding paper at back split showing threads but holding.
  • Herman Melville, mariner and mystic,

    Raymond M Weaver

    Hardcover (George H. Doran Co, July 6, 1921)
  • Pieces of hate and other enthusiasms,

    Heywood Broun

    Hardcover (George H. Doran Co, Jan. 1, 1922)
    Hardcover. No DJ. Pages are clean and unmarked. Last 2 pages have fore edge tear (from separating) but does not go into text. Covers show light edge wear with rubbing/light scuffing. Binding is tight, hinges strong.
  • A Wonder Book

    Nathaniel; Illustrations by Arthur Rackham Hawthorne, Arthur Rackham

    Leather Bound (George H. Doran Co., Jan. 1, 1922)
  • Dog stars,: Three luminaries in the dog world,

    T. P O'Connor

    Hardcover (George H. Doran Co, March 15, 1915)
  • The four stragglers,

    Frank L Packard

    (George H. Doran Co, July 6, 1923)