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  • Hooray for Helium!: Understanding the 2nd Most Common Element

    Blake Washington, Mallette Pagano

    Paperback (Ferne Press, May 30, 2014)
    As Jay waits for his friends to arrive for his 8th birthday, his sister Kayla helps him discover how important Helium is in his everyday world. From balloons to an MRI machine, Hooray for Helium! uses everyday language and activities to help kids understand this important element and encourage them to be excited about chemistry.
  • Timothy's Glove

    Kathleen Chisholm McInerney

    Hardcover (Ferne Press, Oct. 10, 2011)
    What do we need to do to get into Heaven? Timothy isn't sure, but then much to his amazement he's playing baseball and pitching for the Angels there! Through engaging text and stunning illustrations, author and illustrator Kathleen Chisholm McInerney shares her vision of life after death. Timothy's Glove will promote acts of kindness and inspire conversation.
  • I Love You This Much, Nonna

    James L. Doti

    Hardcover (Fern Press, March 15, 2018)
    "I Love You This Much, Nonna" is the third installment in a trilogy involving a young boy, Jimmy his family and his little dog, Blackie. In this book, Jimmy confronts a loss in his life and ultimately learns how to accept this loss and grow emotionally from the experience. The setting is Chicago during the 1950s. Illuminating the book's storyline, the four seasons mark the passage of time. Award-winning illustrator, Bagram Ibatoulline brings those four seasons to life with beautifully rendered and evocative scenes, many of them involving the celebrations of Christmas traditions. Jimmy's emotional growth from sadness to loneliness and ultimately to the realization that death is not a final goodbye is an important and timely lesson for everyone. A special treat is a recipe for Nonna's Biscotti di Cannella. "I Love You This Much, Nonna" has been named to Kirkus Reviews' Best Books of 2018.
  • What Color Is Your Heart?

    Linda Reau, Rita Viscount

    Paperback (Ferne Press, Oct. 30, 2010)
    When Grandma says that Emma's friend must have a dark colored heart because he was mean, Emma decides that she needs to find out the color of each family member's heart. From red for love to orange for hope, Emma discovers that everyone knows the color of their heart, except for herself. Will Emma figure out the color of her own heart?
  • Always Late Nate

    Nathan Krivitzky, Dave O'Connell

    language (Ferne Press, Nov. 14, 2011)
    “Nate, you’re always late. Next time, I won’t wait for you,” groaned the bus driver. “It’s not fair to me or the other kids.” But Nate still isn’t concerned about being on time, even after his parents explain that he is responsible for his choices. After a series of disappointments, Nate truly learns his lesson when he misses a very important soccer game!
  • Read to Me Daddy: My First Football Book

    Alexander McNeece, Megan Wellman, Jeff Coveio

    Paperback (Ferne Press, June 15, 2010)
    William doesn't know what to read. Dad decides to bring out his all time favorite football book. Learning and fun surround the two as they find that reading provides much more than just information. Filled with delightful illustrations and lots of football facts, this book will become your all time favorite.
  • Hugging Grandma: Loving Those with Memory Disorders

    Zina Kramer, David Messing

    Hardcover (Ferne Press, May 25, 2009)
    What happens when you very own grandma doesn't know it's your birthday? When a little child girl's beloved grandmother develops Alzheimers Disease and can't remember things, how does life go on? Hugs for Grandma provides a positive example of how one child copes with a grandmother who has Alzheimer's Disease. Strengthened by the wonderful times they shared together, the child finds ways to help her grandmother still feel useful and needed.
  • Bartholomew's Gift

    Diane Dignan

    eBook (Ferne Press, Nov. 21, 2017)
    Little Bartholomew is bestowed with a unique gift at birth -- an ability that his loved ones do not possess or understand. There is excitement and wonder when, as a child, he discovers the meaning of his gift and wishes to share the joy it brings with others. Misunderstood, he withdraws and denies his experiences until the gift disappears forever, or does it? "Bartholomew's Gift is a sweet, tender lullaby of a book." "A beautiful story magnificently illustrated -- children and parents will be captivated." Winner of the gold Mom's choice award.
  • Oh No! Ah Yes!

    Kalli Reid, Colleen Fisher

    Paperback (Ferne Press, April 15, 2010)
    Marie only likes TV, and Keith doesn't like to brush his teeth, but what if they made a different choice? From sharing to trying new foods to getting exercise, Oh No! Ah Yes! helps young readers discover how making good choices is the right thing to do.
  • Black of Night

    Jennifer Charron Ward, Megan Wellman, Kris Yankee

    language (Ferne Press, June 30, 2010)
    When Benny, a homeless black cat, ends up in a city shelter, he doesn't think it can get any worse until he is sought out and stolen by a disturbed teen to be senselessly sacrificed on Devil's Night. Jilly, a thirteen-year-old orphan, whose plight it is to save the stolen cat, has no idea the love she'll find yet the danger she'll endure as she follows the murderous teen into the black of night.
  • I Can Dance Too

    Victoria Ames, Lynette Toma, Colleen Fisher

    Paperback (Ferne Press, Oct. 15, 2010)
    Mia would love to dance but cannot hear the music unless she wears her hearing aids. After the questions by the other children she proves she can dance and is not different than the others.
  • I Am Stumped!

    Lisa Rivard, Colleen Murray Fisher

    Paperback (Ferne Press, Feb. 15, 2012)
    All Aiden wants to do is play with his friends, but his name starts with the wrong letter, he's wearing the wrong color, and is eating the wrong food. He's so confused that he's stumped! Lisa Rivard's I Am Stumped! teaches kids how to get along and that three is not a crowd.