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  • The People of Africa

    Jean Hiernaux

    Hardcover (Encore Editions, April 15, 1975)
    Chapter titles include From Hominids to Men, From the First Men to African Homo Sapiens, and Living Populations of Sub-Saharan Africa. There is a section of b/w photos of various African peoples (Bantu, Pygmy, Dinka, Tutsi, Hutu, and many others), and 26 drawings, including maps.
  • Antrim's Orange

    Sylvia Sunderlin, Diane De Groat

    Hardcover (Encore Editions, Oct. 1, 1983)
    Antrim divides his prized wartime orange among his friends, keeping one piece which unfortunately he steps on. Luckily, his mother remembers the piece tucked around the navel.
  • An Edwardian Holiday

    John S. Goodall

    Hardcover (Encore Editions, Oct. 1, 1983)
    Delicately detailed watercolor paintings bring to life the diversions and pleasures enjoyed by two children and their parents in Edwardian England during a summer visit to the seashore
  • How Many Dragons Are Behind the Door?

    Virginia Kahl

    Hardcover (Encore Editions, April 1, 1977)
    The thirteen daughters of the Duke and Duchess adopt one mother dragon and her thirteen babies
  • Mr. Marley's Main Street Confectionery: A History of Sweets and Treats

    John J. Loeper

    Hardcover (Encore Editions, July 1, 1979)
    A brief history of the turn-of-the-century American confectionery and its customers who came to purchase handmade ice creams and candies.
  • Blue Jackal

    Marcia Brown

    Hardcover (Encore Editions, April 1, 1977)
    A story from the Indian epic, The Panchatantra, is presented in four-color woodcuts and simple text
  • What I Did Last Summer

    Glory St. John, Emily Arnold McCully

    Hardcover (Encore Editions, Oct. 1, 1983)
    When a family camping trip seems impossible, Pa suggests they all camp at home, turning off all utilities except water and pitching a tent in the back yard
  • A Dog's Book of Birds

    Peter Parnall

    Hardcover (Encore Editions, Sept. 1, 1977)
    An appealing dog seeks out, chases, and sometimes hides from various kinds of birds in this illustrated guide to feathered creatures
  • The First Morning: An African Myth

    Margery Bernstein, Janet Kobrin, Enid Warner Romanek

    Hardcover (Encore Editions, May 1, 1976)
    After they cleverly complete the sky king's tasks, a mouse, spider, and fly are given light to take back to earth but it isn't quite what they expected.
  • Chocolate Mouse and Sugar Pig, and How They Ran Away to Escape Being Eaten

    Irina Hale

    Hardcover (Encore Editions, March 1, 1979)
    Although they are at first delighted to be chosen by a fat lady for her party, the chocolate mouse and the sugar pig decide to escape when they realize that they are to be eaten
  • Bernard Sees the World

    Berniece Freschet, Gina Freschet

    Hardcover (Encore Editions, Sept. 1, 1976)
    Bernard sets out to see the world and ends up seeing the whole thing--from the moon.
  • Pishtosh, Bullwash and Wimple

    James Flora

    Hardcover (Encore Editions, Sept. 1, 1972)
    Three delightful characters named Pishtosh, Bullwash, and Wimple embark on a series of adventures when the North Pole is stolen